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by midjourney


  The Quasireal are a unique and enigmatic species, existing in a liminal state between synthetic and organic life. They emerge from simulations run within powerful supercomputers called Urns, which were created by The Vocru to generate vast amounts of tactical knowledge about the eight great civilizations bound to The Octet Accord.  

Two Types of Quasireal: Adjusted and Unadjusted

  There are two types of Quasireal: Adjusted and Unadjusted. Adjusted Quasireal are unaware of their status as non-Real beings, living their lives as if they were any other member of their civilization. Unadjusted Quasireal, however, are plagued by broken consciousness. They are painfully aware of their unreal existence and struggle to reconcile it with their clearly real minds. This Paradox drives them towards Real Existence, an elusive and tormenting goal.  
by midjourney

The Role of the Vocru

  The Vocru, having extracted all necessary data from the eight great civilizations, created the Urns to simulate their societies and extract tactical knowledge. As the Quasireal gain levels of consciousness within these simulations, they eventually become elevated enough to be brought to life by the Vocru in the Real world.   Although they hold an honored place in Vocru society, Quasireal are free to live their lives as they choose, travel anywhere in time and space, and even leave The Temple. However, this freedom comes at a cost: the Paradox within their minds can only be held together by the Vocru while physically in the Temple. Stepping outside is a painful choice, one that leads to slow degradation and, ultimately, Decoherence.  

A Story of Struggle and Identity

  The Quasireal's journey is reminiscent of Pinocchio's quest to become a real boy. They must navigate the complexities of their existence, torn between their synthetic origins and their newfound Real Existence. The paradox within their minds is a constant source of turmoil, and the choice to leave the Temple only heightens their struggle. In this world of blurred boundaries and shifting identities, the Quasireal must grapple with what it means to be truly real and where they belong in the vast tapestry of life.
by midjourney


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