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The port town of Atria

Just a day's travel from the city of Zanniah lies the town of Atria.   Grown from the symbiosis with the multicultural city and the rising need for a safe sea route the town of Atria grew from its small beginnings to what is now almost a small city itself. Two great keeps spire up to the heavens and plenty small buildings and ports hug the coastline of this small protected bay.   Nearly 10,000 people live in the town and many traders ebb and flow from the city, swelling the number of inhabitants to a temporary 15,000 when in high season.   Being such an important port there is a high degree of oversight from both the Lord's guard and also the Imperial Guard who maintain a small garrison and report only to the Imperial city. The road to Zanniah is the best kept road in the region and it is heavily guarded from monsters and thieves, but also strictly controlled and quite difficult to smuggle items through.   As with the town of Zanniah the Carinae hold control of the area and usually install the 2nd born to the position of Lord of Atria maintaining the good relationship that is vital between the two settlements.

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