Výtrúl Racial Feats

Long-Lived Spore-Seeds:   Prerequisites: Výtrúl race, Character level 7th, 'Spore-Seeder' Alternate Racial Trait   Effect: Your spores no longer have a chance to break down and stop functioning each time they are used.   With repeated use, some Výtrúl can improve the organ that produce the Spore-Seeds they implant into other creatures such that they become hardy enough to exist outside the Výtrúl's unique biology for an indefinite period of time.
Open the old pathways:   Prerequisites: Výtrúl race, Character level 14th, 'Connection to the Sapphire Network' Alternate Racial Trait   Effect: You can plane shift in addition to greater teleportation using Connection to the Sapphire Network. You need no tuning fork to plane shift and only arrive 1 to 100 miles(1d%) from your intended destination. You can identify planar portal destinations in one round and immediately identify the plane you are on as if you had the Improve Plane Shift feat.   Special: If the plane you you travel to would be innately harmful to you or any allies coming along with you, you're made aware of this and are protected from the harmful effects of the plane for 1 hour upon arrival.   As they use the Sapphire Network, some Výtrúl begin to find pathways long forgotten to even their own kind...interspacial tunnels connecting and spiraling into forgotten dimensions that allow for travel between the very planes themselves. With practice, they can learn to take full advantage of these forgotten tunnels and pathways, and bend them to their advantage.
Awakened Sapphire Heart:   Prerequisites: Výtrúl race, 'Sapphire Heart' Alternate Racial Trait, Character level 5th   Effect: You can communicate telpathically while in Sapphire Form after "death" regardless of HD. Additionally, by having an ally or yourself cast a valid spell on you(GM Discretion), you can choose to have that spell trigger upon your "death" and transformation into a Sapphire Gemstone or at any other specific point afterwards as per the contingency spell.(EX: If a human male picks up the gemstone, trigger the effect)   Though incomparably rare, sometimes Výtrúl colonies do manage to find more intact Sapphire Hearts...and with the power they bring comes contingencies that were once built to protect the Elven Souls stored within, now repurposed to protect the Výtrúl after death.
Gravemind:   Prerequisites: Výtrúl race   Effect: You absorb the final surface thoughts and faint memories(GM Discretion) of the corpses you use as host bodies. You can take on the appearance of any past host body you have possessed as per Alter Self. If you use plant matter and vegetation instead, You get faint memories and tidbits of information about the area(GM Discretion) and can disguise yourself as a a small to large sized plant, tree, bush, or piece of vegetation reminiscent of such vegetation you have used to make a body before as per a Tree Shape spell that allows for small to large size. Changing your form in either way is a swift action that does not provoke AoO.   Another ability attributed to the "Graveminds" that serve as caretakers to the Hive's vast libraries and information storage centers, the ability to absorb the final moments, memories, and thoughts as well as appearances of those they use as host bodies is what allows the Graveminds of a Výtrúl hive to perform their duty so well, and often what is precisely so unsettling to many about Výtrúl...in a hive, the memories, minds, and appearances of thousands and even millions might be stored and catalogued, living on long after their "death" in the genetic libraries of those that consumed them.
Host Body Modification:   Prerequisites: Výtrúl race, Character level 3rd   Effect: By meditating for one minute, you can add up your total movement between all movement speeds and redistribute them as you see fit in 5ft increments.   By altering the internal structure of their host bodies, many Výtrúl learn to alter the bodies they inhabit to allow them to travel by any means, though the resulting organic wings, spikes treads beneath the feet, or other means of special locomotion can make them appear freakish.
Clairvoyant Spores:   Prerequisites: Výtrúl race, Character level 7th   Effect: You can eject a special spore from your body that can travel on the wind to any location within 500 feet that it can reach through the air, blocked by gaps that are smaller than 1 inch. By focusing on the spore, you can cast Clairaudience-Clairvoyance through the spore at the spore's location. The Spore can fly at 50ft per round, and for every increment of 50ft the sensor is away, the information you recieve is delayed by 1 round. You can dismiss the spore as a swift action, at which point it crumbles into dust.   With a special mutation, many more powerful Výtrúl can use a special spore to allow them to see and hear at long distances.
