The God's Goblet

The seat of power of the Umberlight Society, and heart of the lands of Mulrath

Purpose / Function

Created by The Spirit Kings in commemeration of the 100-year anniversary of their summoning to the Material Plane over four thousand years ago, the God's Goblet was created by the legendary Spirit Kings as a symbol of their successful work reshaping, terraforming, and breathing new life back into the previously shattered and lifelands lands of Zheng-Kitar - an eternal monument to a glory that wasn't theirs, but the glory of the land they had reshaped and the people that now lived in it once again.   It is said that The Spirit Kings themselves drank from this enormous goblet after its shaping and construction, which was said to have happened in a single day - sharing from the water that filled the goblet and relishing in the joys of the new life they had been gifted. All of mortalkind was said to have shared in the waters that flowed freely that day, which was said to have been freely changable between wine, beer, and many other liquids at the blessings of The Spirit Kings.


Though the God's Goblet long sat as a simple monument to the might of The Spirit Kings and as a site of religious pilgrimige for many, it was not until recently that was it was altered and claimed by the Umberlight Society that it actually became a liveable structure. The Society, after nearly a decade of long labor and extremely arduous construction, finished converting the natural wonder of the God's Goblet into their central base of operations - adding a massive internal lift to ferry both people, ships, and water to and from the top of the Goblet along with several buildings along the rim of the Goblet's Top and atop the lake filling the "cup" of the Goblet.   Thankfully, these alterations were done with the God Goblet's natural beauty in mind, and did not tarnish the Goblet's natural splendor once they were finished. Adding on to these outward alterations a host of internal structures lining the inside of the structure for people to live, drink, and go for enjoyment, and the Goblet is a veritable city all unto itself not even counting the enormous city of Mulrath that surrounds its base and the cliff upon which it resides, Capital of the Coalition of Nine and home to the Shao-rath people.


The 'architecture' of the God's Goblet, if it can even be called as such, is nothing but stone, rock, grass, and dirt - formed and sculpted with the mighty, unfathomable power of The Spirit Kings as its materials were pulled from the very ground. The interior of the God Goblet's "Cup" at its top is lined with purified and pristine metal of unknown origin blessed with magic script that constantly purifies and creates a current in the waters inside the "Cup".   Though they came much later, the buildings added atop the Goblet's rim, atop the waters inside its "Cup", and around the base of the Goblet were added by the Umberlight Society much, much later thousands of years after its initial formation, and are done in the traditional style of the Shaoshu Empire.


Though it does not hold the ranks of one of The Seven Wonders of Zheng-Kitar, it holds something of an Unofficial Role in that ranking as "The Eighth Wonder", and is one that countless citizens come from all over Zheng-Kitar and beyond to see and bear witness to its splendor, coming to visit the Kingdom of the Coalition of Nine where it serves as the Kingdom's capital to see it, explore it, and bask in its awe.
Founding Date
100 ASK
Alternative Names
The Seat of the Nine, The Spirit Chalice, The Eighth Wonder of Zheng-Kitar
Megastructure, Land based
Owning Organization
Its' majesty did stealeth mine very breath away -   snatched it from mine very lungs, as though the Kings themselves had doth so.   To think, such a splendid thing was made by the hands of the gods -   What marvelous joy it is, to lay witness to such a thing!   O', to be reminded of the majesty of our Kings, that did mould the land we now stand upon!   To any doubters or naysayers, there is no need to argue them - simply show them to the Chalice, and its' majesty shall impress faith unto their minds.
— Stefano Trentini, Ustanan Painter


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