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Leader of the Niphaponh.


The Irrophapìn is chosen by the Chorìnoshka̰ from the ranks of the appointed Niphapìn. How they are chosen, or why, is fully up to the Chorìnoshka̰'s discretion.

However, before being formally invested, the appointment must pass a majority vote by the Niphaponh. If a candidate does not pass this vote, they may not be chosen a second time, even if they are removed from office by their head of state and reinstated at a later date. If the Niphaponh rejects three consecutive candidates, the Chorìnoshka̰ may elect to convene a Ìkìk pan Nitzar to resolve the matter.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

Once in place, the Irrophapìn can be removed by one of three methods.

  [pMost common is retirement by choice. This retirement must be negotiated according to the laws of the Irrophapìn's home city-state, however. While most have provisions for volunteer retirement, some city-states require the Irrophapìn to serve for life excepting where unable due to illness.


Second-most commonly, they are replaced as a Niphapìn by their head of state. Even though this is the more common of the option it is still, technically, rare as having the Irrophapìn as your Niphapìn is a boon for any head of state.


The most rare method is rare is a removal by the Niphaponh itself. This process is far more complicated and time consuming. It is a movement only done when corruption or treason is suspected on the part of the Irrophapìn or any of their connected parties, such as their head of state.


It begins with a motion to remove the Irrophapìn and requires a majority vote to push forward. The next step is a year suspension for the Irrophapìn, during which the Chorìnoshka̰ will appoint a substitute to take their place. This substitute cannot be voted down.


During this suspension, the Morrupik will step in to investigate the charges. The full investigation must take no less than half a calendar year, but no more than a complete year. Once the Morrupik are satisfied that their investigation has gone as far as it can, or they have reached their deadline, a Ìkìk pan Nitzar will convene to render final judgement.


Depending upon the charges, the penalty for being found guilty may be death. An Irrophapìn found innocent, however, will return immediately to active duty unless they choose to retire. This is the only situation in which elective retirement is allowable by all city-states.

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