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Naiara Zaragoza

The High Valkyrion and Absolute Queen of the lands of Kassau

High Valkyrion Naiara Zaragoza (a.k.a. The Lion of Guezhan)

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

It is no exaggeration to say that Naiara has a body cut from solid Adamantine - she is in the beginning of the physical prime of her life, with a body in absolute peak physical condition honed from almost a decade and a half of constant physical exercise, warfare, battle, labor, and exertion. She is perfectly healthy, and might very well be approaching the very limit of the human condition.

Body Features

Her body is tall, powerful, and muscular - her skin in golden bronzed from years spent warring beneath the sun, and her nature as a Qìtóng means her body is infused with the power of the elements, her body covered in swirling elemental tattoos that pulse with otherworldly power as motes of elemental might float around her, as if her very emotional state is enough to affect the world around her.   Additionally, she is heavily scarred despite her young age - the constant battles and war she has found herself in has seen many blades dig into her flesh, but none could finish her off as her skin is said to be as hard as metal, leaving wicked scars all across her powerful body.

Facial Features

Her face is the very picture of rugged beauty - her eyes harsh and piercing and her gaze fierce and weighty while still retaining enough femininity to offset the brutal toughness it carries. Her cheeks are lightly decorated with freckles, and her red hair curtains down to cover the sides, top, and back of her head.

Identifying Characteristics

Her abnormal height is a fairly identifying feature, as is her swirling elemental tattoos that cover her golden-bronze skin - glowing and pulsating colors that range from green to blue to even red, depending on her mood. As well, her blood red hair and floating clusters of elemental matter(Air, water, earth, fire, etc) are similarly identifying.

Physical quirks

Her height that makes her stand slightly over nine feet tall, elemental tattoos(Sign of her heritage as a Qìtóng, and bright red hair are all quirks that set her apart from her kin.

Special abilities

Her nature as a Qìtóng lends her a whole unique array of element-based abilities, from manipulating air, water, earth, fire and more to controlling others, infusing her attacks with elemental might, flying, and much more.

Apparel & Accessories

She often prefers to wear simple furs and leathers, but most notably wears her enormous lion-skin cloak complete with the head adorning her left shoulder.

Specialized Equipment

Her leather armor and cloak made from the pelt of Kassacki Lion, legendary beast with a hide stronger than Adamantine, are the basis of her equipment while the rest of its metallic bits made of the comet that crashed down to the ground on the day of her birth make up her sword, shield, and other metallic adornments.

Mental characteristics

Personal history

Born to her mother Alba Maria, the disgraced Fourth High Valkyrion who only ruled for five short years before she died, Naiara, as is custom in Kassau, took the throne of High Valkyrion by butchering all of her female siblings when she was just sixteen years old as well as killing all but one of her male siblings and enslaving the survivor, her brother Angel, after she blinded and crippled him.   Ascending to the throne on the back of such brutality, she quickly took after her Grandmother Nadia and cemented her rulership through war - capturing the then-ruler of Kassau's southern rival the Danzou Theocracy and taking its ruler as a slave. Ever since, she has proven herself time and again both on and off the battlefield as an unstoppable force - most recently, she savagely beat and maimed the Kaiser of Osneia in a political meeting to discuss nonagression pacts, rendering the Kaiser almost entirely crippled for the mere act of ask her to conduct herself in a more dignified act which she got away with after single-handedly slaughtering the entire royal guard regiment of the Kaiser as they came to arrest her.


Her sexuality is best described as 'ravenous'. Gender matters little to her for her appetite, though men are prioritized due to a cultural importance on producing children to continue bloodlines.


Raised by her grandmother and living legend of Kassau Nadia Zaragoza, she was given a perfect upbringing full of martial tutelage and all manner of other teachings, ranging from magical to historical.

Accomplishments & Achievements

The tracking and slaying of the Kassacki Lion.   The capture and enslavement of the High Pontiff of the Danzou Theocracy.   The brutal beating of the Kaiser of Osneia, and the slaughter of his entire royal guard unit.

Failures & Embarrassments

None so far.

Mental Trauma

Many claim that her brutal, incredibly strict upbringing instilled Psycopathic Tendencies in her, but nothing has ever been confirmed.

Morality & Philosophy

Her morality is best described as "Might Makes Right" - the strong survive, and the weak die.

Personality Characteristics


To expand the borders of Kassau.   To further her own personal power, glory, and domination.   To claim dominion over all of Central Zheng-Kitar.   ???

