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A Leafman colony that live in a massive willow tree near The Shining Lake. Known for their woodworking (which they get from the willow, and regrow through the use of earth magic) and martial tradition, the Tathrenadan serve the double burden of caretaker of the Old Willow and wardens of the Temple of the Fairies.   Their military has suffered dramatically over the past few decades, and as a young leader rises to become their king, it is uncertain how they will fare against the Gobsken raids to the north. While they have excellent access to wood, their access to metal and leather goods is limited, and a point of opportunity for adventurers. Word on the street is that they are also hiring march wardens to patrol the fields and The Shining Stream, as well as temple wardens to guard the faeries that live there.   The leafmen have excellent mages (mostly due to the magic that emanates from the Old Willow) and archers, but lack durable standing troops in battle. They prefer more of a "rolling defense," using their speed and ranged training to shoot, run back, and shoot again. The only time that they would stand their ground is if the Old Willow itself was attacked.

Naming Traditions

Family names

Tathrenadan families use an elvish naming scheme. We recommend using Parf Edhellon ( for finding the meaning of names. The current ruling family uses the Sindarin dialect.


Beauty Ideals

Natural things, rustic things, beautiful craftsmanship, especially as regards carving and penmanship. They also find situational awareness and environmental awareness to be ideal in a person.

Courtship Ideals

Leafmen are assumed to perform feats of strength, bravery, and beauty to win the heart of a leafwoman. Leafwomen are assumed to perform feats of strength, bravery, and beauty to attract the attention of a leafman. If a person professes his love for a leafwoman and she agrees to enter a courtship with him, they enter a complicated social system where they meet individually with members of her family and his family, gain the approval of all parties involved, and stand before the king and the council for approval (a process known as Confirmation). If they are confirmed, they are allowed to wed.

Significant presence in

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