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King of Calaevin

"Never has a title held so many different meanings to different people. For some it was life, hope, and the mark of civilization. For others it was the symbol of corruption, exploitation, and tryanny."

Accoutrements & Equipment

The King of Calaevin was entitled to a few items that were trappings of the position

Nobility, Hereditary
The ArchDuke of House Calaevin unofficially still has claim on the title, but officially it, along with all Kingdom titles in the Empire were forfeited with the Treaty of Mythchurch
The creation of the title was created in -1210 TDT by Mombert Calaevin. The initial charter has been lost.
Length of Term
The position is held from secession until death, when it was then passed to the first born male of the House Calaevin's progeny.
First Holder
WIgand "the Wanderer" Cavaelin
Past Holders
Related Locations

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