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The Waterfall Coast

The Waterfall Coast conforms the southern region of the Altiplane continent.   A land where the Altiplane lowers from 3000mts to only a kilometer high and the climate is not so dry. Two great body's of water flow into the Waterfall coast, the Eridanus lake and the Sagitarium river. Due to the low lying coast and rain shadow effect of the mountain, the climate is tropical and the land is extremely fertile.   The Waterfall Coast is the de facto breadbasket of the Altiplane and it provides around half of the food for the people of the Altiplane. Around 250,000 live in the Waterfall Coast and even thou it is the smallest province of the country its production of food is extremely important.   The people are industrious and hardworking. The use of magic and astronomy is not very high but the people rely in some technology specific to their needs like using the many cablecars and elevators of the big cities of Rigel and Zanniah to deliver enormous amounts of produce up to the plateau.   Three Great families control the region:   The Vela family being the most powerful and the de Jure rulers of the province. Based out of Rigel and control around one third of the food production, delivering most of it via ships along the coast of the Altiplane. Lately Lord Archivald has instated heavy restrictions on the freedoms of the 'lower races'.     The Carina family lives and rules the areas surrounding the city of Zanniah, together with the Kyrad's they have managed very lucrative endeavors by building huge elevators and ships to deliver most of the produce directly into the heart of the Altiplane via the Sagitarium.     The Kurhah's are the smallest of the great noble houses of the Waterfall Coast and are heavily involved in the international trade and relations with the southern isles that were conquered by the Altiplane a hundred years ago. They are opportunistic and don't share the restrictive views on the 'other races' that the mainlanders have.

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