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The hidden town of Giennah

Filled with ancient mysteries of the huge ruins upon which the new town of Giennah is built. This isolated settlement was re-discovered two hundred years ago and still many of the ruins upon which it is built remain a mystery. Only a thousand people call this town home and it is mainly used as a small trade hub for the many farms that dot the surrounding countryside. It houses a small port on its lowest level and every season it ships a sizable amount of produce to Atria for further export into the wider Empire.   It is the seat of a petty House, House Rok, and they have received the mocking moniker of the ''Lords of Ruins''.   Recently the Imperial Observatory has acquired an interest in the town and since then around 200 scholars have created a small field office in one of the ruins. So far no outsider has found out what is it that they are after

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