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The Altiplane

Home to the great unified Empire of Ara.   This land is mainly composed of a great plateau of 700km on its largest axis and between 3000 to 5000mts in elevation. The dry cold air washes over the deserts and oceans of short grass that fill the great Altiplane.   The eastern border is marked with a large mountain range with three active volcanoes that form part of the Ring of fire. The western border also has the great western mountains and it is home to the highest point in the known world, the Starpoint. To the north the Altiplane descends abruptly and meets the sea by the port city of Alhena. The southern regions of the Altiplane are divided by the central mountain range. To the east a vast expanse of black crystal sands form the largely unexplored black desert. To the west the Altiplane descends to 1km and then cliffs off into the waterfall coast, the only region of the continent with high vegetation density and arable fertile lands.   The Altiplane is a region of turbulent history, it used to be ruled by several great houses who each controlled small regions. For the past three hundred years all have been joined by the imperial throne at the foot of the Starpoint. Now with the advent of great new magics and technology the Altiplane has begun a period of conquest on the surrounding areas. Having by now taking the Isle of Cats and other nearby islands to the south it is poised to continue it's expansion further into the southern 'Snake' islands.

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