Sentient Slime Alternate Racial Traits

Racial Variants

Eldritch Ooze: Take the "Cacophonous Mouths", "Eldritch Pseudopods", and "Writhing Eye" Alternate Racial Traits.   Full Set Bonus: Gain aklo as a bonus language. Gain a +2 on saves vs the fear or unspeakable presence auras of Great Old Ones, Dragons, and Undead.   The roiling oozes spawned from the depths of forgotten nexuses far underground, birthed from unspeakable horrors that dwell between the stars, that slide off the skin of demons like sludge, and countless other places where eldritch power gathers, Eldritch Oozes are the stuff of nightmares for most all other creatures - hunting other creatures with predatory glee and maddening desire. Their bodies are often strange even by the standards of other slimes, and they often appear deeply dark purple in coloration with countless eyes, mouths, and eye-stalks emerging from their roiling, slimy mass - though some simply appear to be roiling masses of amorphous flesh.
Nuyang Crawler: Take the "Power-Swollen", "Golden Resonance", and "Form-Locked" Alternate Racial Traits.   Full Set Bonus: Targets killed by your engulf are automatically reincarnated as per the spell into a female of whichever species results, somewhere on the continent. Gain +3 temp HP per HD of creatures killed with engulf. All mechanical benefits of engulfing and killing the creature still trigger.   A unique and waning variant of Sentient Slimes that was once prominent during the time of Dahmunara Worldthrone, these strange humanoid slimes shine with a golden inner light, after having been blessed by the fell power of the Nuyang Ritual long ago - infused with its transmutative energies, they have a suite of strange and alluring abilities to match their almost universally female, humanoid-slime forms that are much more "together" than the more discorporated bodies of their slime brethren, and just as alluring as their abilities. While the passing of time has made them a rarity, they do still crop up every now and then - bringing strange powers and golden energies wheresoever they appear.
Jelly: Take the "Roiling Glueball", "Assimilation Jelly", and "Hard-Bodied Slime" Alternate Racial Traits.   Full Set Bonus: You deal 1 additional point of damage whenever you deal acid damage. Gain +1 to the CON/CHA damage of Assimilation Jelly.   A quite common variant of Sentient Slimes, Jelly Slimes are a variant of their own which are often mindless, highly predatory things that take a sadistic glee in smothering other creatures within their jelly-like mass of roiling slime. For the Jelly Sentient Slimes, this predatory focus often carries over into them, creating intelligent predators that wield their acidic, sticky bodies with reckless abandon, turning others into slime to add to their own mass in insidious, terrifying hunts that often result in the melting of many dozen creatures or people. They are often deep crimson, red, or green, and are much thicker than the average slime - so much so that they cannot engulf others due to the thickness of their bodies - instead relying on their more acidic bodies and deadly assimilation jelly to best their foes.

Alternate Racial Traits

Power-Swollen: Become a large-sized creature. You only need to take the "Slime Titan" feat once to become huge sized, after consuming 120HD. Alters size category and replaces Amalgam Memories.   Though their memories suffer as a result, many slimes can easily become bloated with power and swell up to rather large proportions - whether it be through ingestion of Atlen, Collection of a surplus of organic matter, or even being bloated through the energies of the Nuyang Ritual.
Quick Shifter: You may use your ‘Change Shape, Greater’ racial trait as a free action, instead of a standard action. You may move through enemy squares without provoking AoO, and without making an acrobatics check to do so. You gain Acrobatics as a class skill, and gain a racial +5 to it for the purposes of moving through threatened areas. You may move through enemy squares and threatened areas at full speed instead of half-speed when attempting to avoid AoOs. Gain a 25% chance to negate precision damage or sneak attacks. Replaces Amorphous Makeup and modifies Change Shape, Greater.   Growing up surrounded by others not of their own race, some Sentient Slimes grow so accustomed to taking on other forms to suit their surroundings that doing so becomes second nature to them. Able to change their shape as fast as lightning, they can scarcely be seen during the process, so fast are they - able to split their bodies and bend them so quickly that they can move around their foes and pass through them before they can even react.
