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Temple of the Faeries

A vast temple administrated by a clan of faeries and protected by the Leafmen of Tathrenadan, the Temple of the Faeries is an old building by the Shining Lake that was built by the Big Folk. All of its walls are virtually gone now (the supporting beams still exist, as do a few of the other timbers) and the floor is in good repair.   The faeries are known to help the flowers and trees near the water grow, and are known as excellent prophetesses, priestesses, and mages in the region. All of the Shining Eight clans have a high respect for the Temple, and they serve as arbiters of disputes, referees during the wars between the Akhi and the Edhilites, and other issues as they come up.


Major language groups and dialects

The faeries use a Gaelic naming scheme, though they also speak Common. With vast hosts of scholars and tomes from across the region, it is not uncommon for Temple members to know multiple languages from their youth

Common Dress code

Around town only the Leafmen wear armor - wearing armor around town, carrying weapons, etc. is generally frowned upon unless you are on watch.


Beauty Ideals

They love artisan work, soft things, and vibrant, colorful things. Hair should be long - the longer your hair, the more beautiful you are. This is true for both men and women - your status and reverence among the people is heavily tied to the length of your hair, so one of the worst traits a faerie can experience is baldness.

Gender Ideals

Both men and women serve as priests and priestesses, with skill rather than gender determining one's rank. Long family traditions of seers, priests/priestesses, and mages of all kinds have resulted in your family name playing more of a factor than your gender when it comes to being noticed as a youth, which can lead to better mentors and thus greater skill (for promotion).

Courtship Ideals

Priests and priestesses are allowed to marry, and marrying outside of the clan is common, though their spouses and families virtually always come to live at the Temple. And that makes sense, as they are among the most affluent of all the clans, so who wouldn't want to live there?   Courting priests or priestesses requires attending all festivals without fail, gifts to the Temple, gifts to the family, gifts to the priest or priestess (that's right: if you're being courted by a priest, you still give gifts to the priest), and your gifts will set the tone for the thoughts of persons around town toward you (which will likely be your neighbors for centuries, as most people move to the Temple upon marrying, so this reputation stays with you for a long time).

Relationship Ideals

Love of learning, attentiveness toward the future, caution and care with difficult situations, diffusing situations - all of these are ideal marks in a person

Significant presence in

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