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The Grand Muster


The Grand Muster originally started life as the central hub for administration, policing and diplomactic needs when the Akanites (AK-a-nights) first opened the Planar Bazaar to all the other races of Ziestra in 704 FA.   As these functions were moved to dedicated facilities and the building fell into disuse for quite sometime. As more races begun to setup their own shops and stalls in the bazaar the old central hub was refurbished by the Ministry Of Contact with a wide range of leisure facilties to further promote cultural exchanges between all races.   Redesigned and extensively refitted the newly renamed Grand Muster first opened its doors in 737 FA to great fanfare and quickly established itself as the must see location to visit when travelling to Planar Bazaar.  


The Grand Muster sits proudly at the centre of the Planar Bazaar. The Planar Bazaar is an artificially generated permanent extra planar space, created by the Acacitli (AK-a-sit-LEE), that can only be accessed by the use of the correct sigil sequence and a Teleportation Circle.   The purpose of the Planar Bazaar was to enable all races to interact socially and commercially in a neutral setting with the objective of encouraging better relations.  


The tower reaches nearly 400 feet above street level and can be clearly seen from anywhere in the Planar Bazaar. Clad in engraved patterned sheets of platinum with the colourful pennants and flags of countless nations, organisations and groups flying proudly from its masts it is a striking site to behold.   The ground floor is a hexagonal shape that slopes in at the top of its 45 foot height. Each face features a large doorway 30 feet high and 10 feet wide, a symbolic representation that all are welcome regardless of where they come from. Whilst the building does indeed have doors, despite rumors to the contrary, they have only ever been closed a handful of times in history.   Above the ground floor the tower proper begins, the hexagonal tower tapers inwards slightly as it rises to its full height of 240 feet above street level. Windows of various different sizes are visible at regular intervals on all faces of the tower alongside a handful of balconies.   Crowning the building at a dizzying height of more then 380 feet above street level is giant hexagonal structure that protrudes out over the tower beneath it and provides stunning views of the Planar Bazaar from its encircling open air terrace.  


The inside of The Grand Muster has been fitted out the finest fixtures, fittings and decorations that can be found in any corner of Ziestra. Such finery would typically be expected to only be experienced in the houses of nobility and aristocracy, but here it is available to the public.   Travel between the different floors is via Dimensional Doors that respond to attuned stones, that transport people to a specific room as well as the common areas.    

Bars, Grill And Games (Ground Floor)

The decor on this floor consists of marble floors with mosaics, oak tables and chairs featuring beautiful carvings, ornate iron work tables and chairs and comfortable sofas. Staffs Of Hospitality are evenly spaced throughout the tavern so patrons can control the temperature for their tables and warm lighting is generated by crystals embedded in the ceilings and walls.   The ground floor has 6 bars that serve any conceivable drink you can think of and has seating for hundreds of patrons. Dozens of tables playing every possible form of cards and dice can be found at any time of the day or night.   Throughout the area are beautiful sculptures of Acacitli in classical military garb and poses. The regular visitors have seen these 10 foot high statues spring to life many times before to break up fights and brawls but for new comers this can often come as a bit of a shock, much to the amusement of regulars who often place bets on how the newcomers will react when they see trouble brewing.   It is also here that you can find the legendary grill of Xandos Ixilltill. People travel from all over Ziestra to taste her food and hear her fantastically wild stories, often needing to save for years at a time to be able to afford the costs of travelling, lodgings and the meal itself.  
The Grand Muster - Ground Floor
Maps are a work in progess.

Private Meeting Rooms (1st And 2nd Floors)

This floor features a number of private meeting rooms of various sizes and differing styles that can be hired out for all sorts of reasons such as, trade discussions, group meetings, guild meetings or diplomatic discussions.    

Private Dining Rooms (3rd And 4th Floors)

This floor features a number of private dining rooms of various sizes and differing styles that be hired out by any individual, group or organisation.    