Savvies & Ineptitudes

Excellent at tactics, battle, rulership, being honest, getting a read on others, public speaking, insulting others, inflicting non-lethal injuries, drinking, farming, lumberjacking, ???   Inept at putting on airs, lying, being or acting like something she's not, understanding others, empathizing, ???

Likes & Dislikes

Likes: Battle(It clears her head, and she enjoys not having to worry about anything else), The smell of blood, Nature, Animals, Violence, Those who can keep up with her, Gold, Strong Females, Watching the weak get punished, Thunderstorms, Free-Running, Vhiilan Reiko   Dislikes: Imperialism, Oppression of Native/Indiginous People, Men in undeserved positions of power, Those with little personal ability but with high status, Snakes, Stammering or Nervous People, Women being relegated to house duties, Sharkûl-Ishi

Virtues & Personality perks

As an extremely honest person, she is genuine in a way that few others are that hold her level of royalty and/or status - despite her brutal nature, she is incredibly honor-bound to her word and once given, such that she has never once been recorded as going back on it. And, though many would claim otherwise, many see her brutal, equally disrespectful attitude towards others as a positive aspect of hers - she makes no attempt to hide the blatant disgust with which she views most others until they earn her respect, at which point her attitude swiftly changes to accomodate her new opinion. This honesty which is almost involuntary on her part endears many to her - especially those especially fed up with the back-room politics of more feudal states.

Vices & Personality flaws

Her open contempt for most others, her penchant for brutality and bloodshed, and her absolute refusal to bend or change herself for others(even beating neighboring royalty for daring to ask to her to act more refined) make her a deeply flawed woman - a woman many whisper has very real Psychopathic Tendencies, a penchant for abuse and violence a tad too excessive, and more...

Personality Quirks

She absolutely hates being thought of as lesser to anyone, and even moreso hates being demanded to do anything such that those who frequently serve her know to phrase requests as polite or deferential asks rather than demands. Even visiting royalty has rapidly learned to not demand anything of her, and to instead speak as equals...and to ESPECIALLY not ask her to "act more refined" or similar requests - which she hates more than anything else. These tendencies lead many to believe her Egomaniacal at best and outright Psycopathic at worst.


Fitting for a woman in charge of a nation of barbarians, she cares little for hygiene - and while not as awful as the brutes of Khadagar, cares little for the trappings of high society.


Contacts & Relations

As the High Valkyrion of Kassau, she has gained the contacts that come with her station - becoming familiar with the rulers of Kassau's neighboring nations(Whether on good terms or bad). However, she has also established relations of her own despite her relatively short time on the throne - most famously, she has not only made good friends with the heads of the Astaran Highland Clans during her time before taking the throne such that they even made her an honored sister(Giving her an immense foothold in maintaining the alliances between Kassau and Astara), but has also become intimiately familiar with the High Pontiff of the Danzou Theocracy, Kassau's southern neighbor, after she beat his armies on the field of battle and took him as her slave.   Now, though the Pontiff's son has taken the throne of the Theocracy, she keeps the former ruler around as a blinded, crippled slave to occasionally use him for his network of contacts and information, as well as a tool for entertainment and relief - not to mention a trophy used as a warning to others who would engage or annoy her to think twice before angering her.   Moreover, she has a close and long-standing relationship with the ruler of the elves of the Guezhan Rainforest, the Ríshullae - a distant relative of hers, with whom she works to maintain the alliance between the two groups.   Finally, she has well-established ties with Vhiilan Reiko - the two are known to be close friends, though the specifics are unknown.

Family Ties

As a member of the Zaragoza family, the ruling dynasty of the Kassau Matriarchy, she has close family ties with her Grandmother Nadia - the Third High Valkyrion who outlived her child to see her Grandchild take the throne. She has taken one of her brothers as a slave in the customs of her people, and slaughtered every single other member of her siblings once she ascended to the throne, following the customs of her people. As such, her familial ties are slim, but strong - those that live are either close friends with her or slaves blinded or crippled to ensure they can never again resist or stand against her.   Many believe her to somehow be the secret child of Vhiilan Reiko - though these are naught but unconfirmed rumors.

Religious Views

Her religious views are somewhat at odds with what many expect from her - she is a diehard faithful of the Spirit Kings and upholds their values utterly(or as best as she is able). She views those who do not believe in them or follow the Yema(Foreign Gods) as a personal insult to her and her kingdom, and seeks to either break, enslave, or kill them outright - she is an extremely pious woman that attends church ceremonies on a rigid schedule.

