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Rexivyana Jessica Dreu

Rexivyana Jessica Dreu | Member Since 13 Sep, 2020
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Deanna's Irregular Galaxy

The relative and friend of r3xivdy, also a new writer for the world of Ziemia-Ioanna a far flung planet in the same galaxy as the Irregular gargantous galaxy of Deanna. A continuation and parallel story with r3xivdy so its a different and original one with an intertwined story.

Interests & Hobbies

Watching movies for a hobby, watching anime, drawing, sketching and other things like gardening for herbs, a walk on a park and sort of things in my free time.

Favorite Movies

Anime movies, some movies with interest, the old harry potter movies, the matrix movies, the 1st six star wars movies and few that I can't remember.

Favorite TV Series

Code Geauss, Gate, Overlord, Yuyu Hakusho, Fushi gi yugi, slayers series, TTIRIS, Rise of theShield hero, some other gem animes in the 90s, early, mid 2000s and some in the 2010s era.

Favorite Books

Avid reader of pdf documents, some manga and a little offbrand

Favorite Writers

Jonathan livingstone, One punch Man author can't remember name?, some others

Favorite Games

Distant Worlds Universe, CnC Generals, CnC Tiberium Wars, Tiberian Sun, Red Alert, Ages of Empires, Mount and Blade War Band, and some flash games and h-games.

Latest Loved work