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Zodia Accapia

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The world of Zodia Accapia is one of magic with a history of strife surrounding souls deemed chosen by the Gods to perform great deeds. These individuals are marked at birth by a sign of the stars. A birthmark that depending on the time in history and region could mean anything from a death sentence to being lauded as a hero or God among mortals. regardless of their treatment individuals marked by a sign of the stars have shaped the history of this world for good and bad, better and worse. The current year is 1800 in the month of Kaus and the world is riddled with problems. From barbarians raiding from the north, dragons stirring in the western mountains and eastern mountains, strange disappearances, creatures never seen before rising from the depths of the sea and much more. There is seemingly no end in sight to the woes of the countries of Zodia Accapia.

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