Greater Clairvoyant Spores:   Prerequisites: Výtrúl race, "Clairvoyant Spores" racial feat, Character 13th   Effect: The range of your spores is increased to 1 mile. The spore can move at a speed of 100ft per round, and the information delay happens every 1000ft rather than every 50.   By improving the spores which they use to see and hear at long distances, Výtrúl can extend the range of these special spores even further and recieve information at especially vast distances.
Terragnosis Engine:   Prerequisites: Výtrúl race, character level 9th   Effect: A number of minutes per day equal to your CONMOD + 1 (Minimum 1) you can target yourself with the Life Bubble spell, targeting a number of additional creatures equal to 1/2 your HD(Min 1). The duration is not split for additional targets.   Special: At 13th level, the duration becomes hours per day instead of minutes per day.   In the most ancient and elderly of Výtrúl hives, colonies yet remain that carry the genetic memory from the Age before Ages - when all was unformed and primal, before the dawn of recorded time. Record of these times, they carry the Terragnosis Engine inside their host bodies - organic structures formed during each new host body possession that can produce livable conditions in even the harshest environments.
Healing Sap:   Prerequisites: Výtrúl race, Character level 5th   Effect: You can create "Healing Sap" potions a number of times per day equal to 1/2 your HD. A single use creates an equivelent to a Cure/Inflict Light Wounds effect, three uses at once creates a Cure/Inflict Moderate Wounds or Cure Disease effect, Six makes a Cure/Inflict Serious effect, and Nine creates a Cure/Inflict Critical effect. These potions can be used only to heal, and cannot be used to harm another creature if they are harmed by that energy type. These potions created last only for 24 hours, after which they go inert and become normal tree sap.   Whether from vestigial organic tubes coming out of the back of their formerly deceased host bodies or from branches built into the organic shells, some Výtrúl dubbed "Menders" by the hive can produce healing sap that can mend flesh, leaves, and all life alike.
Forced Extension:   Prerequisites: Výtrúl race   Effect: By taking 1 points of CON damage, you can extend your reach by 5ft for the rest of a given combat encounter or 1 hour, whichever passes first. At 5HD and every 5HD afterwards, you can take an additional point of CON damage to increase your reach by an additional 5ft.   Demonstrating their complete control over their host bodies in ways no other living creature can, Výtrúl can forcibly break the limits on their bodies biology and extend their limbs for a limited duration, allowing them to hit distant targets at the cost of their constitution, as the stress of the forced limb extension damages their ligaments and tendons.
Temporal-Biotic Paralysis   Prerequisites: Výtrúl race, Character level 16th   Effect: You can encase yourself or a willing or helpless target in a cocoon of spores, sap, and plantlife as per Temporal Stasis. However, unlike Temporal Stasis when an amount of fire damage equal to 5 x your HD by Fire Spells of at least 3rd level is dealt to the target(Not damaging them, but against the stasis) counts as if they had cast Dispel magic on the target. Otherwise, no force or effect can harm the target.   Though only the strongest and most powerful of Výtrúl colonies can even hope to induce this unique "Death-Trance", by utilizing a combination of sap, spores, and special enzymes Výtrúl can induce a "Death Trance" in themselves or other creatures that stops the trappings of time and all outside influences until such a time when the effect is removed.
Absorbing Touch:   Prerequisites: Výtrúl race, Character level 7th   Effect: By touching a willing or helpless target, you can take one poison, disease, curse, affliction, or status condition(Subject to GM Discretion) and have it affect you as if you had always been the original target. Even if you would normally be immune to such an effect it affects you as normal when absorbed this way.   By utilizing special roots that spiral throughout their bodies, Výtrúl can siphon the harmful effects out of other creatures and into their own bodies, though at the cost of taking it themselves.


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