The Five Knights of Fairchilde

The most valorous and legendary heroes of the Shaoshu Empire, round table of the King

The Five Knights

  Below are listed out the Five Knights, from the top to bottom in order of ther Joining of the Five.  
Captain Jaxton Carter-Pierce:   Title: The Golden Lion   Race: Human   Age: 45   Description: A mighty man who is the very picture of heroism and valor, Jaxton Carter-Pierce is the strongest and most notable member of the Five Knights of Fairchilde, as well as the Captain who commands the order - a man with many titles, he is the legendary hero who stood alone in the now infamous Night of Dragonfire that nearly claimed the Empire's largest trading city of Tenggong, where a terrifying and much reviled Great Wyrm Cloud Dragon Ystagorax, said to be the herald of a blasphemous Yema god, assaulted the city in the hopes of exterminating it for good. As the only knight brave enough to face what would be his certain doom, Jaxton not only faced the beast but slew it, facing it in a cataclysmic battle atop Tenggong Palace's tallest spires, where he finally succeeded in killing the beast by driving his mighty cross-spear into the beast's twisted, Goldbolt-scarred heart to deal the killing blow after nearly 72 hours of fighting. As a reward for his valor in the face of certain anhillation, he was rewarded with his legendary title "Golden Lion"(So named after the guttural cry he emitted after felling the beast, heard around the city, his body glowing gold from absorbing so much Goldbolt from the dragon's body), a Category IV suit of Draakscale armor and the re-forging of his beloved Cross-spear Bertoldt, which had been shattered in the final herculean strike that claimed the Cloud Dragon's life, into a mighty Category IV Draakbone Cross-spear infused with the Goldbolt that once crackled within the beast's evil body. Now the most heroic and valorous of all the Five Knights of Fairchilde and leader of the King's Knights with a body enhanced beyond mortal means thanks to the Goldbolt that suffused his body after he slew the Cloud Dragon Ystagorax, his wisdom and heroism has inspired an entire generation of young boys and girls to become knights and save lives, to be as the mighty "Golden Lion" of Shaoshu.  
Marshall Lockheart:   Title: The High Protector   Race: Unknown   Age: Unknown   Description: The Second of the Five Knights of Fairchilde, Marshall Lockheart is perhaps the most well-known of all the Five Knights - there is nary a soul alive in the modern day Shaoshu Empire that does not know his name nor the story of the sacred "High Protector"...or, as he was better known before joining the Five Knights, "The Warwalker". His legend stretches back nearly 70 years into the dark age of Shaoshu, fresh after a time known in Shaoshu History as The Time of Troubles, where the seat of King changed hands so frequently it went decades without any candidate lasting longer than five years - during the aftermath of this dark time, wars were frequent and commonplace both as civil wars and normal wars against foreign powers. And during these wars, many soldiers soon came to know the name of the mercenary known as The Warwalker, who fought for no country nor even Shaoshu itself - a lone wolf who fought all sides of a conflict, who refused to kill their foes, and who on multiple occasions brought about peace by collectively defeating all other parties engaging in a war and giving them a common enemy to unite against - a verifiable madman whose dreams of unity and peace were so foolish that only such a supremely gifted bladesman as he could hope to achieve them. A fugitive from many powers during his early years, Marshall Lockheart was one of Shaoshu's most notorious 'antiheroes' for many decades - a legendary vigilante who ended wars and brought about peace by uniting warring and bickering powers in their wrath against him. His deeds were many that ended up saving many lives, and despite his villainous deeds that earned him the wrath of nearly every powerful figure on mainland Zheng-Kitar, he quickly became a legendary folk-hero all across the land, renowned for his heroic deeds and the lives he saves wherever he went by ruining the powerful to return hope and prosperity to those ruined by war and strife. Eventually, with his ascent to the throne, King Harlow Fairchilde made a legendary public declaration pardoning The Warwalker, revealing that the mercenary-vigilante had been instrumental in bringing about peace to Shaoshu and declaring him the second of his honored knights - giving him the new title The High Protector to symbolize his new virtuous task and glorious purpose, which no longer required him to hide from the light of justice and instead allowed him to bathe in its glory. Despite his vaunted status, little is known about him still - his life of heroism on the run has made him something of a loner, and details about him are known only to his brothers-in-arms in the Five Knights.  
Ladrón de Calatrava:   Title: The Ashen Nova   Race: Soshigeist, Formerly Human   Age: Mid 30's to Early 40's at time of death.   Description: The first of the three knights to join the order after the rise of King Harlow Fairchilde to the throne of the Shaoshu Empire, Ladrón de Calatrava is a knight whose tail of heroism and glory has largely been lost, as it did not hail from the Shaoshu Empire at all - instead, it hailed from Ladrón's country of origin: the now Defunct Kingdom of Corudillo, which was conquered and destroyed by the Kassau Matriarchy. As a being who was once the bodyguard of the King and Queen of Corudillo, Ladrón was a bladesman of renowned speed and agility during his lifetime whose heroism and service to his country was the stuff of legend - he was said to have not only been a great and valiant man, but one of supreme power who fended off many monster assaults on the kingdom, stopped many assassination attempts on his lieges, and uprooted many insurgent cells and traitor groups who sought to destroy the Corudillan Crown. However, all that came to an end when the barbarians of the Guezhan rainforest invaded the Kingdom of Corudillo hellbent on revenge for their mistreatment at the hands of the Corudillan elite - facing the leader of the rebellion, Alba Zaragoza, ancestor of the current ruler of the Kassau Matriarchy Naiara Zaragoza, he was eventually slain by the barbarian woman after a horrific duel in the center of