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Okmog, The Calcareous King

The Good Elemental Lord of Earth

Titles: The Calcareous King, Lord of the Unbreaking Earth, Father Forge, The Great Survivor, The High Harmonizer   Favored Weapon: Battleaxe   Alignment: Earth   Spirit King: Baoshan   Obedience: Spend one hour sitting in peaceful meditation with fragments of all six elements around you(Fire, Water, Earth, Air, Light, and Dark).   Effect: Gain DR 5/Adamantine and Resistance 10 to one element of your choice(Or Channel Resist 5).

Divine Domains

Earth, Strength, Artifice, Healing

Holy Books & Codes

The Codex Terragnosis

Divine Symbols & Sigils

An anvil with a mountain emblazoned on the top

Tenets of Faith

Survival above all. Place the survival of yourself and those around you above all else, and foster the strength to do so in yourself and others.
Hard work is honest work. The worth of a task is measured in the sweat spent to achieve it. Forge, craft, and smith to honor my name.
Keep a clear head free of bias or judgement, and have the strength do what needs doing without excuses, no matter the risk or consequence. Once you decide something, never waver.

Lord of the unshakeable heart

Okmog is one of the two Elemental Lords serving Baoshan, the Spirit King of Earth. He embodies the more stalwart and resolute aspects of Baoshan's portfolio, and is commonly seen as the Patron Saint of Craftsmen and those who work with their hands, Honest Laborers, Those who burn with the will to survive, and all those who seek true strength as well as monks, asetics, and those who understand the truth of the Universal Balance and seek to uphold it.   Okmog preaches very simplistic, base teachings based around endurance and survival - nothing is more holy or pious than living to fight another day, or enduring through another hardship or struggle thrown one's way in life. Survival and endurance is always preferable to dying or being a martyr, and in this way he preaches to always have a head clear of bias, judgement, or emotion - in this way, one can better serve as a neutral, impartial arbiter of all of life's perils and encounters thrown their way and better make decisions that would keep oneself and their allies alive that much longer, and to counterbalance the more extreme emotion or biases possessed by those around them.   As well, Okmog preaches the simple notion that hard work, and hard, honest labor is in itself a holy act, and that through hard work and labor all will be made clear. Hard workers are honest workers, he teaches, and to work with one's hands whether to smith, craft, or even just sowing soil or working fields, is the act of a true and honest being, and one pious to the ways of Okmog. Okmog preaches the ideals of strength in the sense of fostering true, inner strength to endure whatever life throws at them - to not bend or break in the face of calamity, and have the strength to do what must be done without complaint or excuse - even if that means walking headfirst into danger or situations normally considered terrifying, one should have the strength to do so without complaint or hesitation...so long as it does not mean a wanton or avoidable death. Thus does Okmog embody the more "good" aspects of Baoshan's portfolio - the stalwart, unbending nature of earth that will never fear, never relent, and never retreat in the face of external stimuli - the simple but purposeful life of the unbreaking ground that may not be flashy, showy, or impressive to others, but is vital to the existence of all things, judging impartially and having the infinite strength to do whatever must be done.
Divine Classification
Elemental Lord
Home: The Calcite Throne, The Elemental Plane of Earth   Areas of Concern: Balance, Craftsmen, Strength, Survival   Holy Animal: Elephant   Holy Colors: Brown, Grey   Holy Number: 14

Example Divine Oaths

Oath of the Balancekeeper: For each act of good you do or that you see done, commit an act of evil of a similarly related but inverse nature(EX: Save a life, take a life, Take Money, Give Money, Etc).
Oath of the Stalwart Ally: Always offer supportive words to those you meet who are struggling to get through a hard time, or overcome some enemy or obstacle. Teach and help others to give them the strength to endure great adversity, even if you must first overcome their issues yourself to help them.
Oath of the Disgraced Crafter: You cannot willingly craft an item whose primary purpose is to wound or take the life of another creature, or to directly assist in the injury or death of another.


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