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Lady Alainn, High Priestess of the Temple

Lady Alainn is the current high priestess of the Temple of the Fairies near The Shining Lake. Noted for her wisdom and her beauty, Lady Alainn is a gifted seer and magus. A pupil of the Magic Conclave of the temple and the daughter of one of the priests of the Seer Conclave, she has had prophetic visions since she was young, but spent her youth training in the art of magic casting. As she grew older and joined the ranks of the priestesses she started to hone her vision, and now is among the most accomplished of the seers.   Lady Alainn is very welcoming of those who mean no harm to her people (her vision assists in assuring her of their intentions), and is shrewd and dangerous to those who would attempt to destroy the Temple of the Faeries (her magic assists her in assuring their quick destruction). As the high priestess she is also the bearer and guardian of The Tome of Ages, a magical tome passed down among the faeries, containing all of the known spells across all standard lores as well as additional spells that have been crafted by the faeries. She takes the protection of this book very seriously, and will gladly give her life to preserve the book.

Current Location
The Shining Lake
Hazel, with a touch of purple
Blonde, long, and straight
Skin Tone
Soft and warm, with a slight glow
9 ounces

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