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The Tourist’s guide to the Waterfall Coast

This article functions as a short summary of the most famous features of the region. It can be used as inspiration for your character’s goals or places that as a player you might be interested in. The information displayed here would be common knowledge all throughout the Western Sea region.       The Doreal Observatory: The largest and most prestigious academic institution in the region. It houses the great telescopes of Dor and a huge library full of arcane lore.   The Great Temple of Rigel: A great complex of twelve temples dedicated to the gods of the Zodiac. Center of religious worship in the Waterfall coast.   The ruins of Giennah: The small town of Giennah is located on top of a huge ruined city of the Ancient Elves. The Doreal observatory is sending teams of excavators to uncover it’s secrets.   The Black Desert: To the East of the Waterfall Coast lies a great expanse of black crystal sand. Many mythical beasts and hidden treasures are said to be hidden within.   The crystal palace of Zanniah: Crowning “the jewel of the coast” is this palace complex where the nobles of House Carina rule. The great hall is topped by a beautiful crystal dome where the light of the stars is refracted and amplified. Some of the greatest spells in history were cast beneath the crystal dome.       Many more hidden places and imposing sights can be found in The Coast; huge waterfalls of 1km high, large rivers and deep forests can be found in the lowlands. The highlands beyond the great cliffs are much dryer but no less beautiful with the great Sagitarium river flowing down from the Imperial city of Ara. And the Mountain of Dor housing the great Doreal Observatory.

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