Bellam's log

Found as a fragmented set of papers, this log was written by the explorer Bellam 'd Feux. It has been restored as best as possible by an alchemist of the Paragon Lodge, after being recovered from the wilderness. It was severely waterlogged and covered in a variety of stains, blood most prominently among them.  
6th of Mekhari, 1537 ER
Today our small expedition has set out from the colony at Lorioux, with our stated goal of further mapping the interior of the northern part of this accursed rain forest. The mosquitos are buzzing thickly already, though we have prepared essence of lemon to keep them at bay. So far, they seem undeterred.  
14th of Mekhari, 1537 ER
Our progression into the interior has been slow, but steady. Our longknives have grown dull from hacking through the foliage, and the heat and moisture are ever more oppressive. The insects are still an annoyance, and my companion Khuli has grown sick from bites.  
20th of Mekhari, 1537 ER
We have found traces of stone rubble, and have removed the vines and shrubbery to uncover great stones that are long worn but yet show incriptions that we cannot decipher. They are of a similar style that has been found further south, in the ruins of Yi Zhil√©th.   Here a great number of pages seem to be missing and what follows is fragmented. One segment of the journal has a large chunk bitten out of it.  
2nd of Tull, 1537 ER
THE THINGS ARE COMING IN THE NIGHT. It took... too long to figure out, and now Khuli and Jarobix are dead. We can never see them, but we hear them all the time. Even during... day their whispers... everywhere.  
3rd of Tull, 1537 ER
Darkness... no end... I plead with... but we became separated. I have run off to try to find a place where the sunlight pierces the foliage, but their whispers... I do not... is it day... night?   What remains of the journal is too damaged to decipher. Bellam himself has not been found, nor have any of the members of his expedition.

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