The Fairchilde Family

The ruling family of the Shaoshu Empire, heralds of a new golden age for Shaoshu

Current and Recent Members

  Below is a list of all the current and recent members of the Fairchilde Family. Their name, age, race, and current status are listed below as well as a short description of them.  
Harlow Wyatt Fairchilde:   Race: Half-Elf   Age: 145   Status: Alive and well. Re-married after the death of his first wife and and has dedicated himself to leading his people into prosperity.   Description: The grounded, kind King of Shaoshu better known by the affectionate moniker "Teddie Fairchilde" by his family and close friends due to his loving and caring nature which, many joke, make him a man whose wife and daughter are said to be fiercer than he is - a man who truly is too nice to be on the throne of king, but who shoulders the immense burden of kingship out of a proud and noble desire to improve the country in which he lives. To his subjects, he is known as "Harlow the Bearborn" for his broad and muscular body, hairy appearance, and his general demeanor - as tall, towering, and fearsome as a dire bear. Though he is a leader who many believe could lead the Shaoshu Empire to greatness once again, he is by no means extraordinary - he is of average charisma and intellect, and is not especially handsome. His two good traits are his physique and his street smarts, neither of which compliment each other well. He is very 'grounded' for a King, and is supported by the people for the same reason they despised Shaoshu's previous rulers - they were sick and tired of charismatic, untouchable kings and lords. He is like them - concerned about crop yields, an avid pub-goer, and the like. Together with his Daughter Briar and his former Wife Eleonore, he successfully outmaneuvered the previous ruling family that were said to be little more than puppets of the all-powerful Shaoshu Parliament, arrested and limited the parliament and its corrupt members, and restored the Shaoshuan Government to its proper state and restored the power of the throne. Now, he leads the country into prosperity together with his family and his Knights, The Five Knights of Fairchilde.  
Eleonore Fairchilde:   Race: Human   Age: 78   Status: Died of old age shortly after her husband Harlow took the throne as King, fulfilling a childhood promise the two had made long ago.   Description: A simple woman from the countryside who followed at her husband's side to eventually become Queen of Shaoshu, albeit briefly - she was said to be the perfect foil to her husband, and was ever the more headstrong, brash, and hotheaded of the duo who was supposedly the one who taught her warrior-king Husband how to properly fight. Spoken of as a fiery woman whose raging inferno of a soul only dimmed to a mere bonfire in her twilight years, she was the childhood friend and lifelong love of King Harlow who helped him enact his plan to take the throne of Shaoshu - without her, such a plan would likely not have been possible. She gave birth to only one daughter during her lifetime, Princess Briar, who was unfortunately born as an unfortunate being known as a "Twiceborn" - (A being born with the sexual organs of both genders) - though despite her daughter's condition, she was ever the supportive mother who did much to encourage her daughter to find and live a proper life. Her death was mourned the kingdom over when she passed from old age, and her husband entered a period of mourning for years afterwards that would only end when his second wife would forcibly bring him out of his mourning shell to help him find love in her arms.  
Yanyuu Ts'ui Liao Fairchilde:   Race: Qìtóng   Age: 45   Status: Alive and well, married to King Harlow Wyatt Fairchilde of Shaoshu.   Description: The second wife of King Harlow Fairchidle, believed to be a noble from the Kingdom of Seoghar. Rather than being pursued by King Harlow after his mourning period for his first wife's death was over, she arrived from lands afar and is said to have pursued the attention of the king herself - which she earned after much hard work, managing to drag the mourning king out of his shell of sadness to bring him happiness once more. In a strange inversion of Shaoshu Custom, she married Harlow, but he did not force her to give up her last name and instead allowed her to add his family name after her own(A huge insult in Shaoshu, which insinuates the second name is inferior). This, however, has been seen as a sign of King Harlow's loyalty to his first wife - an sign of appreciation towards his new wife while simultaneously showing love for his original, true love - and despite what many may say about their relationship, the two do seem to genuinely love each other. She is believed to have been the daughter of the head of a martial arts temple in the Kingdom of Seoghar, but left for reasons unknown. A quiet, introverted woman who prefers the company of her family and little else, she frequently spars with her stepdaughter Briar teaching her self-defense - though the rest of her activities are unknown, as she keeps to herself and rarely enters the public eye. She is the subject of many rumors, that range from tales that paint her as a vicious vixen controlling the entire government in the shadows to a former mistress who became his wife after the death of his first wife...though most if not all are likely wholly false.  
