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12th of Frosylth in 1533 NR

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Zinderland is a magical world with many creatures and races. It was created by the Ethereal, ancient beings that created the world and its inhabitants.   The Ethereal are essentially like gods or deities that created the races of the planet. There are the “first races” or “elder races” the first ones created by the Ancients. Elves, Dragons, Demons, Dwarves, and Merfolk. Then there are the “second races” or “lesser races” the second ones created by the Ancients. Humans, Fairies, Vampires, Goblins, and Orcs. Then there was a period of natural expansion and evolution as races broke down into sub-races, either through evolution – Dragons living in the waters evolving into what are now Leviathans – or expansion – Dwarves moving into areas of extreme heat and becoming a sub-races that live in hot places like Volcanos. Lastly, there are the “third races” or “neo races” the races that were not created by the ancients but either came to be through evolution – Lizard People, large reptiles that learned to survive, thrive, and develop into an intelligent race that later created their own civilizations – or were created by other races – the Penguin People, once sacred creatures to Merfolk, the Merfolk taught them to speak, read, write, build, etc. and eventually Penguins became intelligent enough to form cities and civilizations. Cat Folk, Penguin People, and Salamandra

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