the burning Corudillo Palace, his burnt and charred body cast from the castle's highest parapets as she won, victorious but injured. However, that was not the end for the superhuman swordsman - he was soon reborn as his bottomless hatred and desire for vengeance burned on after death and caused his rebirth as an undead Soshigeist. Reborn, he proceeded to wage a one-man guerilla war against the newly formed Kassau Matriarchy and its ruling family - a flaming spirit of vengeance infused with the fuming ash that took his life that fateful night alongside the blades of his foe. Taking a massive slab of bedrock and pounding it into the shape of a titanic blade, he adopted a new, brutal fighting style and honred it over centuries of one-man guerilla warfare against the matriarchy, destroying entire regiments of warriors single-handedly and, in one case, slaying Naiara Zaragoza's mother not long into her rule. However, faced with increasing pressure and resistance against the forces of the matriarchy, he was soon forced to flee the country and was welcomed into the ranks of the Five Knights by Captain Jaxton with permission from King Harlow, who gave him a spot amongst the Knights for his superhuman skill with a blade and immortal rage tempered by skill...and the heroic spirit that still burned within his chest, however faintly. Yet, despite his heroism and valor which had come back to the forefront after his decades of service to King Harlow, he still burns with hatred at his one, singular purpose in life that might free his spirit from unending undead torment - the complete extermination of the Zaragoza bloodline and the destruction of the Kassau Matriarchy.  
Geirfinn Hoskuldsson:   Title: The Coldfire Knight   Race: Most Likely Goliath   Age: Around 90 years old   Description: The second newest addition to the Five Knights of Fairchilde, Geirfinn is a relative mystery among the ranks of the Five Knights - unlike Ladrón or Skoth, whose histories are well-known and their arrivals to the Five Knights were given much fanfare and celebration, Geirfinn's arrival was a quiet thing that was given little attention at all. Despite this mild reception, Geirfinn is mighty warrior indeed who has never once been recorded as uttering a single spoken word - leading to abundant rumors about them being mute, shy, or even some as ridiculous as having a voice so powerful the mere act of speaking would destroy the world. Whatever the truth, Geifinn is a terrifying force on the battlefield - capable of calling down pillars of fire and frost to infuse the twin blades they wield, they are a whirling dirge of death that forgoes all defense to focus on slaughtering whoever lies in front of them before they themselves perish in the attempt. From what little is known of them, they are likely Myrkese in origin, hailing from the far-off Isle of Myrkeim and the Jugeum Union where, judging from the heroic deeds woven into their armor and the braids of their hair, slew a Kraken, toppled several Dai-Yukai and slew them, and even possibly led warfleets into The Glacial Drift to hunt down Kitsune witch cabals in the frozen tundra. Whatever their past, their current actions are heroic beyond measure - they have stood alongside their fellow knights many times, and even stood alone in the defense of countless towns and villages against all manners of threats...proving that, despite their terrifying appearance, they have the heart of a valiant and brave warrior who has sworn to protect the people of the Shaoshu Empire. Though suprising considering they end most battles drenched in gore and covered in entrails, they have earned the respect and admiration of many Shaoshuan warriors and children alike, inspiring a small cult of Berserkers in the Shaoshu military and many children who clumsily don fur capes and cutely toddle around roaring as they hear their hero Geirfinn do - which the massive, implacable warrior entertains with a quiet stoicism that seems to hint at no small degree of happiness.  
Skoth:   Title: The Iron Giant   Race: Jotun   Age: 72   Description: The most recent to join the ranks of the Knights of Fairchilde, Skoth the Mighty, or The Iron Giant as he has been named, was a threat of legendary proportions that arrived to conquer Shaoshu at the head of a Jotun Raiding Fleet that quickly conquered the northern Shaoshu port town of Xinqiu and, from there threatened the entire Shaoshu Empire. In a series of conflicts that took place over the course of two years known as The Raiding War, the then "Four Knights" rallied together alongside the Shaoshu Army, led by King Harlow Himself, to drive the raiders back into the sea and out of the kingdom - complicating this, however, was the leader of the raiders: A towering Jotun known as "Skoth the Mighty" who wielded a massive metallic junkblade as big as a house who proved not only a match for King Harlow and Marshall Lockheart, first of the Knights to engage the behemoth in combat, but in the end fought all four Knights and King Harlow himself to a standstill on the deck of his flagship in the harbor of Xinqiu Port, though in the end he was, alongside the rest of his northern raiders, defeated and taken captive. However, rather than imprison or execute Skoth and his raiding fleet, King Harlow made an offer to Skoth and his raiders - join the Shaoshu Empire as the fifth of his Knights as his raiders would be put to use in his fleets and serve the country both for a period of time, or be executed as enemies of the state. Skoth, respecting of this 'tiny king' and his entourage of mighty warriors, accepted the king's offer and served even past his required date, officially and permanently joining the Five Knights of Fairchilde as the fifth and final Knight - who now gleefully takes up his massive arms to defend the people he once wished to conquer and pillage. Skoth, to his benefit, sees his new arrangement as equally enjoyable - the comradeship of his fellow Knights, the rush of battle, the new fun of 'defending innocents' - it is all so happily new to him that he has learned to embrace his inner valorous hero in service to King and Country...though his truly titanic stature means he cuts a terrifying figure as he towers above houses.
Military, Knightly Order
Alternative Names
The Fairchilde Five, The Knights of the Round, The Five Knights of Fairchilde
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Parent Organization