Briar Harland Fairchilde:   Race: Half-Elf   Age: 53   Status: Alive and well.   Description: The one and sole child of King Harlow and his first wife Eleonore. She more than any of her siblings is the closest with her father - the two are essentially the best of friends, and are perfectly in sync, to the surprise of many who underestimate the strength of their bond. Having grown up with Harlow back when he was just a man on the streets of Shaoshu alongside his Wife Eleonore, Briar was instrumental in her parent's plot to take the throne of Shaoshu and restore power to the government from the corrupt hands of the Shaoshuan Parliament - it was her who played the main role by defeating the then-crown prince in a friendly private duel, thus forcing the royal family to demand recompense for the percieved slight against their crown prince(Who was long lauded from his combat skill) and thus issued a challenge to the House of Fairchilde, demanding their eldest male heirs duel in a public space to rectify the slight against their house - the winner would, as is custom, prove themselves superior and earn one concession from the losing house. However, the house of Fairchilde presented their rival house with a strange conundrum - presenting his only child and daughter Briar and revealing her to be an incredibly rare being known as a "Twiceborn" - (A being born with the sexual organs of both genders) - the house of Fairchilde skirted the rules of the Empire on the empire's technical definition of a 'male heir' and thus allowed Briar to keep the ruling house busy watching her duel in the arena while her father and mother successfully arrested parliament and siezed the seat of governmental power. As for Briar herself, she is a proud and noble woman, as fiesty and fiery as her mother and with an equally strong sense of justice and goodliness - the proud spirit of nobility burns proudly within her bosom, and she takes the weight of her family name and familial responsibilities deadly seriously, such that she is liable to challenge any who dare to proclaim her lesser for her gender or appearance. A mighty warrior self-trained on the streets growing up as a little girl out of a burning desire to keep her father and mother safe, she has since learned beneath the tutelage of many masters and her mother alike...though many quit after being unable to deal with her proud, headstrong and bullish personality.  
Alistair Clark Fairchilde:   Race: Human   Age: 24   Status: Alive and well.   Description: The first child born between King Harlow and his second wife Yanyuu, Prince Alistair is a "man's man", and the son that King Harlow always wanted. A tall, dark-skinned man with dark hair pulled back into dreadlocks and a curly, fuzzy beard, Alistair is often described as "a giant with the face of a teddy bear" - his expressions are soft and kind, and he, like his father Harlow, is a gentle giant. Because of his incredibly dark skin color(Opposite to the light skin of both his parents), he was initially believed to be a bastard child until it was revealed that Queen Yanyuu's father was a Tarthan man, and likely the source of Alistair's dark skin. He faces some discrimination in Shaoshu for his skin color, but has become an incredibly valued and beloved addition to the Fairchilde family whose skill are statesmanship and diplomacy are only matched by his skill with a blade(Said to have been learned from Captain Jaxton, leader of The Five Knights of Fairchilde). He and his elder sister Briar are fairly close, and him and his father are even closer - he is a kind soul, a gentle giant like his father, whose immense size and powerful presence belies his true and peaceful nature and wisdom beyond his years such that few assume him much older than he is. He and his sister butt heads and argue on many occasions about various topics, but are still fairly close through it all - they are almost too similar in some ways while also being polar opposites in others, and frequently butt heads because of it in the good-natured way that only siblings can. Additionally, he is fairly well known as a scholar and tinkerer - something that many have trouble believing upon first seeing him.  
Duncan Lennox Fairchilde:   Race: Qìtóng   Age: 22   Status: Alive and well, though likely addicted to several drugs of varying degrees of intensity and danger.   Description: The second and middle child born between King Harlow and his second wife Yanyuu - much of his childhood was spent being raised by his siblings Briar and Alistair, so he is not as close to his parents, who were busy much of his childhood with the duties of rule. His parents learned their lesson after he had grown up - the burdens of rulership were not something they could let control their lives, and they regretted letting his childhood pass them by...though the damage by that point was too late, and the middle child had already become a rebellious boy embroiled in drugs, gang violance, and other crime. Prince Duncan is a rebellious boy, who really only respects his siblings Briar and Alistair; He harbors a strong, rebellious spirit, is somewhat of a punk, and has joined several gangs and has been found both distributing and doing drugs to the point where he is not often at home in the royal palace and is instead often found out in the capital city's underworld districts, gambling dens, and other places of ill repute. He only truly sheds his rebellious nature around his elder sister Briar, around whom he tends to be more reserved and afraid, obeying her out of a combination of fear, respect, and childhood teachings as she is in many ways the only parental figure in his life. Alistair is more of a brother or kindly father figure to him, and someone he can trust and confide in absolutely, though they once fought constantly and hated each other intensely. His rebellious, illicit nature and activities are something of a "public secret" in the Palace, Capital City, and to the Royal Family - they do their best to reign him in and teach him(Which tends to only make his attitude worse) while also attempting to at least make him seem 'presentable' to the rest of the public so his ill deeds are not made quite public knowledge.  
Longwei Haiyang Fairchilde:   Race: Human   Age: 17   Status: Alive and well. Rarely leaves her mother's side.   Description: The youngest and newest child born between King Harlow and his second wife, Queen Yanyuu, as well as their only daughter. Little is known about her due to the fact she rarely leaves her mother's side, however - from what has been observed, she is an obedient, meek girl who can be said to be a "momma's girl" that does little without her mother's approval or input. She is not often seen with her siblings, leaving many to speculate she leads a solitary existence for reasons unknown.  

