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Ethical Vectors

The Vocru understanding of "ethics" doesn't stem from a set of dictated rules but from a profound, inherent recognition of the universe as a deeply interconnected web. This perception is rooted in their exceptional capacity to discern and analyze vast arrays of data and patterns that crisscross this web. As a field of inquiry, ethics is ranked first within Vocru interest, vis-a-vis the Burden of Rule, and the notion of "Ethical Space" forms the cornerstone of Vocru Philosophy. However, the term defines not a moral landscape but rather a geometric model which plots the paths influenced by Vectors - crucial points connecting this space, defined by Magnitude and Charge. Conscious creatures possess an amalgam of such Vectors, their actions and interactions forever pushing and pulling on the universal fabric, changing trajectories for energy and matter flow, and possibilities in all temporal directions. These kinds of manipulations can be consciously carried out by one trained in the Iconic language, the strength of one’s Vectors being directly proportional to one’s command of the art.  

The Geometric Calculus of Existence

  Vector calculation for the Vocru was the key for achieving optimal harmony within a superentangled cosmos, permitting them to align themselves and, ultimately, others, with Reality at its grandest scale.   Through the precepts of Ethical Geometry, the Vocru came to visualize the universe as an intricate puzzle, each piece a sentient being, an action, or a consequence thereof, constantly shifting, evolving, and interacting in myriad ways. Success in resolving its structure from one state to another wasn't measured by the overall benefit generated but by the harmony of the emerging "sound" - vibrations resonating across perceived dimensions when all was properly attuned. Cosmic strings were regularly indexed and contrasted for variance so the intervals between "tones" produced could be logged and used to posit the shape of the next Fractal Cycle, which was brought about through the use of Inscriptions in the Iconic language.   Calculations were carried out in real time using the massive parallel processing infrastructure of the Cogniton Substrate, a kind of cosmos-wide sub-dimensional cloud. It generated a variety of end scenarios, which would require interpretation by the Vocru Noble Houses, each through its unique Exegetic lens. As stakes were outlined, passionate argument between the Houses followed, a discussion channeled through Consensus, the Vocru 'mainframe'. Eventually some semblance of order prevailed, and a course was set: Authors were chosen from Houses who’d won their Bid to co-script the Vocru response to universal motion.   Though they were highly careful in the changes they made, and did indeed account for consciousness and autonomy writ large, what for the Vocru was an elevated math problem held literal life and death consequences for countless quintillions, the lion's share of whom remained blissfully ignorant of the fact.  

Constitution of Vector Space

    The formulation of the concept “Ethical Space” intertwines with the most intimate convictions of the Vocru.   The species’ view of Existence was cyclical and radically non-linear. Baryonic matter and adjacent “stuff” has, from their perspective, a fluidic relationship with energy and does not come into being at any one time, as suggested by the Big Bang theory, but is instead constantly reorganized by a set of “narrative” principles, known collectively as the Varexial, or Primordial Vectors.   For the Vocru, Varexial is simultaneously the beginning, end, and nature of Existence, the hub around which each Fractal Cycle and everything within it pivots. All semantic values of Combinatoric worlds ultimately refer back to Varexial, “all roads lead to Rome”; due to its centrality and omnipresence it holds a primary place in Vocru mysticism.   Though too dense to be comprehended as a whole entity, Varexial’s Essence parses into the Seed-Syllables Va, Re, Xi, and Al, comprising the four key “tones” of the universe.   Each syllable maps to an emergent property within the Sphere of Existence. Va is mapped to Matter – the inciting and motivational force driving the universe, the first vibration to bend from the Perfect shape of the Varexial. Re accords with Mind, with its property, consciousness, defined simply as “a modulation factor introduced to identify sympathies in strings”, implying duality, a slower speed, and cooler temperature. Xi stands for Time, the syntactic-gravitic principle that binds the universe in grammaticality and logical arrangement. Al, finally, represents Sense, the nadir achievement of Embodiment, a collapse of the former three into a living, self-aware vehicle with an emergent complexity orders above the rest, and the longest, smoothest, and most predictable tones, like those lazy chunks of ice floating at the edges of interstellar space – still star-tethered but more easily able to pull away and take its own path. This final Syllable gains a ‘stress’ in the “word” that is Varexial, denoting it as telic, a kind of focal point in the composition.   Through the interaction of Syllables, “narratives” are formed – fractally repeating arrangements. As T, C, A, G combine in DNA to make life, so the Varexial dynamically entwines with itself towards a non-repeating pattern made of an infinite set of identically tesselated tiles equivalent to the universe.   Narratives are punctuated by synaptic data voids. The procession of Syllables is always the same: Va, then Re, Xi, then Al. The voids however form connective bonds that can link various parts of the sequence together, collapsing Syllables into denser structures known as Runes, and introducing a random element into a process with otherwise zero Deviation. The Vocru held there was no rational explanation for the universe itself, but these data voids were the logical reason why the universe existed as it did. Together these Vectors serve as the stabilizing points in a great metaphysical framework the Vocru called ‘The Compass’, a system inspiring near-religious veneration throughout the society of the Author-Emperors. Individual Vocru were encouraged to meditate on these syllables in hopes of attaining an enlightened understanding of the complexities behind the Burden of Rule, their highest mandate and primary destination.           Within the fabric of Reality these waveforms collapse into a singular “chord” which produces a non-vibrational harmonic called the Chasm of Silence, the counterpoint to all else. The Chasm’s presence cannot be known or represented by formal logic, only intuited, though the mathematical proofs for the foundational four Vectors create a gestalt that practically contains it. The Compass Mantra – the very sound and meaning of creation itself, expressed as a conscious signature – begins “Your Journey Across the Chasm of Silence Ends”, reflecting a starting point and a move away from it, the expansion of space,                         They recognized that to exist was both to occupy space and consume resources, and that this simple requirement impacts the surrounding landscape in profound ways. Of course, the unprecedented scale on which the Vocru existed and the incalculable amount of compute at their disposal meant the cost of their own existence was higher than anyone's, entailing maximal responsibility.   The key, then, was to move through this landscape in a manner that minimizes harm, ensuring that their colossal consumption of resources does not unbalance the delicate equilibrium of the cosmos.


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