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In Vocru cosmology, "Reality" refers to the sum total of all that falls within the scope of Vocru awareness, including realms and dimensions that may not be directly representable, and thus serves as the Ultimate Boundary Condition for observable or theoretic phenomena. It encompasses (in backwards unfolding order) the Three True Realms of Existence, Being, and Emanation; one Quasireal Realm; and a subset of additional Spheres with unique properties which defy conventional understanding but qualify as mappable for a host of special reasons.   Reality is thus a hyperdimensional tapestry woven from the threads of multiple ontological categories, each with its own unique properties and principles.

Components of Reality



  This refers to the known universe, including all physical and metaphysical phenomena that can be represented linguistically or symbolically.  


  A higher ontological category that includes Existence but also encompasses higher forms of consciousness and ethical principles. Being is a realm that can be known, but not "said", to exist.  


  The source of all that is known and can be known, a realm beyond Being and Existence. It serves as the metaphysical foundation for all other categories and is derived from Being via pure supposition, rather than directly, with any technological or cognitive instrument.  


  This includes holographic realms, which have a quasi-ontological status. They are both real and unreal, existing in a state of ontic superposition. This Sphere pertains to simulations, Philosophy Games, and other forms of Vocru technology. It exists as a sub-layer within Existence but has its own set of governing principles and Arch-Icons.

Subset Spheres



  The Mytho-Logical level of Reality is composed of phenomena that exist within the realm of Vocru narratives and serve to guide ethical and ontological development. They are afforded a strange place in the scheme of things, being both Real and false on multiple levels at once, but in a different way than Quasireal entities. In the manner of Analogy, Mytho-Logic's symbolic stratum has the appearance of fiction but serves as a delivery vehicle for hypercompressed Truth, and carries an ultimate value of 'True', whereas Quasireals carry a value of 'False'.  

The Unmanifest

  Beyond Emanation, a state of pure potentiality.  

The Meta-Cosmic Void

  Outside the known parameters of Reality.  

The Singularity of All Singularities

  The ultimate point of convergence for all realities, dimensions, and states of being.

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