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Ortwin Calaevin

King of Calaevin (a.k.a. the Bold)

King Ortwin earned his moniker well. The kingdom of Calaevin went from a unremarkable backwater to a regional power, no longer living off the land but bending it to their will.

Physical Description

Apparel & Accessories

Ortwin was known to wear apparel that was flashier and more colourful then the average member of court. This would greatly increase once he was correnated King, and trade goods were easier to obtain in the capital. While his apparel was flashy, it was also high in quality, a point that he was known to exposite about at length. In his latter years, he would cite that he had the same indoor shoes ever since his marriage, using it as a reason for Calaevin to produce such goods.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

The reign of King Ortwin is remembered as the era when the Kingdom of Calaevin went from being a remote kingdom in an unexplored part of the Eastern continent of Ziemia, to a regional power that could begin to project itself into affairs outside of its own borders. Many areas of formerly unexplored territory were discovered and added to the map as Calaevin, although some of it was Calaevin on a map, with little to no presence to defend its interests.   Ortwin was the eldest of nine children, and one of only two boys that made it to adulthood. Historical records had found that King Godfrey found the boy to be,

"A whirling dervish of energy, that is so impossible to tire that if he was a horse, he could plow a road to Lorehide in a day!"
Ortwin was known to be very social and gregarious, a trait that is known to have irked his father to no end. It also led to rumors of siring a multitude of bastards as he reached of age, which led to anyone speaking such rumors in earshot of the royal family losing their tongue as punishment.   For his renown ability to charm and impress, his courtship to Hildburg took remarkably long. Rumour that it was due to not wishing to go against his mothers wishes, having selected her before her passing. Because of this, historians hypothesize a marriage that was quite cold and loveless, but there was no official evidence of this. What is known is that the King's union to Queen Hildburg was a complementary one from a ruling standpoint. It was whispered that while the King gained the credit for the realms prosperity during this time, it was the Queen that held the realm together, making sure the planning and details of day-to-day management was kept. HIstoricans have stated even during the end of Ortwin's reign that without the Queen, the Kingdom would have probably gone bankrupt.


King of Calaevin (-1169 - -1104)

Accomplishments & Achievements

The reign of King Ortwin was known for quite a number of achievements that helped the Kingdom to prosper. Some of these included:  

  • Relocated the capital of Calaevin from Wigand to Lorehide
  • Expanded the borders to the north and east (explain more here)
  • Founded the naval shipyards of what is now known as BreadChurch
  • Began work on what is now known as the Southern Road, having work on having it stretch from Lorehide to Wigand, Breadchurch, and ports on the Ukak River.

Failures & Embarrassments

For his achievements with growing the nation of Calaevin, his shortcomings came with trying to extend the family line. Of the seven children that he sired, five were men, but only one bore progeny. Two died while young, but both Bruno and Liebwan were stuck with a strange affliction that made the former moody and withdrawn, and the latter borderline mad. Because of this, the main branch of the Calaevin line almost ended, which would have prompted a succession crisis, the first of the young realms history.

Personality Characteristics


Ortwin was well known to be almost fanatical with hygiene in an era that didn't regard it to be incredibly important. Official portraits show him to be one of the very few nobles that was consistently clean shaven, even into his elder years


Family Ties


  • Godfrey - male - B: -1221- D: -1169
  • Wanda - female - B: -1208 - D: -1166. House unknown
  • Hildburg - female - B: -1183 - D: -1108. House unknown
  • Luther - male - B: -1163- D: -1162
  • Bruno - male - B: -1161 - D: -1088. Became King on his fathers death in -1104. Died without issue
  • Luitwin - male - B: -1158 - D: -1157
  • Rodina - female - B: -1155 - D: -1088. Married with issue
  • Heimrad - male - B: -1152 - D: -1080. Became King on his elder brothers death in -1088. Married with issue
  • Belinda - female - B: -1150 - D: -1073. Married with issue
  • Liebwin - male - B: -1147 - D: -1070. Left across the sea in ~1095 for parts unknown. Died without issue

Current Location
Honorary & Occupational Titles
King of Calaevin (-1169 - -1104)
-1189 - -1104 (Died 85 years old)
Current Residence
Biological Sex
Steel blue
Short, shoulder length. Copper red
Aligned Organization
House Calaevin
Known Languages
Old Calaevin
Previously Held Ranks & Titles

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