Gift of Kismet

Few things in Tal Avalin are more widely misunderstood than the Gift of Kismet. It is truly possessed by only a fraction of the people who profess to possess it, the vast majority are charlatans and hucksters. Yet anyone who has ever seen a true reading performed by a diviner who possesses the Gift would never be fooled again.   How a person comes to possess the Gift is unknown, and even those scholars who have committed many years to studying this phenomenon cannot conclusively say if it could somehow be granted to someone. Those few diviners and fortune tellers who truly possess the Gift will uniformly declare to have been born with it, though many only find this out by accident later in life.  

Kismet deck

Only upon coming into contact with a Kismet deck can a bearer of this Gift utilize it, using the cards of the deck to lay a pattern that shows events both current and future. Kismet decks contain cards depicting the Mantles, those divine aspects by which the gods, ascendants, and their followers are organized.  


Each bearer of the Gift has their own unique methods and patterns. None will do a true divining lightly. Some dislike the effects of the Gift to such a degree that they hide even possessing it, for there is no better way to get the attention of the gods and ascendants than by performing such a laying. Many consider it a curse, for there is agony in deciding whether or not a laying might help matters or just make them worse by drawing the attention of the wrong entity.  


While many seek out those who profess to possess the Gift of Kismet for advice, there are just as many who believe them to be under the control of evil spirits. Pious followers of the Aekyrian pantheon are especially dangerous, for their beliefs declare the theory of the Mantles to be heretical and dangerous.

Cover art by Poisonedpaper


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