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Vhiilan Reiko

The mysterious witch of legend whose power is feared by all, but sought by many

Lady Vhiilan Reiko (a.k.a. The Grand White Witch)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

She is described differently each time she is recorded in the history books, so it is difficult to get a clear depiction of her - the only common traits ascribed to her are "middle-aged", "human", and "Clad in white" or some descriptor notating white clothing. She can otherwise appear as she wants, it seems - whether that be fat, ugly, beautiful, skinny, naked, clothed, or otherwise. She is assumed to be healthy, possibly supernaturally so, but that is mere speculation.

Body Features

Much like her general physical condition, it is hard to ascribe common traits to her as she seems to appear as she wishes much like a shapechanger - though she is almost always female with a middle-aged body of some kind.

Facial Features

Much like her body, her face is a thing that varies immensely - fat, ugly, big eyes, no eyes, etc. She is almost like a shapechanger in the fluidity of her form, and as such her face is hard to dsecribe for certain.

Identifying Characteristics

As a being who can seemingly change her form, she has almost none - only the fact she is usually found in white, is a woman, is typically human or human-adjacent, and is usually middle-aged are ascribed to her.

Physical quirks

Varies from encounter to encounter - she has been reported as having no eyes, three eyes, gems in her body, and more.

Special abilities

Her seeming ability to shapechange is quite a unique ability, as is her witch-like magic similar to hags - she is known to be a master of arcane magics that even the greatest of wizards or mortal casters cannot match, as she can seemingly bend the very fabric of reality to accomodate the desires of those she deals with.   Rather uniquely, she is not believed to use the modern system of magic as it is known today - she seems to use a much more primordial form of magic similar to witches or hags, with magic imbued in objects, the use of leylines and spiritual sites, and magics spoken aloud in strange, resonant words of power, and drawn runes or runic inscriptions of power that all rattle the body and soul - though she is likely at least passively familiar with modern nine-level casting systems, and experienced in their use.

Apparel & Accessories

She is typically reported as wearing white, and often jewels and jewelery, but beyond that her apparel changes with each appearance.

Specialized Equipment

She usually has some sort of staff and other pagan witch implements for magic casting, but few who encounter her are willing to speak of the horrors she has to cast her magic.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Little is known of her personal history - much of her legend is anecdotal and mythological as a figure heroes and other travelers meet in passing, or as a figure the desperate seek out to better their lives and themselves. She is a last resort to many, and one few are excited to meet - but history speaks of her as a woman who has appeared before and been summoned by countless people both notable and otherwise throughout Zheng-Kitaran history - always willing to make a deal to give one what they desire in exchange for a price.   All other accounts of her come from the organization known only as The White Lotus League - a mysterious group whose members are secret and unknown, who is believed to work towards either her personal goals or some greater, unknown objective. They are not believed to be hostile to the world per se, nor are they thought to be a cult, as they have rarely appeared before notable people throughout history and offered them entrance into the League - though these people often vanish shortly thereafter, to presumably live in the shadows, though some do not and remain in the spotlight. They have also occasionally done acts of great good as equally as they have dubious or villainous ones, such as when they were known to appear within the town of Balmiri during the legendary Balmiri Blockade to assist the efforts of Bastiano the Storied, who ran the Legendary Blockade to deliver supplies to its weary citizens in the midst of a siege. The White Lotus League, it was said, was there in the city to fend off and assist in the siege in the city's darkest hour, ensuring none interfered with Bastiano the Storied and his delivery of supplies...though their interfence would not be discovered until decades later.   She is known as the mistress of that organization, and is believed to have founded it, but as to their goals, none can say - nor can they speak to hers.

Gender Identity




Accomplishments & Achievements

Since she tends to work in the shadows, she has few notable accomplishments - the only one in recent memory is when she assisted the barbaric tribes of the Guezhan Rainforest and spurred them to conquer and overthrow the Kingdom of Corudillo, laying it low, enslaving its citizens, and incorporeating them into their newly formed Kassau Matriarchy.

Failures & Embarrassments

Unknown. Presumedly, nearly none.

Intellectual Characteristics

She is a shadowy woman, who is as mysterious as she is cunning - she is a dealmaker and a gambler, who knows the hearts and minds of others as well as what they want to use against them. She is a force to be reckoned with and is by no means a straightforward fighter or skirmisher.

