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Shadebloom Tribe

The shadowy loners of orcishkind

Racial Traits

Those who walk alone: When no allies are within 10ft of them, a Shadebloom orc gains a +2 dodge bonus to their AC. Others only need to pass a DC 5 to help them with the assist action, but they must pass a DC 15 to help others.   Destiny Inescapable: Creatures slain by a Shadebloom Orc cannot be restored to life unless the caster attempting to do so passes a CL check equal to 15 plus the HD of the Shadebloom Orc that slayed them.   Masters of Shadow: Shadebloom Orcs can, at-will, lower the light levels in 15ft around them by one level, going from Bright Light -> Normal Light -> Dim Light -> Darkness. They cannot make supernatural darkness with this trait.

Alternate Racial Traits

Balance of Solitude: Racial Ability Score Bonuses become (+2 to any Physical Ability Score, +2 to Any Mental Ability Score). Modifies Racial Ability Scores.   Just as with the element in which they are tied to, Shadebloom Orcs are so often misidentified as "The Quintessential Evil Orc" - but this is often not true - not entirely. Shadebloom Orcs are quiet and introverted, isolated and often gathering only in small tight knit families or groups of allies and friends - they are the most likely to simply isolate themselves in a place where they will not be bothered, subsisting off killing whatever intelligent life is nearby. As a result of this varied lifestyle, their skillsets and abilities can vary wildly.
Hidden Hunters: Gain a racial +2 to survival and stealth checks, and one is always a class skill for you. Replaces Those who walk alone.   Living lives of isolation and solitude, it is little surprise many Shadebloom Orcs become adept at living off the land and stalking their prey in silence.
Voidspawn: You are treated as an undead for the purposes of positive and negative energy. You no longer need to eat or drink. Replaces Those who walk alone.   Born with the element of Void pulsing through their bodies, it is little wonder some Shadebloom Orcs are either born with its necromantic power coursing through them or that others willingly embrace it.
Beauty in the darkest corner: Gain a racial +2 on Knowledge(Nature) and gain it as a class skill. Once every 1d10 rounds, you can force all enemies in a 20ft cone to make a will save (DC 10 + 1/2 HD + CONMOD) or be fascinated for 1d4 + 1 rounds. A successful save reduces the effect to 1 round. Additionally, whenever you are reduced to 0hp or below, a Plant Growth Spell (CL 10th) is cast on the square you fell in with both the enrichment and overgrowth effects. This only functions 1/day, but does not work if you attempt to trigger it intentionally. Replaces Destiny Inescapable.   Though none would guess it and even fewer would believe it, many Shadebloom Orcs are deeply in tune with and are avid lovers of nature. To them, it is a place of quiet solitude where they can be free of their curse, however fleetingly - distracted by the beauty of the natural world and so far from other sentient life they might otherwise tempted or forced to kill. And with their blood so potently surging with natural energy flowers and plants sprout and grow wherever their blood falls, upon their deaths(or nearly so), all plants nearby surge and explode with activity.
The treasured few: A Shadebloom Orc can 'attune' to a single creature as a full-round action by touching them. So long as that creature is attuned to, the Shadebloom Orc gains the effects of a Status Spell on them. Additionally, by sacrificing the Attunement and calling their name aloud, that attuned individual is called to an adjacent square of the Shadebloom Orc as per teleport along with their gear. This only functions so long as both the Attuned creature and the Shadebloom Orc are on the same plane, and this teleport function only works on willing individuals - and the attunted creature knows who is attempting to teleport them. Replaces Masters of Shadow.   Though they often walk alone, Shadebloom Orcs just as often travel with a band of their closest family and friends - forgoing larger tribes in favor of smaller, tight-knit units. Many of the Orcs in these tight-knit units develop strange abilities using the power of void to call those they care about to them and monitor they condition.

Racial Feats

Creeping Oblivion:   Prerequisites: Shadebloom Orc, Character Level 7th   Effects: By focusing for a full round that does not provoke AoO, you may produce an effect identical to the Black Tentacles spell within the normal range of that spell, except it only lasts for 1 round.   Born with a connection to the Dark Tapestry and the eldritch worlds beyond it, these feared Shadebloom Orcs are shunned by many for their supposed insanity and eldritch madness.
Negative Energy Infusion:   Prerequisites: Shadebloom Orc, Character level 5th   Effects: All natural and wielded weapon attacks deal an additional 1d6 negative energy to harm that is multiplied by critical hits- though you may switch it to heal as a swift action that does not provoke.   Their bodies infused with necromantic energy, these Shadebloom Orcs channel this evil energy through thier attacks to rot away the bodies of those they fight.
Hair, Eye, and Body Coloration
Shadebloom Orcs tend to have blackish-green or sometimes black or purplish skin, with other dark colors being uncommon but not unheard of. Their eyes are typically purple, black, blues, or similar black or dark colors, and their hair is similarly colored to their eyes, with purple and black hair being the most common. Their eyes, additionally, often have strangely shaped pupils, though such things have no effect on their vision, and their hair can often take on the texture and appearance of strange things such as seaweed - all things many believe are proof positive of eldritch influence.
Typical Home Environments
Underground, Wastelands, Grasslands
Naming Standards
Orcish Standard Names.


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