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The Watcher

The Watcher (a.k.a. Book)

“The Watcher” (name dubbed by the priestess Lara Liatumel) is a demonic entity that has a particular interest in Zorolai. From what people have seen, this creature wants to inflict as much carnage on the world and the planes at large as it can manage.   Its main goal is to get a body so it can manifest itself on the material plane and walk among the mortals it so loves to torment. Currently, the only way it is able to manifest in the material plane is as a giant moving ball of tar with eyes and teeth, though the form is shapeless and takes a great deal of concentration, agony and effort to maintain without melting into nothing. The only other way it can manifest itself is within its material vessel - a book.   The book it lives in will bind itself to any reader, allowing The Watcher a deep and personal connection with this person. The Watcher will then either kill them outright in order to find another reader, or prepare them as a potential host for itself to possess and manifest in. It does this by wearing its victims down with pain, hunger and paranoia, and makes them feel like he is the only one in the world for them. It weakens them mentally until it can take over their body. The takeover is violent, and all other times the host has died shortly after, which is why it requires its host to be very physically strong before it attempts this.

Physical Description

Body Features

Its appearance varies depending on where it is manifesting. In the material plane, it can currently only manifest as a black and formless tarrish sludge with hundreds of eyes and teeth. Its physical vessel in the material plane is a leatherbound book. The leather is crafted from the skin of sentient mortals who died in agony.   In the Abyssal plane in which it resides, its true form is a massive six-armed creature with wings, antlers, and skin and features darker than midnight, aside from hundreds of red eyes.   The eyes are all of previous vessels from over the years. When it was first created, the Watcher was originally blind. It now has 77 eyes.

Personality Characteristics


Find a strong host that it can take control over so it may walk in the material plane and cause chaos where it pleases. It “wants to live deliciously.”

Likes & Dislikes

It is sadistic and enjoys playing with its victims, but rarely kills them unless it finds them to be pathetic and weak. It enjoys torment and chaos. It enjoys riddles, similes, poetry and metaphors.



Its voice is deep and grating, like the sound of nails scraping down rusted metal. Listening to it is enough to cause migraines.
Divine Classification
Chaotic Evil Demon
Chaotic Evil
Date of Birth
-10000 DR
139th layer of the Abyss
Current Residence
The Sightless Plane
Quotes & Catchphrases
"And what if I don't want to leave, slave? What if I like it here? What if I wish to travel your world - to live deliciously? What will you do? Will you beg? Will you pray?"

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