Honorary Members

  Honrary members of the Fairchilde Family are those not related at all by blood, but have been given the honor of being treated as one of the esteemed royals for one reason or another. Reasons can vary from serving as a servant to one of the royals, being a bodyguard, or even doing some great service to them. Their name, age, race, and current status are listed below as well as a short description of them.  
Otto Ackermann:   Race: Human   Age: 18   Status: Alive and well. Is rarely seen away from Princess Briar's Side.   Description: A young human boy skilled in esoteric magic, of unknown origin - believed to be from the Olander Principality by nationality. By his attire and the magic he wields, many assume him to be in some way related to the Umberlight Society, either as an active member or as an exile of some kind - though such is little more than baseless rumor and supposition. Whatever the case may be, young Otto arrived in the Shaoshu Empire rather suddenly not long after King Harlow ascended to the throne, offering his services as a mage to King Harlow - who quickly appointed him not as his kingdom's court mage, but instead as his daughter Briar's "Personal Aide". What that position entails none can quite say, but the fact that, until young Otto was hired, Princess Briar's servant staff had all quit and/or left their jobs at her side for reasons unknown suggests that he has been hired to fulfill the roles of both personal aide/servant/assistant as well as something of a 'personal mage' hired to help manage her nature as a Twiceborn using the strange and esoteric magic he is known to specialize in. Whatever the case may be, the two are quite nearly attached at the hip - they are in each others' company almost constantly for reasons that vary from magical reasearch to personal conversation or companionship, and are the subject of much rumor within the Empire. As for Otto himself, he is a quiet and reclusive boy who comes off as cold and detached - he is the subject of much mystery as he rarely associates or deigns to speak to anyone aside from Princess Briar, the Royal Family, or the King himself, instead preferring to spend most of his time with his charge, Briar, or immersed in magical study in his quarters in the palace.  
Horatio Albert Carlyle:   Race: Human   Age: 64   Status: Alive, in failing health. Has had several struggles with a chronic lung disease he has survived only thanks to his divine magic.   Description: An aging man better known as The Last of the Old Guard and whose former nickname of The Iron Inquisitor speaks much of his reputation in the old Shaoshuan Government, Horatio Carlyle currently serves as the Archpriest to King Harlow Fairchilde(Instead of Archmage/Court Mage) and as one of the ruling king's closest friends - as the head of the esteemed and honored house of Carlyle, Horatio has a reputation as a bulbous and outspoken, boisterous man whose loud voice and tendency to throw around accusations and arguments without proof or sound logic have earned him the Ire of many, including the previous ruling Family and the Shaoshuan parliament. However, despite this tendency he is a powerful divine servant of Kazusada the Elite whose iron will and unbending code of ethics kept him relatively untouched by the rampant corruption of the former Shaoshuan Government before the Fairchilde family rose to power, and whose loud voice and annoyingly accusatory personality hide a masterfully sharpened set of instincts and intuition that are second to none in the empire - meaning that while he often throws around accusations and arguments without any proof or logic, the targets of his wrath sooner or later get exposed as corrupt or in some way guilty. For this reason, as well as his unbending, uncompromising personality, King Harlow Fairchilde not only allowed Horatio to keep his post as Divine Advisor to the King when he rose to power, but promoted him to the honored seat of Archpriest and made him an honorary member of the Fairchilde family for his role in helping him and his family take over the Shaoshuan government to steer the country back towards its rightful, uncorrupted path.  
Elei Etena Alovilli:   Race: Snow Elf   Age: Unknown   Status: Alive and in seemingly perfect health.   Description: A strange and mysterious woman, Elei was admitted into the Fairchilde Family at the same time as Queen Yanyuu was married to King Harlow Fairchilde - though Queen Yanyuu notably swore off any active contact with Shaoshu when marrying King Harlow, Elei was the sole exception to this proclamation, as she had been serving as Yanyuu's personal Handmaiden for decades ever since the queen was a little girl. Because of this, Elei was begrudgingly allowed to join into the Fairchilde Family alongside Queen Yanyuu who she continues to serve as her personal Handmaiden and head of her household staff to this very day - no less etheric, mysterious, or transient, she has become something of a 'boogeywoman' in the Fairchilde household for her unnerving habit of simply 'appearing' where she is needed(Making no noise at all), and displaying a mastery of magic of unclear nature and origin. She is not often seen fraternizing with anyone in the household aside from Queen Yanyuu and King Harlow, and most tend to avoid her due to not only her strange and ethereal nature but because of her simple heritage as a Snow Elf - a people long lauded as paranoid boogeymen who ambush and slay travelers in snowy environs with alarming regularity using witchcraft and other awful black magic. Elei, for her part, has done nothing to dispel these rumors that paint her as a 'witch', 'assassin', 'spy', and the like - she has never been spotted wearing anything but her formal Handmaiden garb that has been modified to include a blindfold, and is rarely seen outside the company of Queen Yanyuu...though she has, on occasion, been seen in the company of Otto Ackermann, personal aide and mage to Princess Briar Fairchilde. She is altogether a quiet, reserved woman whose voice has been described as 'soft and fragile, as if the wind might blow it away".

