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House Calaevin

"If you ask a member of House Halland or House Hamtrey, they'll say the heart of the Empire is in Remorsegard or Kyre. But it is Lorehide that is the true heart, and House Calaevin is its soul. It was here that the seeds of civilization first sprouted, and from its roots all of the other houses gain nourishment."


Absolutist duchy whose ruler also has the title of Emporer for The Empire, title is heredity to the eldest male on death

Demography and Population

Population: 1,868,131

Featured picture - Hills of Eastern Calaevin, roughly fifty miles east of [Ashow]

The Children of Wigand

Founding Date
0 @Old Calaevin Calendar, -1269 @Empire Calendar
Geopolitical, Duchy
Alternative Names
Calaevia, "The Diminished House"
Government System
Monarchy, Absolute
Economic System
Market economy
Legislative Body
A council consisting of representatives of the various counts within the realm is officially the legislative body, along with other representatives such as the head of the guildhouse and The Light.. However, it is the ArchDuke that rules in absolution, and can ignore or disregard the council's rulings.
Parent Organization
The Empire
Official Languages
Related Ranks & Titles
Related Ethnicities

Indifferent|Trading Partners

Being a former part of the Calaevin nation, House Beckdon is still leery of their former masters. The status of Breadchurch being in Beckdon hands has always been a sore spot in relations. However, as Calaevin has no deep water port of size, relations have been kept at an amicable level over the centuries, and talk of improvements have been mentioned in noble circles

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