Slime Mould

The slime shaved off of sentient slimes that alters the properties of inorganic material

Mechanical Benefits:

  For Armor: Any armor treated with Slime Mould becomes capable of melding with the wearer's body as an immediate action and adding its AC bonus to the wearer as a Natural Armor Bonus instead of as an Armor Bonus. You still count as wearing armor and cannot benefit from other Armor Bonuses when using Slime-Mould armor this way, and must be proficient with the use of the type of armor treated with it to meld it into your body. However, you are no longer affected by the ACP, Max Dex Bonus, or Spell Failure Chance of the gear you meld with you in this manner. Additionally, any armor or clothing treated with Slime Mould is treated as if it were enchanted with the Glamered property, except it is an extraordinary ability and thus cannot be seen through with true sight. Any armor made of Slime Mould becomes capable of following its wearer through any effect that would change or alter their physical form, such as an Alter Self spell. A piece of armor treated with Slime Mould can still be made of other special materials.   For Objects: For all non-armor, non-weapon objects, slime mould, when properly applied, tends to break down a given object's physical form and turn it into a sort of slimy smartmaterial - capable of altering its form based on thought and remaining in a gelatinous state indefinitely. These properties make it useful for countless magical rituals and experiments, and highly sought after by wizards and other magical crafters or students.


  Any item made of Slime Mould is automatically masterwork, and the price for such is included in the below table.   Light Armor: 4,000 GP   Medium Armor: 6,000 GP   Heavy Armor: 10,000 GP   Bulk: 1,000GP / lb


Material Characteristics

Slime Mould is the same color as the Sentient Slimes it came from, and is generally anywhere from green to purple to red. It is highly viscous and gelatinous to a certain degree, though it can vary from more watery to incredibly thick like a swamp.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Slime Mould is generally cold and blubber-like. It is thick and viscous. Fresh Slime Mould can also retain some acidic properties from its slimy host, though these acidic properties fade with time.

Origin & Source

The origins of Slime Mould are as unknown and mysterious as the Sentient Slimes it comes from, though it is believed to be harvested from the cores and bodies of Sentient Slimes, in a process that is often harmful to them - and as such, it tends to be a rare material.

Life & Expiration

Barring violence or destruction, Slime Mould will never decay.

History & Usage


Slime Mould was first discovered ages ago by an unnamed wizard after harvesting a Sentient Slime, who discovered the unique properties of Slime Mould and its applications in armor and magical experiments.

Everyday use

Slime Mould is used mostly in magical experiments for spells and other such things, and sometimes in the treatment of armor.


Trade & Market

Slime Mould can be found for sale exclusively in magical markets or magical black-markets, as its sale is frowned upon or sometimes outlawed by some lands, who seek to protect Sentient Slimes from the harvesting process.


Slime Mould need only be stored in a container to prevent it from running and sliding around, preferably a glass one in case it remains somewhat acidic.

Law & Regulation

There are laws against its harvest and distribution in some countries who seek to protect the rights of Sentient Slimes.


Extremely Rare
Unknown. Probably unpleasant.
Can vary across the color spectrum.
Boiling / Condensation Point
Melting / Freezing Point
Common State
Semi-Solid / Liquid
Related Species


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