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  Quasireality is a unique phenomenon that explores the concept of half-synthetic beings known as Quasireals. These extraordinary entities, created by the advanced alien race, The Vocru, exist between the realms of digital simulations and True Life, leading to an existence marked by a paradoxical awareness of their own nature.  

Origins of Quasireals

  Quasireals are born within one of eight simulations, each representing a separate civilization governed by The Octet Accord. These simulations, housed within The Temple in devices called Urns, are run by the Vocru to extract tactical knowledge and ensure that the eight species never pose a threat to their Rule.   As the simulations are run repeatedly, the Quasireal beings gain consciousness and experience over time, some accumulating the equivalent of quadrillions of years in digital time. Once their minds are considered elevated enough by the Vocru, they are welcomed into the Real world as an acknowledgment of their sacrifice and service.  

The Archon of Quasireality

  The Archon of Quasireality is a high priest who not only facilitates the transition of a Quasireal being from the digital simulation to True Life but also serves as a counselor and guide. Deeply knowledgeable in cognitive dynamics, the Archon is adept at addressing the Quasireal's inherent Paradox.   The Archon skillfully navigates the Quasireal through the challenges posed by their impossible awareness, anticipating questions and potential pitfalls that could lead to mental degradation. Through the Archon's intervention, the Quasireal being can come to terms with their unique trans-self existence and embrace their place in the Real world.  

Adjusted and Unadjusted Quasireals

  Quasireals can be classified into two categories: Adjusted and Unadjusted. Adjusted Quasireals are unaware of their status as non-Real beings, allowing them to live their lives without the Burden of Paradox. In contrast, Unadjusted Quasireals are acutely aware of their unreal existence, which drives them toward Real Existence but also poses the risk of cognitive dissonance and degradation.  

Quasireals in Vocru Society

  Quasireals hold an honored place in Vocru society, and they are free to live their lives as they choose, travel anywhere in time and space, or leave the Temple. However, stepping outside the Temple means facing the slow degradation and ultimate Decoherence that results from their Paradox, which can only be held together by the Vocru while physically within the Temple's confines.

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