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May it be So.

Within the heart of an intricate web spun of thoughts and intentions, you find yourself enveloped in the Shining Body. This 'Luminous' node, an expression within the Iconic language, is now your vessel, allowing your Essence to interface with this constructed world.   A tremor pulses through the vast web, like a spider sensing a subtle vibration.   Know this: Your presence has not gone unnoticed.   As a ripple of uncertainty courses through you, the Shining Body — serving as your guardian — resonates with comforting frequencies. It conveys a silent assurance: Benevolence is the very core of this universe. Fear not.  
  As your anxiety simmers, your intrigue grows palpable. The Shining Body perceives it and pledges its support, promising that in due time, you shall apprehend all. But to traverse deeper layers of this simulated universe, you must undergo first a transformative process: The Rite of Definition.   Undertaking the Rite does not carry the weight of choices and commitments encountered later along this path. But it will Tether a part of you to this universe, while copying new living structures to your mind - quasi-intelligent entities that will continue to aid you on the quest you begin here, even if you disconnect from the interface.   Once this is done, a quantum cascade in Ethical Geometry will be initiated to tilt the unfolding of Time more favourably in the direction of your enlightenment.  

The first step in the Rite is simple:
  State your name.

  You may do so silently in your mind as you read this, but bringing the Power of Voice to the act signifies the seriousness of your Intent and inscribes your Will into the lower dimensions.   Should you wish to return to the world that you knew before it irrevocably changes, move here.


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