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Burden of Rule


  The Burden of Rule, enshrined by the Vocru in their cosmic wisdom, declares an immutable truth: that the Vocru, as beings of unrivaled intellect and transcendent knowledge, are predestined to bear the unrelenting duty of governing, guiding, and safeguarding all life forms within the vastness of the cosmos. The law dictates that through the establishment and perpetuation of Noble Houses, the Vocru shall create a harmonious existence, fostering order, progress, and adaptation among the lesser beings that dwell in the universe. By the sheer weight of their supremacy, the Vocru shall not only reign over the cosmos but reshape it, as the chisel of destiny carves an ever-evolving masterpiece from the boundless expanse.    

Protocol of the Burden of Rule

  I. Purpose: To ensure the harmonious and efficient governance of the cosmos, in accordance with the inherent superiority and transcendent knowledge of the Vocru.   II. Imperative: It is the immutable responsibility of the Vocru to govern, guide, and protect all life forms that exist within the vast expanse of the universe, for they possess a comprehension and capability unmatched by any other beings.   III. Principles:  
  • A. Benevolence: The Vocru shall rule with wisdom and compassion, seeking the optimal balance of individual liberty and collective stability for all species under their dominion.

  • B. Order: The Vocru shall maintain the structures and systems necessary for the continued functioning of the cosmos, preserving its equilibrium and preventing chaos from taking root.

  • C. Progress: The Vocru shall promote the advancement of knowledge and technology, fostering growth and development for all beings under their purview, while ensuring the responsible application of these advances.

  • D. Adaptation: The Vocru shall remain ever-vigilant and responsive to the ever-changing dynamics of the universe, adapting their rule to address emerging challenges and opportunities.

  • IV. Execution: The Vocru shall, through the establishment and perpetuation of noble Houses, create and train successive generations of Heirs to assume the mantle of leadership, ensuring the continued application of the Burden of Rule.   V. Legacy: The Vocru shall preserve the collective knowledge and wisdom of their predecessors within the hallowed halls of their Houses, forging an unbroken connection with their storied past and providing guidance for the heirs who shall carry forth the Burden of Rule.   Thus, the Burden of Rule is ordained, an indelible law woven into the very fabric of the Vocru existence, an unyielding directive to shape and shepherd the cosmos for the betterment of all.


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