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The quick one, The Clever, The pride one, Mother of the forest

Divine Domains

Elfs and Forests

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Aphine Togther with the other gods formed Ziantes countinents in the elder days. Aphine mission was life from the beginings and created almost all of the worlds plantmatter where the forest become her crown juvel. she spent 1000 of years wandring in her creation and talking to the trees. In the year 4732 she created the first elves from white trees on a lake edge. lovenly she took care of them, learned them speak and how to take care of the trees around them that was now their home. But she hide them from the other gods becuse she did not know what they would if they know they existed. She did this until Oarus worried about her absentce and began looking for her but insteed find the elves. He approved of them and taght them music, in turn the gods gave the elves a gift. The last was Ukte who gave the elves the gift of fire. Enraged by this destruktive gift Aphine tried to baniched Ukte from her woods, in responce Ukte struck his fellow god and det fire to her woods. Aphine was the first god to meet Irena.

Aphine cover
Divine Classification
Year of Birth
0 (33346 years old)
Biological Sex
Long blond

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