Private Lodgings - Small (5th, 6th, 7th And 8th Floors)

These floors feature a combination of single, twin and double bed lodgings. Whilst these rooms are small they are comfortable and all of them have baths with hot running water as well as toilets for sanitation purposes. The rooms also have a small table with one or two chairs and those on the outside walls also have small windows.    

Private Lodgings - Large (9th, 10th And 11th Floors)

These floors feature a combination of different sized rooms, ranging from being able to accomodate three or four people up to suites that can comfortably host a dozen individuals. All of these rooms have, in addition to the bedrooms, a common room which includes a dinning table and chairs suitable for a number of guests and an open fire with comfortable seating to relax in. Off of the common room is also a balcony with stunning views of the bazaar.    

Private Lodgings - Penthouse (12th Floor)

This floor is entirely dedicated to the penthouse suite, which is both large enough and opulent enough to host visiting heads of state. This suite features everything you would expect, such as lavish bedrooms and bathrooms, a well appointed library, a stateroom, a music room, a grand ballroom, a private kitchen, a strongroom, a dining room, a drawing room, a conservatory, a grand reception room and a common room.    

Diplomatic Quarters (13th Floor)

This floor is dedicated to the diplomatic offices and accommodations for the current Akanite ambassador to the races visiting the Planar Bazaar. This floor features lavish bedrooms, ornate bathrooms, a well appointed library, temple forge shrine, records room, private Teleportation Circle, stateroom, private kitchen, a dining room, a drawing room, a conservatory, a grand reception room and a common room.    

Restaurants And Theatre (14th, 15th, 16th, 17th And 18th Floors)

At the very top of the tower these floors contain half a dozen different restaurants and a large theatre, all under an immense crystal clear dome with breath taking views of the constantly shifting dimensional auroras above. The restaurants on the 18th floor have access to the encircling open air terrace.   The theatre dominates the centre of these floors as a single open space that the restaurants on the 17th and 18th floors overlook with private booths. These are the very best seats in the house to watch any performances, so long as you can afford the eye watering cost of course.    

Notable Patrons

Given the popularity of The Grand Muster as a premier destination in the Planar Bazaar it is no surprise that many powerful and influential people can often be encountered here.    

Talice Myduis - Slaver

For most visitors the sight of a beautiful female Drow slaver openly dressed in the trappings of the worship of Lolth mingling with other races in a public space can, and does, often cause alarm and outrage. However the Akanites are firmly committed to the neutrality of the Planar Bazaar and will aggressively defend any and all visitors from harm, so long they obey the rules themselves.   She is charming, intelligence and has a wicked sense of humour. She delights in schemes and games of wits, if she invites you to join a game do so with caution, she rarely loses and once you have been relieved of your coin, you may quickly find yourself indebted to her in an effort to recover your losses.      

Crowned Prince Keldan Cedarmight - Elven Freehold

Is an imposing figure of an Elf at 6 and half foot tall with a heavily muscled physique. His most striking feature however is the entire left hand side of his face is scarred, where his eye used to be is now sits a glowing purple orb. Dressed in the finest leathers, colourful patterned silk shirts and wearing a tricorne hat topped with numerous exotic feathers he is an easy person to pick out in a crowd.   Keldan is often surrounded by numerous members of his crew, who often stake out a corner of the tavern as their own and anyone who approaches can expect to be challenged as if they are approaching a military encampment, which in a sense they are due to the archaic customs of the Elven Freehold.   He is knowledgeable on a wide range of subjects but has no time for fools, idiots or time wasters.      

Caltraxis - Store Owner

Without a doubt Caltraxis is the most controversial patron who frequents The Grand Muster because of one simple reason, they are a Beholder. Many an unsuspecting visitor to The Grand Muster has shouted out in alarm and fallen out of their chairs in the rush to draw their weapons to defend themselves when they see Caltraxis.   Caltraxis merrily laughs at these reactions and always makes a beeline to these people to properly introduce itself and puts them at ease with its childlike reactions of delight and interest in almost everything anyone says, its insistence on paying their bar tab for the rest of the night has also been known to help from time to time of course.   Caltraxis owns and runs the popular store Caltraxis's Emporium Of Curios And Needful Things which locates, buys and sells magic items of all types and rarities.      