Social Aptitude

She is supremely confident and utterly extroverted - as someone with both charisma and powerful force of personality, she is a domineering woman who naturally forces others out of her way when she moves and speaks - if one cannot make themselves heard or grab her attention, they are liable to be trampled beneath the crushing weight of her personality, forceful drive, and zeal with which she carries herself - or worse, browbeat into quiet acceptance.   She is not refined and cares little for manners or social decorum - even in meetings with other royalty, she despises putting on airs or being made to be something or someone she is not - and in fact actively berates and, in case, brutally beat and maimed a neighboring king for demanding she act like a proper lady during their meeting. However, to those who are upfront with her, speak their minds, and do not mind her rambunctious, forceful personality, she can be quite welcoming and in fact refreshing to many - unless provoked or forced into changing her ways, she is a confident, charismatic woman who excels at putting others at ease and unsettling them in equal measure.   Most notable about her is her confidence - she is famously referred to behind her back as "The woman with no doubts", and the moniker holds true - she despises being told by others what she thinks or should do, and has never once questioned herself or her purpose...and in the same vein, has never been known to do the same to others, which she equally despises. Instead, she draws others to her with her impossibly powerful confidence and force of personality, and the brutal honesty and uncaring attitude with which she treats everyone - many find being treated with such utter disdain and disrespect until one earns her respect as somewhat refreshing, and a nice change of pace from the secretive hostility of other, more traditional nobles. She is a natural leader - others follow her often entirely of their own accord, such that she rarely, if ever, actually asks for them to do so.


Her mannerisms are rough, brutish, and unkempt - she has little restraint and little care to entertain facades or farces, and carries herself with a forceful, uncaring dominance few can challenge. However, there is also another word with which she is described - genuine. Despite her brutish demeanor, she has a powerful force about her that not only engenders trust in others, but that has a certain genuineness to its nature - she rarely if ever lies or puts on airs, and almost never treats someone differently than how she views them...a fact which many find endearing about her, as they rarely need to question their standing with her.   Add onto this her almost zealous piety and the offense she takes when others insult the religion of the Spirit Kings or admits to not following them or following a Yema, and her powerful demeanor is offset by an almost refreshing devotion, piety, and genuine-ness that many on Zheng-Kitar lack.

Hobbies & Pets

She has no pets(Unless one counts the plethora of men she keeps as slaves), but is rumored to have some quite unseemly hobbies that many claim involve physical or mental abuse that are said to border on or hint at Psychopathic Tendencies, but these claims are as of yet unproven and relatively unfounded.


Her voice is thick, husky, and carries a dangerous almost masculine timbre to it - it is described as a unique voice that few can miss, and a naturally loud one well-suited to rulership.


Rasmus Elias Oström Olander XV

Respected Enemy (Important)

Towards Naiara Zaragoza



Naiara Zaragoza

Worthy Rival and Friend (Trivial)

Towards Rasmus Elias Oström Olander XV




A friendship born on the field of battle, Rasmus and Naiara have fought each other on multiple occasions such that Naiara has grown to see the ruler of Olander as one of the very few men she actually views as competent and worthy of her respect and time - though not so much of a friend as he is an enemy she respects very deeply, if not an unfathomably strange person she cannot quite fully understand.   Rasmus, on the other hand, thinks much more highly of Naiara by comparison - viewing her as not only a worthy rival and enemy, but as a friend with whom he could share truly enjoyable times with if only he could "fix her" and her notoriously brutish attitude.   Some claim the young prince might in fact be romantically interested in the rampaging queen of Kassau, but this is has never been proven to be anything but a gossip-clad rumor.

Wealth & Financial state

Despite her young age, Naiara has more than proven herself capable of matching the achievements of her forebears - and has amassed a sizable sum of wealth from the slaying of her siblings and the death of her mother, as well as the conquests she has already led despite her young age. Most notably, she felled the legendary Kassaki Lion of the Guezhan Rainforest - a beast with a hide as tough as Adamantine that had plagued the Rainforest for centuries - and took not only its horde for herself but completely plundered its hide, which she now wears as armor and cape both.
Earth, Void (Both Primary)
Honorary & Occupational Titles
The Lion of Kassau, The Golden, The Shackler of San Toma, The Headswoman, The Zaragoza Oldsoul
Year of Birth
4537 ASK 26 Years old
Circumstances of Birth
Born as the first of her mother's children - her birth heralded by the fall of a comet that spoke of a life of incredible success. The comet was subsequently forged into her weapons and armor.
Born in the capital of Kassau, San Toma.
Dark blue, Powerful
Medium-Length, Blood-Red
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
9.3ft (2.81m)
3,196lbs (1449kg)
Quotes & Catchphrases
Gravel should stay where it belongs. I don't have time to grind every pebble back down to dust.
Aligned Organization
Ruled Locations


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