Servants of the King

  Standing as the five greatest warriors of the Shaoshu Empire, hand-picked by King Harlow Fairchilde to serve as the country's most elite and legendary warriors, the Five Knights(Six, including King Harlow Himself) stand as the most heroic and valorous protectors and warriors of the Shaoshu Empire, each renowned heroes with great tales all their own.   Each of the Five Knights stands as a valorous bulwark against the darkness - against the enemies of the Empire that would seek to undo it both from without and within alike, dealing with political dissidents, corruption in the government, and threats from without such as Naiara Zaragoza and the Kassau Matriarchy. Each knight is given a wonderfully crafted suit of armor made of the most valuable and resilient materials from the Empire's vaults, and equipped with weapons each considered artifacts in their own right - and when combined with their own unique and masterful abilities and skill as warriors, they rightfully earn their place as the five most identifiable and legendary heroes of the Shaoshu Empire.

Recently Crowned Heroes

However, despite their individual reputations and heroic tales which, in some of their cases, stretches back for decades or even centuries, the Knights were only formed a scant few decades ago when the most recent King, King Harlow Wyatt Fairchilde, rose to power and successfully outplayed the corrupt ruling powers of the time(The puppet king and his family, who had long been lauded as puppets of the Shaoshu Parliament) to put a true and powerful king of fair and noble blood back on the throne of the Shaoshu Empire - during this short but turbulent time in the country's history, the Knights of Fairchilde were formed as this would-be king's right and left hands(As the numbered only two then) who stood by his side, throwing their lot in with his for the sake of a reunified and stable Shaoshu.   Once the upstart king's ploy succeeded and he raised to take the throne of the Shaoshu Empire, it was not long before three more heroic figures were found to join him, forming a round table of five of the most valorous and heroic knights across mainland Zheng-Kitar who all took oaths beneath the newly crowned King Fairchilde to uphold the public trust, secure the safety of the citizenry, protect the land and its regent from all threats both foreign and domestic, and more - all oaths that placed them above the regular guard force into mighty heroes of the land, responding to the King's will alone.


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