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  Runes are an enigmatic and extraordinary aspect of the Vocrian Language, used by the Author-Emperors to shape reality and harness the power of their Will. These Runes, which form the base letters of the Vocru alphabet, are created through the intricate manipulation of black holes, sculpted into various harmonic shapes that resonate with different energies. Collectively, these Runes represent the underlying structure of Reality and serve as a medium through which the Vocru can express their Will, an ineffable force that drives the universe's existence.  

Origin and Creation

  Runes were a technology conceived of and developed by the Vocru as a means to manifest their Will and control the universe. Each Rune is produced by delicately twisting and turning a black hole through a mental process (think: balloon animals), facilitated by the Eye of the Law. The harmonic shapes created resonate with specific energies, and there is a finite number of these shapes, making the Vocru alphabet theoretically learnable. However, the vast amount of processing power required to unpack the information and safely manage the energy emitted by these Runes limits their accessibility to only the most adept and knowledgeable beings.  

Understanding the Runes

  To effectively combine and utilize the Runes, one must first comprehend the fundamental structure of the universe. This is no mean feat, of course, as the Runes are not mere combinations of symbols but an intricate dance of energies that express the Vocru's Will. To most beings capable of perceiving only three dimensions, the Runes appear as three-dimensional objects. However, in reality, the Runes fold into several higher dimensions and exist across multiple timeframes simultaneously. For those who can perceive these higher dimensions, the Runes are a dazzling and overwhelming sight, as the overlapping fields within each Rune become almost impossible to discern.  

The Will and the Burden of Rule

  The Vocru view their Will as a force that outweighs all others, stemming from their unique understanding of the universe's structure and the Burden of Rule they bear. Through the use of Runes, they manifest this Will, shaping reality in accordance with their desires. While all creatures possess Will, the Vocru's mastery of the Runes and their comprehension of the universe grant them an unmatched ability to manipulate reality, solidifying their position as Author-Emperors and guardians of the cosmic order.  
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Contemporary Relevance

  In the aftermath of the Vocru Temple's destruction, legitimate artifacts from the once-mighty civilization have become increasingly rare. However, of all the remnants said to have originated from the Temple, Vocru Runes are the most commonly found and authenticated. As a result, the study of these Runes has become the primary source of information about the Vocru, providing valuable insights into their history, culture, and technology.  

Vocru History and Research

  Although the knowledge gained from studying the Runes remains limited, scholars and historians specializing in Vocru history consider these artifacts to be of utmost importance. The Runes offer a unique window into the lives of the Vocru, their understanding of the universe, and their methods of harnessing and controlling Reality. As such, researchers dedicate significant time and resources to deciphering and analyzing these enigmatic relics in the hope of unraveling the mysteries of the Vocru civilization. The brunt of information forming the basis of the latter-day discipline of Cosmolinguistics derives from these objects.  

Cogcrafters and Vocru Technology

  Cogcrafters, experts in the art of repurposing and incorporating Vocru technology into their own creations, also hold the Runes in high regard. By studying the Runes, Cogcrafters aim to gain practical knowledge of Vocru engineering and unlock the secrets of their advanced technology. The Runes, with their intricate manipulation of black holes and reality-warping properties, are an invaluable resource for these oddball mechanics seeking to push the boundaries of their craft and create increasingly sophisticated and powerful devices. They rarely have the means to pay the steep price often commanded by such treasures in straightforward currency, but are willing to do just about anything else to wind up in possession of one.


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