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Ripperwatt Tribe

The chaotic orcish masters of air and storm

Racial Traits

A song sung together: Ripperwatt Orcs gain a racial +2 on all Perform() checks and treat them as class skills. They add +1 to the DC of any Language-Dependent Spell they cast. They may cast Blistering Invective 1/day as an at-will SLA, doing electricity damage instead of fire.   Spirits of the Storm: By focusing for a standard action, Ripperwatt Orcs can produce an effect identical to a Call Lightning spell(CL equal to HD) except they may only call down one bolt. They may use this ability a number of times per day equal to their CONMOD(Min 1). 1/day when a Ripperwatt Orc falls to 0HP, they are struck by a bolt of lightning identical to that called by Call Lightning but the damage is instead dealt to all enemies within 5ft of their body, dealing half if they pass a Reflex Save (DC 10 + 1/2 HD + STRMOD).   Rip the flesh: Ripperwatt Orcs gain two claw attacks that count as primary natural attacks that deal damage as if they were one size category larger than they are. Half the damage dealt by this attack is electricity damage.

Alternate Racial Traits

Bellowing Bard: Racial Ability Score Modifiers become (+2 Strength, +2 Charisma). Replaces Racial Ability Scores.   With personalities that embody the rage and thunderous force produced by the storms of their homeland, some Ripperwatt Orcs possess a force of personality and magnetic charisma that few of their own kind can deny them, nor the glorious songs they sing.
Boltclaw: For a number of rounds per day equal to (1+CONMOD, Minimum 1), you may double the reach of your melee attacks. When your attacks have this reach, they deal 100% electricity damage no matter their original damage type. Replaces A song sung together.   Their arms wreathed in singing lightning, these Ripperwatt Orcs can focus the lightning sheathing their arms and grant their attacks extended reach, turning their attacks into a deadly harmonious dance of singing lightning and roaring thunder.
Harmonic Destruction: You may infuse weapons you wield with the singing power of lightining, dealing an extra 1d6 sonic damage with every weapon you wield and every natural attack you possess. Replaces Spirits of the Storm.   Their bodies containing a special gland that produces sonic vibrations that automatically harmonize with their own voices and the ringing of battle, these Ripperwatt Orcs use this gland to wreath their arms and weapons in deadly sonic energy.
Tear the bone: Gain a primary natural Bite Attack appropriate for a creature of your size. When you hit with this bite and successfully deal damage, you may attempt to trip the target as a free action. Replaces Rip the Flesh.   Their claws dulling a bit, these Ripperwatt Orcs gain fangs as sharp as razors, furthering lending to their fearsome reputation as animalistic berserkers who channel the spirits of the storm and nature's beasts into their bodies to whip themselves into a fury.

Racial Feats

Airblast Nozzles:   Prerequisites: Ripperwatt Orc, Character level 9th   Effects: You gain a fly speed of 60ft with perfect maneuverability.   Growing organic spouts from their legs capable of producing gale-force winds, these Ripperwatt Orcs become flying terrors, bolting through the skies crushing their foes from above.
Stormskin:   Prerequisites: Ripperwatt Orc, Character level 7th   Effects: Gain either Immunity to Electricity or Sonic, or Gain Resistance 10 against both.   Their skin hardening to the effects produced by the storms that wrack their homeland, the Ripperwatt Orcs often develop resistances or sometimes even outright immunity to the sonic vibrations or the booming lightning produced by those storms.
Hair, Eye, and Body Coloration
Ripperwatt orcs typically have lighter green skin, with hair that is often white or other lighter colors, and tends to be wispy and billowy. Their eyes are often storm-grey, yellow, and other stormy or air-related colors, with white eyes being the most rare.
Typical Home Environments
Grasslands, open plains, high altitudes, wastelands, coastlines
Naming Standards
Orcish Standard Names. Their names are a bit longer than normal, but generally have air-related themes or words in their names.


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