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The town is a recently established mining town by Dwarfs to expand their borders it has only been around for 100 years and they are trying to mine out a city they made some progress and at this time they are in the process of moving in.


The demographic is that everyone is treated equally unless you commit crimes in the town there is no noble ruler and there is only one or two elves but they are trusted.


The laws are simple don't murder, don't steal, and don't start fights. They have to pay a small amount of taxes but since the city is supplying them they just have to have soldiers stationed their for now.


They have a few towers around the borders of the town and have 15 guards who are local recruits and are being trained but they have a military veteran in charge of the military stationed there and the guards. There is 200 soldiers stationed there just in case of an attack.


The most important exports is metals and jewels they find while mining and they also get paid for having soldiers stationed there for every 10 soldiers they get 10 gold pieces. They also export wood and logs but it isn't their main export.


The have a mine, a massive blast furnace, the final thing they have is a large lumber mill where they saw the wood and chop it down.


Their assets are the tavern/inn, a General Store, and a Blacksmith.


This village was established to build a city and set up a new border but when they arrived they saw a giant boulder on the cliff above them that looks like it might fall and could destroy a large portion of the town but it has managed to stay standing and not fall for a Century and named the town after it.


They tend to use stone that is cobbled together and wooden roofs that they put on the buildings the wood looks to be oak in shape and color.


The terrain is a forest that goes into a small stretch of plain before colliding with a giant mountain there is a river that runs just down the side of the mountain a few kilometers away from the village. The trees around are Oak trees and a few are just stumps, the mountain stretches for 100's of Kilometers in all directions and looks very sturdy and covered in visible ore deposits.

Natural Resources

They have access to wood from the forest and grow wheat in the small fields they use to make beer, the final and most important resource is their access to minerals and ores that are visible from the surface.
Alternative Name(s)
Danger Zone, Big Boulder
Inhabitant Demonym

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