All we were, can be again.

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Rulers of Shaoshu

Though they are now the much beloved and proud rulers of the Shaoshu Empire, it was not always so - the story of the Fairchilde family's ascent to the throne is an interesting one tied into the history of Shaoshu itself. When the century long period of governmental and societal instability known as the Time of Troubles ended in the year 4429, the house of Ackerson-Caulfield rose to power and ruled until their deposition in 4488, when survivors from the legendary House of Shaoshu were chosen by parliament to take the throne. The house of Ackerson-Caulfield had little true political power - most of the power of the throne had been invested in Parliament during the Time of Troubles, and at the time they were loathe to give up their power. When the Ackerson-Caulfields began scheming to tear down Parliament's powerbase, they were replaced.   The Shaoshu house ruled for a short time from 4488 to 4526, when the house of Fairchilde staged an elegant coup and took the throne for themselves - This was achieved over the course of a few years, and began when Harlow's daughter Briar defeated the crown prince in a friendly duel in private - but, since the prince had long been lauded for his combat skills, he and his house were offended at the slight and demanded recompense for the percieved slight against their house's honor. Faced with this slight, there was a public challenge issued by House Shaoshu to the House of Fairchilde, demanding their eldest male heirs duel in a public space to rectify the slight against their house - the winner would, as is custom, prove themselves superior and earn one concession from the losing house.   However, the house of Fairchilde presented their rival house with a strange conundrum - presenting his only daughter Briar and revealing her to be an incredibly rare being known as a Twiceborn who have fully functional reproductive organs of both sexes, the house of Fairchilde skirted the rules of the Empire on the empire's technical definition of a 'male heir' to their benefit. True to their plan, while his daughter was busy keeping the majority of the house busy in the arena where the challenge was being held, the future King Harlow, ever the cunning strategist, led the armies of his house(Bolstered by the ranks of survivors from Asagawa( recently conquered by The Narixian Empire) into Parliment and imprisoned them all for crimes against the empire, killing any who resisted. With Parliament dealt with, his daughter enacted her part of the plan and defeated the eldest heir of House Shaoshu - and, knowing her father had taken the Parliament building, demanded the concession be House Shaoshu's capitulation of the throne to her father and House Fairchilde.   Faced with the knowledge that her father had the arena surrounded and they would be killed if they caused a scene, the puppet house of Shaoshu agreed to the terms and surrendered the throne to the House of Fairchilde in a bloodless exchange of power. Ever since, King Harlow and his family have ruled peacefully over the Shaoshu Empire and, together with The Five Knights of Fairchilde and all other loyalists to the cause, have purged the corruption that had taken root in the government and have put the country back on track to a golden era.


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