Výtrúl Alternate Racial Traits

Small Host: Begin play small-sized instead of medium size. Modifies Size.   By finding a smaller body to use as a host, Výtrúl can easily appear as smaller-sized races.
Large Host: Begin play large-sized instead of medium-size. Modifies Size.   By finding a large body to use as a host, Výtrúl can easily appear as more massive races.
Strong-Bodied Spores: Racial Ability Score Modifiers become (+2 Strength, +2 Intelligence, -2 Charisma).   Though many Výtrúl lack strength because they have a difficult time exterting strength from the slightly decayed host bodies they inhabit or the plant matter they inhabit, some colonies of Výtrúl learn to exert the most force from their host bodies.
Spore Network Relay: You can add one creature plus one additional creature per 2HD into a telepathic network that lets them all communicate telepathically with each other you so long as they are within 100ft/Level. Adding a creature in requires you to touch them, and is a swift action. At 10th level, the range becomes 1 Mile/Level. All members can sense vaguely which direction and how far other members are from them. Replaces Natural Antipaths.   Carrying a different type of link to their hive mind established by their queen, some Výtrúl act as beacons for nearby creatures to let them coordinate telepathically and communicate with one another much quicker than they normally could. These Výtrúl serves as nodes of the Výtrúl hive mind and coordinate Výtrúl activity on a larger scale to direct their fellows more effectively.
Plantspeakers: As a standard action that does not provoke, you can cause nearby plants and vegetation to entangle 1 target within 30ft plus one additional target within 30ft per 4HD for 1d4 + 1 rounds unless they succeed at a reflex save (DC 10 + 1/2HD + INTMOD), in which case the duration is merely 1 round. Replaces Natural Antipaths.   Using their connection to their queen to their utmost advantage, these Plantspeakers serve as emissaries of their queen to nearby plantlife and other plant-based creatures...and when required, their goodwill with such plants can be used offensively to entangle their foes.
Spore-Seeder: As a standard action, you can attempt a melee touch attack to implant a spore inside the body of your target. You can make a disguise check to hide this attempt opposed by the opponents perception. Once implanted, you form a connection with the target that allows you to see and hear what your target sees and hears regardless of distance when you focus on the connection(During which time you cannot see or hear your surroundings). Each time you stop focusing on the connection, there is a 40% chance the spore inside of the target breaks down and stops functioning, with the chance going up by 10% each time it does not decay afterwards. This connection does not function in an antimagic field or similar areas but cannot otherwise be dispelled, and must instead be removed with a DC 25 Heal Check. You may only have one target active at a time, but can maintain one additional target at 8th and 16th level. Replaces Natural Empaths.   Carrying a unique brand of spores gifted to them by their queen, some Výtrúl serve their hive as highly effective spies, venturing outside the hive and working to keep tabs on the hive's enemies...with but a single touch, they can implant their spores into a target and at a whim, peek into their senses and see and hear what they do.
Deathwrit Spores: By touching a corpse, skeleton, or other remains, you can gleam the Name, Gender, Race, Profession, and age of the corpse as of the time of death, and how long the creature has been dead as well as how it died. Once a day, you can cast Speak with Dead with a caster level equal to your HD, but unlike Speak with Dead, a damaged corpse or a corpse without a mouth is not inhibited from speech, as the communication happens through spores. Replaces Natural Empaths.   Carrying spores formed from the bodies of former colonies in ages past, some Výtrúl serve the hive as Investigators and Librarians, learning about the corpses they inhabit and recording their information to be stored in the hive...and in this way, they honor the creatures whose bodies they inhabit so as to give them some small courtesy even in death.
Overgrown Body: Gain two tentacle attacks that begin at 1d6 damage each. Your reach with these tentacle attacks is treated as one size category larger than you(10ft for medium size Výtrúl). Gain a racial +2 bonus on grapple and climb checks. Replaces Host Body Stowaway.   Though most Výtrúl become quite adept at disguising themselves out of neccesity, it becomes increasingly difficult for many to keep up their facade should they inhabit the same host body for an extended period of time...as the colony multiplies and their spores grow, many Výtrúl abandon their body to find a new one, splitting into multiple colonies to keep up the facade...however, many elect not to leave or split, and stay in their bodies, growing long tendrils of spores and flesh(Or bark and leaves for natural colonies) as they accumulate more mass by absorbing more matter into their bodies to maintain their host body's integrity.
Beautiful Body: You can change your gender at will to male or female or any combination thereof. You gain a racial +4 bonus on diplomacy checks, and your host body always appears in its most beautiful prime no matter your true age. Replaces Host Body Stowaway.   To those Výtrúl who serve their hive as diplomats and speakers for the collective whole and the queen, they often learn to take on forms that are best suited to please those they are talking to.
Lifedrain Roots: You can consume a corpse to heal 2d6 + an additional 1d6 for every 4HD the target possessed in life. You can use this ability 1 + CONMOD times per day(Min 1). This nourishes you as if you had eaten and drank a full meal. Replaces Linked Knowledge Network.   Whether out of malice or necessity or something else, many Výtrúl grow roots and learn to manipulate them to siphon the life from corpses to gain sustenance and nourishment...and in time, even use their bodies to repair their own.