Cacophonous Mouths: Gain the ‘Sound Mimicry’ universal monster rule. Once every 2d4 rounds, you may release a pulse of maddening energy that forces all hostile creatures within 20ft to make a Will Save DC (10 + 1/2HD + CONMOD) or be confused for 1 round. Once a creature has failed the save, it is immune to this ability for 24 hours. Replaces Amorphous Makeup.   Their natural slime form a horrid mass of eyes, mouths, and formless flesh, these maddening Sentient Slimes hails from wholly unknown origins but bring with them a horrid cacophony of eldritch damnation sung by a thousand voices in terrible unison...their voices aligned towards one terrible purpose. However, perhaps as a side effect of their strange biology, they are incredibly adept at mimicking sounds they hear.
Roiling Glueball: No creatures, even ones more than two sizes bigger or smaller than you, can pass through the squares you occupy. If a creature tries, you may allow them, but your thick clinging slime hangs to them, dealing 1d6 points of acid damage each round as if they had been lit on fire by an alchemist's fire vial until they attempt to extinguish/get rid of the clinging acid as a full-round action. Gain a 50% chance to negate precision damage or sneak attacks. Replaces Amorphous Makeup.   Their bodies unfathomably thick, these Sentient Slimes have incredibly thick and viscous bodies which even the largest of creatures have a hard time passing through or over easily.
Body Bludgeoner: Gain a racial +4 to Bull Rush and Overrun Attempts, and gain one 'Improved' combat maneuver feat as a bonus feat. Replaces Compression.   Though they lack the ability to compress themselves into extremely tight spaces, these slimes become incredibly adept at wielding their massive bulk to slam and move their foes around.
Wall-Crawler: Gain a climb speed equal to your base land speed. Replaces Compression.   Using their acidic slimy bodies to burn small handholds into the surfaces of whatever they are climbing, these slimes can scale walls and trees as easily as they can slide across the ground.
Extradimensional Core: The interior of your slimy body can function as a Type-I bag of holding, increasing by one type every 5HD to a maximum of Type IV. Retrieving objects from this bag never provokes Attacks of Opportunity. Replaces Compression.   Born with odd magical cores inside their slimy bodies compared to the more mundane cores of their kin, some Sentient Slime find they can store objects and items within them as if by magic.
Well-Adapted Predator: Gain a +10 on disguise checks when using Change Shape, Greater. Choose two types from(Monstrous Humanoid, Dragon, and Outsider). You may take on the form of a creature of the first type by the same rulers as Change Shape, Greater. You may change into the second type once you reach 5HD. Gain a Slam Attack that deals damage one size category larger than normal, half bludgeoning and half acid damage. Replaces Slimy Body.   Some of the slimes which have gained sentience are even more capable of blending in compared to their kin...these slimes are notoriously hard to discover, and rarely make their presence known to others unless a particularly perceptive individuals comes along. They are rarely distinguishable from the beings they are mimicking.
Slime-Spitter: Gain a racial +2 natural armor bonus. As a standard action, you can make a ranged touch attack against a foe within 30ft that deals acid damage equal to a slam attack for a creature one size category larger than you(1d6). Replaces Slimy Body.   Manipulating their slimy bodies to send balls of burning acid at their foes, these slimes are excellent ranged combatants for their ability to strike foes from afar with their acidic bodies.
Battlefield Born: Gain Weapon Focus OR Weapon Specialization as a bonus feat ignoring prerequisites. Your non-fighter class levels count as fighter levels for qualifying for feats. By absorbing a sizable quantity of blood from a single creature living or dead (GM Discretion), you may learn two bits of information about them of your choice that blood biography would normally tell you. Replaces Toxic.   Born onto battlefields where their first memories are of conflict and chaos, some Sentient Slime are so familiar with weaponry and how to fight it becomes an innate part of their being, their slimy forms stained blood red as the stink of carnage and death takes hold in their very cores.
