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The Castletown of Kurhah

Once only a small settlement on this large but fairly barren island, The Castletown has grown during the time of southern conquest to a large town surrounding a mighty fortress.   The island is home to around 7000 people most of them living by the shadow of the great fortress of Kurhah. An impressive fortification with many battlements and siege weapons that overlook its shallow bay.   The remainder of the island is mostly flat land filled with many lumber farms on the nothern side and mostly barren rock from a long ago eruption of its now dormant volcano on its southern side.   It is home to a small shipyard and port which a hundred years ago served as the stepping stone for the invasion of the southern isles. Now it has been repurposed as mostly a repair station for merchant ships and a much transited trade port.   House Kurhah were the first noble house to settle the area, they came into power after the declaration of the southern campaign a hundred years ago and now control a moderately sized navy of around 15 warships and 25 mercantile ships. All trade in the region in one way or another touches their pockets.   It is said that the Castletown is the most liberal place in the Empire, and House Kurhah doesn't always see eye to eye with the Imperial house, however no effort has been made to remove them from the very strong defensible position that they have within their great Island fortress.

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