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The City of Zanniah

The second largest city of the region.   This city is built on great terraces that naturally formed between the Altiplane and the lower lying coasts. The highest level of the city is built over 700mts above sea level and encompasses two thirds of the population, from this level a giant curtain of water falls onto the medium level which houses only about 500 people and the lowest level housing the rest of the populace.   The city is the greatest trade hub of the Waterfall Coast, and a huge amount of produce is elevated onto the plateau from the myriad of elevators and cablecars that crisscross the city itself. It receives imports from the towns of Atria, Deneb and even Giennah and lifts them all up to the Sagitarium.   It has been the home of House Carina, the oldest family in the region, since time immemorial and the city reflects the multicultural, open aspects of its rulers. House Carina once were the rulers of most of the Waterfall Coast, however after the unification wars House Vela was granted the stewardship of the region. Today the politics of the city are heavily observed by the Imperial Guard and an ''Eye of the Empire'' seats in all council meetings of the city.   The city houses a branch office of the Doreal Observatory, the largest tavern in the region, the Golden Spiral, a keep reserved for a full contingent of the Imperial Guard and a great library called The Cobaltine. It is also home to a great open market where thousands visit called the Hegaxonal. The highest level is crowned by Castle Carina, a giant structure once built for an ancient king, now refurbished and used in part as a university as well as the center of politics in the city.

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