Eldritch Pseudopods: Gain two tentacle attacks that deal damage appropriate for a creature of your size that have the reach of a creature on size bigger than you. These have the 'Grab' Universal Monster Rule, and count as primary natural attacks. You can form these tentacles even if you are using 'Change Shape, Greater' to take on a different form. Replaces Toxic.   Their slimy bodies black and undulating, these slimes are capable of forming long and durable pseudopods capable of bludgeoning their foes and wrapping around them.
Assimilation Jelly: You have access to a poison known as "Assimilation Venom"(Injury/Ingestion;Frequency 1/round for 6 rounds;Effect 1d2 Con) you can apply to a weapon or natural attack CONMOD times per day(Min 1) as a swift action. This poison can affect undead, and deals CHA damage to them instead of CON damage. A creature you reduce to 0 CON/CHA with this poison is transmuted into slime, becoming one of the below options at your choice. A creature that bites you or that ingests parts of your slimy body may be subject to this poison as well, GM Discretion. Replaces Toxic.  
  • A mindless ooze creature that is indifferent to you and will not attack you unless provoke. If the creature is less than 1/2 your HD, you can subtly influence its actions.
  • An intelligent, sentient slime or appropriate ooze monster(GM Discretion). Only non-mindless, sentient, and intelligent(3+ Int) creatures can be turned into an intelligent ooze. They will at least acknowledge you as their creator or parent and might even have a beneficial attitude to you(GM Discretion), but are not bound to obey you. They do not retain most of their memories or personality - only murky shards remain.
  • Use the slime created from their body decomposing to replicate a Minor Creatione effect as per the spell, but as an Extraordinary ability. Using this ability several times in quick succession might tire you out or exhaust you, at the GM's discretion. Any item you create this way is treated as if it were treated with Slime Mould.
  • Create a variable amount of Slime Mould, depending on the creature you turned into slime.
  As rumor made reality, these thick-bodied slimes can do what many cultures and peoples say they can - create more of their ilk through some manner of ill-natured contact with them. Though this ability is never used with witnesses, it is one of the only ways that Sentient Slimes can achieve something similar to reproduction.
Golden Resonance: You gain a 20ft aura that grants a +2 to all saves made vs polymorph and hostile transmutation effects to all allied creatures within it, including you. Within this aura, you may choose to have each square emit golden light to have the aura function as a lantern, and each hostile creature that is struck for damage in melee within this aura emits a 5ft burst of energy that deals 1 point of splash damage(Functioning as Magic B/P/S of the metal corresponding to the weapon that did the damage, with an alignment component if the weapon had a corresponding special quality) to all other hostile creatures within range. Replaces Toxic.   Special: At 7th level, this splash damage increases to 1d4.   Their bodies giving off brilliant golden energy, these rare Sentient Slimes give off potent transmutative energies that bolster their allies against the touch of unwanted polymorphs or transmutations and allow the creation of deadly vibrations in targets struck by melee attacks, releasing the excess energy in potent bursts shortly after each strike.
Formless Slime: You can pass through enemy squares and through any non-airtight wall, door, or similar space, and can do so without provoking Attacks of Opportunity. You may also attempt to "possess" helpless creatures as a full-round action that provokes Attacks of Opportunity. If the helpless target fails a fortitude save (DC 15 + 1/2 HD + CONMOD), you slide into their body as per the Magic Jar spell, except you leave no body behind, and the soul of the target is not ejected from the body and merely is unable to control their body. You may operate and control this body freely as if it were your own as per the Magic Jar spell, and if the target is slain you return to slime form in the square the creature was slain. You may inhabit a body for 1 day with no issue, but each day after the first you must make a fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2 HD of target + 2 per day) or be ejected from the body. Corpses can be animated with this ability, and rot normally while possessed. Replaces Engulf.   Some Sentient Slime are so oddly formless that their slimy bodies can pass through not only the tiniest of holes, but can also pass through enemies and creatures...but most afeared is their ability to possess bodies by "inhabiting" them and animating them from within...
