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T3R: Triithrii Robotics


  Triithrii Robotics (T3R), a joint venture between the resource-driven Einsoo and the knowledge-obsessed Oriestrin, stands as a beacon of technological prowess in the current universe. Specializing in advanced cybernetics and robotic engineering, T3R caters to an elite clientele, offering bespoke solutions that blend cutting-edge technology with intricate design. As civilizations across the cosmos draw ever closer in technological advancement, T3R's innovations play a pivotal role in maintaining the Symbion races' edge, especially in areas of security and defense. While navigating complex interstellar politics and diverse market demands, Triithrii Robotics remains a symbol of the extraordinary potential that arises from the symbiosis of distinct species; its products are a testament to the enduring legacy of innovation and supremacy in the galactic community.  
by Midjourney


  The Oriestrin, with their extraordinary cognitive abilities and rapid neural development, found themselves at the end of the Burden of Rule period in a precarious situation given the sudden loss of Enthredic, a crucial element in their cybernetic technology once provided by the The Vocru. The species' survival was newly at risk as their enhancements required frequent updates due to the stochastic and dynamic nature of their neural growth, updates maintaining the heightened level of cognitive function they're renown for.   The Einsoo, masters of trade and economy, recognized an opportunity in the Oriestrin's predicament. In a bold move that would solidify their own economic dominance and save an entire race, the Einsoo proposed a grand bargain: they would invest in the Oriestrin's need for continual cybernetic enhancement, supporting the manufacturing and scaling processes necessary to sustain the Oriestrin population. In exchange, the Oriestrin would share their unparalleled expertise in cybernetic technology with the Einsoo, enhancing their economic and trade endeavors with cutting-edge advancements.   As part of this symbiotic partnership, TRIITHRII ROBOTICS (abbreviated 'T3R') became the beacon of hope for the Oriestrin and a strategic asset for the Einsoo. While only a subset of the Oriestrin society is directly involved in the ongoing design and production, the significance of Triithrii Robotics extends to the wellbeing of the entire Oriestrin race, serving as the backbone for their augmented existence.   After the operation grew into a clear success, the Einsoo opted to develop for their own purposes a series of golden robotic bodies, navigated by sophisticated AI. Though originally intended as a means of efficient trade representation, these vessels eventually became synonyms of their presence across the galaxy. Given their low population and lengthy reproductive cycles, such cybernetic proxies allowed them to maintain a strong presence within their vast trade network while ensuring security and anonymity. To most of the galaxy, the Einsoo are known through these robotic avatars, an image that serves them well in keeping their crystalline nature a closely guarded secret and their species safe from potential threats.   This alliance between the Oriestrin and the Einsoo showcases a mutually beneficial relationship where one species' survival and the continued prosperity of another have become intricately intertwined. The exchange of expertise and resources between the two has not only shaped their identities within the galactic community but has also set a precedent for inter-species cooperation and economic symbiosis.    

Product and Clientele

  Triithrii caters to a discerning clientele that spans across the cosmos. In the face of closer competition than ever before, T3R services those who seek the zenith of technological sophistication, ensuring that the Symbion races, while no longer unchallenged as the universe's most advanced civilizations, maintain their edge through innovation and security.   The Einsoo, with their keen sense of commerce, strategically focus on affluent clients who have both the need for and the means to procure cutting-edge technology. The markets have expanded beyond the Symbion, as numerous burgeoning civilizations on the brink of technological parity clamor for the advanced cybernetic enhancements and systems that T3R uniquely provides. This has driven the Einsoo to consistently elevate their offerings, especially in the critical domains of security and defense, to outpace these fast-advancing societies.   While the client base of T3R is vast and varied, a few notable Symbion races like the analytical Shojec and the industrious Sulkingim do engage with Triithrii for their specialized requirements. The Reenga, with their unpredictable and often perplexing demeanor, have had sporadic interactions, but their intrinsic chaos often precludes a more consistent business relationship.   Historically, the Gulandoor had been reliable partners of the Einsoo, regularly trading in arms, war technologies, and spacecraft. However, the inception of T3R marked a pivotal turn. As the Gulandoor sought to acquire military-grade equipment from T3R—a direction the factory was not initially designed to pursue—the Einsoo redirected Triithrii's focus towards high-end cybernetics and robotic solutions for the Oriestrin and other high-value clients. This strategic decision to prioritize quality over quantity has since driven a wedge in the Einsoo-Gulandoor relationship. Despite this, the Gulandoor, for pragmatic reasons, continue to source their weaponry from the Einsoo.   Triithrii Robotics' production is diverse, from custom robotic frameworks to intricate cybernetic units, often tailored to mirror the physiology and preferences of the commissioning race. While they steer clear of manufacturing weapons directly, many of their systems come equipped with advanced defensive and offensive capabilities, walking a fine line in a galaxy where the distinction between security and aggression is often blurred.   The distribution of these technological marvels is meticulously orchestrated by the Einsoo. Major contracts are negotiated directly with influential buyers, while smaller clients are guided towards a network of intermediaries—subcontractors and agents who uphold the standards of T3R while extending its reach. In this expansive trade network, the Einsoo not only ensure that Triithrii's products find their way to the most impactful destinations but also that the legacy of innovation and supremacy continues to be associated with the Symbion races and their allies.

Location and Cosmopolitics: The Planet Triithrii

  The planet Triithrii, a once-unremarkable planet in a distant corner of the galaxy named after the robotics venture, is the current linchpin in a complex interstellar relationship. Governed by the strategic alliance of Oriestrin and Einsoo, Triithrii orbits an older, cooler K-type star, casting the planet in perpetual twilight hues. This dim and dramatic world, rich in the invaluable mineral Triithrium, stands as a testament to the industrious collaboration between these advanced civilizations.   Originally, Triithrii was initially deemed an inconsequential rocky body, devoid of immediate value, until the discovery of veins teeming with Triithriium — a rare, iridescent blue-green element with remarkable properties used to create T3R's proprietary cybernetic systems. The Einsoo, renowned for their economic prowess, astutely negotiated the planet's purchase from the Aitharid, a lesser-known race who underestimated the planet's true worth. The deal, lucrative for the Aitharid at first glance, later became a source of regret as the enormity of Triithriium's potential became apparent.   The planet, while under the operational domain of the Einsoo, remains within the spatial jurisdiction of the Aitharid. This unique arrangement mirrors a consulate on foreign soil, where Triithrii is an Einsoo enclave in the heart of Aitharid space. To ensure the security and integrity of their operations, the Einsoo have established formidable defense systems, including a significant fleet presence.   In a move to maintain cordial relations and balance of power, the Einsoo involve the Aitharid in the defense of the system. This not only serves as a diplomatic gesture but also as a practical strategy to ensure the uninterrupted extraction and processing of Triithriium. The Aitharid, in turn, benefit from this arrangement, finding a renewed financial solvency through their partnership in safeguarding the planet.

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