Jonas Stonewell - Mercenary

This renowned adventurer is the founder and leader of the mercenary company known as The Gravediggers. He is an unassuming human male in their mid 50's of average height, he always wears an ornate steel gauntlet on his right hand but on closer inspection it is clear it is a prosthetic replacement for a hand lost decades ago.   He does not form friendships easily but when he does you cannot ask for a finer friend in this world. Whatever you do though stay on his goodside, his past is littered with examples of his painful, poetic, and terminal wrath for his enemies, all of which are true, yes even that incident, you know the one, the one with the Liches, canderlabra and a half dozen cows.    

The Staff

The Grand Muster employees numerous staff such as cleaners, maids, table staff, bartenders, cooks and entertainers. Some of the key individuals to be aware of are.    

Xandos Ixilltill - Chef

This exploits of this Akanite chef are known all across Ziestra and the stuff of myth and legend. When she is not adventuring across the land in search of new culinary discoveries she can be found here perfecting her receipes. She is an Akanite of the Platinum Caste standing around 7 foot tall and when working she wears loose fitting clothes to keep herself cool.   She is always delighted to share the stories of how she discovered a new ingredient and she is a consummate storyteller, often entertaining patrons with outlandish stories whilst simultaneously preparing multiple dishes at the same time.    

Duvaek Caskfinger - Head Bartender

Duvaek is in charge of all of the drinks served throughout The Grand Muster, much to the joy of the bar patrons who get to enjoy his famous brews without paying the exorbitant prices found else where on Ziestra. He does not speak much of his kin and brushes off all attempts to talk about them. He is still in his first century of life and stands at around 4 foot high, excluding the blue mohawk, and he is usually dressed in comfortable clothing featuring geometric shapes.   When he is not shouting at the bar staff he is softly spoken and will talk for hours about the latest ways of brewing ales, beer and spirits.    

Itylara Zylphyra - Head Of Housekeeping

As the matriarch of a small noble family she views her staff as an adopted family and will go out of her way to support her children, woe betide anyone who upsets or hurts any of her family.   Standing at just over 5 foot tall this 700 year old Elf carries her centuries visibly on her aged face and in her hunched form but she does so with grace and dignity. She usually speaks slowly and in hushed tones unless she is angry or upset, when she then speaks loudly, clearly and with a steel edge in her voice.   When this happens the years seem to fall away from her and she stands straighter, reaching her full height of 6 foot as arcane energies begin play across her eyes unbidden. In these situations it is recommended that you apologise, quickly.    

Sarah Durnwood - Table Staff

Sarah is well known among the regular patrons for her seemingly magical ability to flawlessly remember the name and face of any person she has ever met as well as her endless knowledge of hearsay and gossip.   Just under 5 foot in height this heavy set human in her mid 30's has a startlingly beautiful face and moves with the grace of a professional dancer.    

Vorn And Skorn Tazythas - Entertainers

The dragonborn twins Vorn and Skorn are the best known entertainers at The Grand Muster. Both are highly skilled with dozens of musical instruments and are accomplished performers. Born and raised in The Grand Muster itself they have a unique perspective on things.   Both are just over 6 foot in height with lithe physiques and are easy to tell apart due to the colour of their scales, Vorn is Gold and Skorn is Silver. They do however find nothing funnier then using illusion magics to appear as their sibling and seeing how long it takes for people to discover their ruse, the current record is held by Skorn who managed to fool everyone in The Grand Muster for an entire week.    

Tavern Tales

Given exotic nature of the location and the creators rumors abound about The Grand Muster, the most common of which are:  
  • That the building has 100's of sub-levels that spread out beneath it and the Acacitli secretly live in this hidden city.
  • There is a secret members-only fighting pit in the basement.
  • That some people who stay in the lodgings disappear without a trace, some say they are sold to the Drow whilst others say the Akanites take them for blood sacrifice.
  • That the building is secretly a front for Mindflayers to breed with unsuspecting guests whilst they sleep.
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