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The City Of Rigel

The great capital of the Waterfall coast.   The city is home to over twenty thousand people, by far the largest city in the province. Its ruler is the Lord of the Waterfall coast Duke Archivald Vela.   The city lies at the foot of a kilometer high cliff with five great waterfalls that create five rivers that divide the city. The Hall of the duke lies at the center of the city extending halfway up the cliff and in between two of the largest waterfalls. Within the walls of the city lies the college of astronomers, a very powerful assembly of magicians who derive their power from their observations of the stars made in the Doreal Observatory. The city guard has its base in the Lion's keep, which used to be the site of the ancient Lord's hall before the war of unification.   Movement across the city is aided by the many bridges that cross the three or five rivers and up the cliff by two cablecar stations that can lift up to ten people all the way to the plateau in less than two hours.   The city is also famous for its central plaza which houses many storefronts and exotics goods that come directly from the city's port.

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