Morality & Philosophy

Unknown. She demonstrates both compassion and cruelty in somewhat, sort of equal measure - she is unpredictable and wild, and mysterious, so none can guess or define her completely.

Personality Characteristics


Few can guess at her true motivations - she does not operate nor speak openly so others can only guess at what her true intentions might be.   She seems especially concerned with those with a multi-elemental affinity, and especially Oldsouls - incredible rare beings who have an affinity for all elements from birth to death. She has yet to notably or publically appear near or before Amenmeses Ra-sen Shakanasa I, the most and only notable Oldsoul in the known world, but rumors have accumulated over the milennia that indicate she has a tendency to appear before those who meet these curious criteria in addition to responding to those who know the means to get in contact with her to deal.

Savvies & Ineptitudes

An excellent magician and possible witch, skilled manipulator, deal-maker(Presumably), reader of people, ???   Inept at ???(Her failings are closely guarded, as they would likely give those who she deals with a leg-up on her)

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Doing what she wants, Being Contrarian, Contrarians, The Desperate, The Driven, Strong-Willed People, Those with nothing to lose, Oldsouls(?), Unique or Special Things, Creatures with Dual or Multi-Elemental Affinities, Myths/Legends/Rumors, ???   Dislikes: Mundane or Banal things, Politeness, Decency, Normality, The Cold, The Color Black, The Truth, ???

Virtues & Personality perks

She seems to be an astounding wielder of arcane might, and is uncannily aware of when others are attempting to invoke her presence to possibly make a deal with her. She is readily open to deals and bargains much like a devil would be, and deals with most all people fairly and evenly - provided they can navigate her deals and decipher her meanings and not be fooled by her trickery. She also does not exclusively make deals and trick others in them - she has on extremely rare occasions offered deals at little to no consequence to the other party, and has actively appeared to assist the causes of others at seemingly no gain to her self, making her an absolute mystery many others call upon in the hopes that she might just help them achieve their dreams...and not steal away their minds, bodies, souls or livelihoods in the process.   However, unlike many witches and hags or devils, if others are capable enough to see through her trickery or catch her true intentions, she will not neccesarily attack them or do harm unto them - instead, those creatures might earn a congratulations or catch her attention or interest...

Vices & Personality flaws

Despite her occasional bits of generosity in her dealings and her rare moments of seemingly selfless aid to others, she is a conniving, dealing witch at heart - one who has the power to appear no matter the location in which her name is invoked, and one who is mostly merciless in her dealings. She is tricksy and full of guile, and the contracts and deals she weaves often appear mostly harmless to those she makes them to - who often do not realize the full implication of what she asked for in return until it is far, far too late, outdoing even the most heartless witch in that which she takes from her victims.   Only a select few beings have made deals with her and not lived to regret them for the rest of their lives - and fewer still are the times she has helped others seemingly of her own accord.   She is also spoken of as being extremely off-putting and eccentric - many records have described her in many different ways, each unnerving to the one writing. Whether it be a total lack of social decorum such that she was recorded as putting her feet up on tables and only half paying attention, rudeness and interruptions, and 'things that purposeful defy expectation and conventions out of a seemingly cruel enjoyment of uncomfortability' are all seemingly common for her. In summation, she seems to enjoy putting others ill-at-ease in a way that rides the line between playfulness and outright cruelty or mean-spiritedness...and is one more factor to the fact that she is nearly impossible to define or describe in any one way.

Personality Quirks

Her ability to appear wherever her name is invoked is an incomparably strange quirk that few can understand - and its usage has led others to quite literally spread her name as a taboo thing, similar to a boogeyman - a name not spoken for fear of abduction or ill will.


Her hygiene habits are mostly unknown - as luck would have it, few records of her that have been found make note of her hygiene, though her extreme beauty is almost always referenced.   However, she is said to have a fairly unique smell, either about her personally or in her home where she makes deals and contracts - it is described in vague and often nonsensical terms, such as "Blue" or "Round", though these descriptions have led many to theorize it may be mind-altering or psychadelic in nature.