Queen's Vessel: Once per day plus one additional time at 8th and 12th levels, you can reroll a failed save. If you pass the reroll you are treated as if you had passed the first save, but take a -2 penalty to attack rolls for 1d4 + 1 round due to the overwhelming power of the queen subsuming your mind. This penalty increases by 2 at 8th and 12th level. Replaces Linked Knowledge Network.   By opening themselves to the immense and overwhelming power of their queen, select few Výtrúl can borrow some of that power to defend themselves from assault...though it takes a short-lived toll on their minds.
Spore Buds: By succeeding on a melee touch attack, you can attach Spore Buds to other creatures, which let you activate certain effects on them from the list below and causes a creature with a Spore Bud to take a -1 on all saves made versus the Výtrúl's abilities, spells, and SLAs. Spore Buds are difficult to detect, and can only be noticed with a DC 25 perception check, and removed safely with a DC 25 Heal Check or by the Výtrúl who applied it willingly removing it. Removal any other way deals 4d6 damage to the target and nauseates them for 2 rounds unless they succeed at a fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2HD + INTMOD). You can apply one Spore Bud at a time, plus one additional Bud every 4HD. Replaces Spores.
  • Cast Suggestion on them once a day. The target is not made aware of the Spore Bud nor the attempted Suggestion on a successful save.
  • Inflict a penalty to an attack equal to the applying Výtrúl's HD as an immediate action. Usable once per combat.
  • Reroll a save with the Výtrúl's modifier if it would be higher, otherwise it is simply a reroll. Usable once per combat.
  • Gain a bonus on an attack roll equal to the applying Výtrúl's HD as an immediate action. Usable once per combat.
  Though a somewhat rare mutation of the typical Výtrúl spores, Spore Buds are a cancerous growth placed by Výtrúl upon other creatures that they can inject their spores through into their targets, whether for hostile or beneficial means.
Connection to the Sapphire Network: As a standard action that does not provoke AoO, you can teleport as per dimension door to an unoccupied square within 30ft so long as it is connected by dirt, soil, or other natural material(Natural Stone counts, Worked Stone and Metals and Etc do not) to your current location. At 8th level, you can 1/day activate a teleport effect as per the teleport spell as a standard action that does not provoke AoO. At 14th level, the teleport becomes a Greater Teleport. No matter the effect, it has the same restrictions as the first dimension-door effect. This is an extraordinary ability. Replaces Spores.   Forgotten by the races of Ea as it existed before the Ages of Men, Dwarves, or Elves, the Sapphire Network remains accessible by only the Výtrúl alone, for only they possess the ancient wisdom of the Sapphire Elves to retain a connection to it. With it, they can move across the dirt and soil and natural stone as easy as gliding, eventually moving vast distances in an eyeblink.
Natural Colony: You no longer need corpses to form new host bodies, and can instead form host bodies from any large and suitable colony of vegetation, bark, fungus, or other natural plant matter(GM Discretion). Otherwise this ability functions as Host Transfer. If you have the "Host Body Stowaway" racial trait, the racial +10 bonus to disguise now applies to disguising oneself as a normal plant or piece of vegetation. Replaces Host Transfer and modifies Host Body Stowaway.   To those colonies of Výtrúl formed by a queen aboveground or in areas underground where vegetation and plant matter is abundant, plantlife and vegetation are often a much more reliable source of food that living, sentient creatures...and they adapt themselves and their habits accordingly. Forming bodies of bark, plants, fungus and more, these "herbivorous" Výtrúl appear similar to Dryads or Ents, with bodies made of nature and are often mistaken for guardians of nature or similar beings.
Sapphire Heart: When you would reach an amount of negative HP that would kill you, a Small Sapphire Gemstone(AC 24, 10HP, Hardness 5) is left behind where you died that serves as the core of your being. You are not considered "Dead" until the Sapphire is broken and destroyed(And thus cannot be revived until the crystal is broken), but if the Sapphire is implanted into another suitable humanoid or monstrous humanoid corpse or pile of plant matter or vegetation suitable for habitation(GM Discretion) you return to life conscious at 1hp with 1 permanent negative level. You can communicate empathically(Emotions and vague concepts only) with any creature holding the Sapphire unless you had greater than 10HD in life, in which case you can communicate telepathically with any creature holding it. Replaces Host Body Transfer.   In the most ancient of Výtrúl colonies, the Queen of the hive produces not only spores, but carries inside of her massive form a collection of Sapphire Hearts, ancient relics of the Sapphire Elves once used to store Elven Souls after death, to give "hearts" to the spore colonies she creates. These gemstones allow Výtrúl colonies to live on as long as the gem endures, and they often manipulate those they find them into placing them into suitable corpses...or have their allies do the same. These gems are often returned to the queen and recycled endlessly, creating smarter and smarter Výtrúl colonies with generations of history.


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