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The Akhi Clan

The Akhi are a Brow (or Brownie) clan that lives near The Shining Lake . With access to metal ores and trade across the lake, the Akhi are well known for sending ores across the region, warring against the Edhilites to the west twice a year, and being firm defenders and allies to the wisps of Mon Elier. They are known for being courteous to strangers, but once their trust is broken it is hard to win it back. They have struggled in the past with access to wood, though, as the Leafman Tathrenadan Clan have not been able to spare escorts due to warring with the Gobsken to the north, and the Ostry Kestra clan to the East have attacked their lumberjacks when they have come near the forest. This presents an opportunity for adventurers, as there is much to be gained from aiding them. Akhi warriors tend to use slings, shields, and metal-based weapons. This gives them some disadvantages against cavalry, as they lack long-ranged weapons and polearms, mostly due to lack of wood.


Monarchy currently ruled by Jancu Foe-Render. A heavily agrarian society, the Akhi have four barons that oversee the work and insure that tribute come back to Jancu. One of the few expectations of the monarch is that he will lead the people in battle against the Edhilites in the Edhilite Skirmishes, which Jancu has done with renown in his thirty years on the throne.


Access to both metal and stone, and a decent leather trade through access to hunting and trapping near the south side of the lake and the entrance to The Shining River.

Geopolitical, Clan
The Shining Lake
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