Contacts & Relations

As a mage of such an extraordinarily high calibur that few if any creatures on all of Zheng-Kitar can claim to stand at her level as well as a seemingly immortal witch who cannot be killed, she has accumulated countless contacts over the years, to a level few can fathom - she is so well known that there are few who do not know the tales of 'Our Mother in White"(In more recent myths and tales) or of 'Old Three Knuckle"(A more ancient names used in the first tales referencing her), though regardless of which name many know her by she is used as a bedtime store told to kids to keep them in line and from disobeying them, lest 'Old Three Knuckle' come and steal them away in the night.   She has also accrued many high-profile contacts in recent years, particularly the chieftains of the tribes of the Guezhan Rainforest that she was said to give support to and drove to waging war on the Kingdom of Corudillo and conquering it to found the current land of the Kassau Matriarchy in its place. While the lands of Kassau are said to now be her most fervent supporters in all of Zheng-Kitar in the current day, she is said to have all manner of relations and contacts with people all over, from backwards villages to populated cities...though none often admit to contacting or knowing her openly.

Family Ties

Her family has long since been the subject of much scrutiny by those who wish to study her and her past, but none have ever been confirmed despite millennia of activity on her part - until recently, that is. Now, the head of the tribes of the Kassau Matriarchy is said to be an actual child of hers, though none have managed to confirm that particular rumor as of yet.

Religious Views

Unknown. She has never been recorded as espousing or supporting the ideals of a God, be it a Yema, Elemental Saint, Spirit King, or Old God.

Social Aptitude

She is not one for speeches - she has not been recorded as giving a public speech(The closest analogue being encouragement to the barbaric tribes of the Guezhan Rainforest to overthrow the Kingdom of Corudillo, which happened behind closed doors), so scholars can only assume that she is either is not the type to enjoy time in the spotlight, or is persuasive, but uses her talents in secret deals or bargains struck in private. Adding on to this mystery that almost none who makle deals with her are willing or able to speak of the encounter, and her social aptitude is truly a mystery.


Only those who have met her can claim to her mannerisms for sure, so they are naught but heresay and rumor - though the tales of her speak of her as a 'woman with no sense of manners nor deceny - an unreadable witch to whom convention and expectation mean nothing'. Whether such things can be believed is another story entirely, as many who have met her have likely exaggerated her qualities.

Hobbies & Pets

None, though some records that speak of her mention that she keeps a small company of maids or handmaidens with her most times that she refers to as her 'pets', though the veracity of that claim is untested.

Wealth & Financial state

Though her exact wealth has never been determined nor calculated, as a witch who has apparently lived for untold centuries and possibly even millennia, her wealth is surmised to be quite vast - especially given that when someone is lucky or determined enough to seek her out for a request, there is said to be no request she cannot fulfill, for the right price...
Air(Primary), Void(Secondary)
Honorary & Occupational Titles
Lady of the White Lotus, The Lily of Illyria, Old Three Knuckle, The Immortal Witch, Mistress of the League, The Witch-Queen, Our Mother in White, Dear Mother
Unknown. She has been consistently sighted across the continent over millennia, making her incredibly ancient.
Date of Birth
Circumstances of Birth
Unknown - almost nothing about her personal life has ever been uncovered.
Unknown, though is the subject of much speculation.
Bright Icy-Blue
Extremely long, flowing, and snow-white
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Pale White
Unknown. Varies between each reported encounter.
Quotes & Catchphrases
The truth is often disappointing.
Aligned Organization

One whose name holds power

As one of the most notorious Zheng-Kitaran myths and one of its greatest 'Boogeymen', Vhiilan Reiko, better known as Our Mother in White or The White Witch, is a woman notorious for her deals and bargains struck with those in need - but uniquely, she is said to appear anywhere at any time, so long as one knows the proper ritual and knows how to invoke her. While not widespread to every commoner, it is not difficult to uncover - and many surmise the mere act of speaking her name aloud in a desperate plea is enough to lead one to a meeting with her in time...almost as if, once spoken, fate will conspire to bring that person before her before long.   It is common after one invokes her name and attempts to summon her for nearway doorways, windows, openings, portals, or passageways or even holes to become magical, and link to a place altogether different to allow one to meet her in person, where deals can be made, and bargains struck...for good reason do parents speak of The White Witch as a boogeymen who will snatch away naughty boys and girls in the night who dare to speak her name, as only the truly mad, in need, or special dare to attempt to get in touch with her.


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