Hard-Bodied Slime: Gain 2 extra skill ranks per level(Gain only +1 if you have 6+ skill ranks per level from one of your classes). Gain an amount of bonus temporary HP equal to 3x your HD(Max 60hp at 20HD). Damage dealt to you while these bonus temporary HP are active are always taken from this pool first. These bonus temporary hitpoints return to full at the beginning of each day. Replaces Engulf.   Their bodies losing their flexibility and becoming more akin to hardened rubber, some slimes instead possess more residual memories than their kin, and have a highly durable outer layer of "skin" that absorbs damage dealt to them when struck.
Form-Locked: Your base form always resembles a goopy, slimey humanoid form and you cannot change shape(though you now count as humanoid for the purposes of spells and effects). As a standard action, you can activate a powerful gaze attack with a range of 30ft that, while activated, requires those affected to make a will save (DC 10 + 1/2HD + CHAMOD) or fall under your alluring power. Creatures that fail the save moves towards you using the most direct means available to them. If this path would lead them into a dangerous area such as through fire or off a cliff, that creature receives a second saving throw to end the effect before moving into peril. Captivated creatures can take no actions other than to defend themselves. A victim within 5 feet of you simply stands and offers no resistance to your attacks. This effect continues for as long as you spend standard actions to maintain the gaze and 1 round afterwards. Once affected, a creature is immune for 24 hours. Creatures that are affected fall under a subtle effect that causes them to see you as a human or human-adjacent race and not a slime for the next 24 hours. Replaces Change-Shape, Greater.   While unable to change shape, these beautiful slimes are those rare few who were influenced by the powerful energies of the Nuyang Ritual of Dahmunara Worldthrone - suffused with the golden energies of the ritual that activated long ago, they were locked into vaguely humanoid forms but gained the empowering energies of the ritual as their own. Almost universally, these Form-Locked slimes appear female, but rare exceptions exist.
Writhing Eye: You may grow an eldritch eye-stalk that grow up to 40ft long as a full round action. This eye-stalk is small enough to fit through keyholds and under doors, and you may perceive, using all of your senses, within 20ft of the eye-stalk's tip. Controlling the stalk is also a full-round action. Replaces All-Around Vision.   Able to dynamically shape and alter their bodies, these eldritch sentient slimes are capable of forming sensory organs at the tip of long, slender tentacles made of slime that can often prove invaluable for scouting and reconnaissance.
Smothering Girth: Gain the ‘Smother’ Universal monster rule. Replaces All-Around Vision.   Though rarer than the average Sentient Slime, some amongst their numbers are capable of choking the life from those their engulf in their bulky slime bodies in a span of mere seconds, their thick bodies breaking bone and sucking air from the lungs of those within them.
Empathetic Enzymes: When you successfully kill a creature with engulf, you gain their surface thoughts and most recent, relevant memories to what they were thinking before they died, as well as knowledge about aspects of their personality. You gain enough basic information about their life to impersonate them well(GM Discretion). You may also store another Assimilated Language from them(See the Language Trait for more info), in addition to the one you get at base and the second one at 10th level. You may choose the language you assimilate from the list of languages they spoke. Replaces All-Around Vision.   A terrifying, horrific ability developed by many slimes as a way to more smoothly fit into a civilized society, this ability allows them to absorb facets of their slain foes to better take on their bodies and be them.
Fall-Resistant: You take half-damage from all falling damage. Replaces Amalgam Memories.   Their bodies liquid and amorphous, some Sentient Slimes have learned how to simply splatter across the ground they fall upon and reduce much of the damage from it.
Mighty Strikes: You gain 'Improved Natural Attack' as a bonus feat for your slam natural attack, the acid spit ranged attack from the Slime Spitter alternate racial trait, or the tentacle attacks from the 'Eldritch Pseudopods' alternate racial trait. Replaces Amalgam Memories.   More skilled in using their natural attacks, these slimes are feared for their skill and tenacity with their own weaponized bodies.


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