Defeat of the Sapphire Elves

Era beginning/end

Closing Year of the Age of Sapphires

Though the Yema were clear in their orders of abandoning the teachings of the Old Gods and their ways, the Sapphire Elves ignored the orders given to them and cracked open the tomb of the Old God Rakhmou-Dahmu, speaking to the ancient Old God and making peace with it, learning of the sins of the Yema and the evilness with which they schemed - and using its awesome power to found their galactic empire.   Though they warred mightily against the Yema, in the end the Sapphire Elves could not hope to match the true rulers of reality - and in their defeat, they were cast down, stripped of most of their power, and made into the High Elves of the modern day - pale, broken husks of what they once were. Their empire laid low and Rakmou-Dahmu at large, the Sapphire Elves were broken and the people they had sought to protect and enlighten in the ways of the Old Gods were now wholly vulnerable and exposed to the attacks of the Yema...who now sought to destroy them, and all to whom the Sapphire Elves had taught the blasphemous teachings of the Old Gods to.

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