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The Goutobo Confederacy is an Afro-Dieselpunk country in the diverse and beautiful continent of Albekulan. The once-minor west citystate of Zmboco has become an antagonistic industrialist super-power after discovering great oil reserves beneath their lands. The other city-states have become near powerless against the industrial might of their neighbor. Guéga is a southern semi-industrialized citystate which has been annexed by Zmboco and is used as a refinery for their crude oil. Edeganga is the northern tropical citystate which is proud of its beauty and abundant natural resources. Bidé Yokasso is the central capital citystate which bends Didiri, a form of magic that takes root in ancestral inspiration.  They all exist beneath the banner of the confederacy, but the power structure is shifting and no-one knows how long the scales will remain balanced.

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