Lamia Racial Feats

Greater Mindwash Aura:   Prerequisites: Lamia Race, 'Mindwash Aura' Alternate Racial Trait, Character level 9th   Effects: The concentration check from 'Mindwash Aura' applies to all mind-affecting effects instead of just emotion and fear descriptor spells.   Honing their nerve-wracking beauty and subtle hypnotic speech and motions, these Lamia can induce even more nervous confusion in their targets such that any attempt to influence the minds of another becomes clouded by her efforts.
Acid-Spitter:   Prerequisites: Lamia Race, 'Acid Glands' Alternate Racial Trait, Character level 5th   Effects: You can launch a globule of acid as a ranged touch attack that deals your acid glands damage plus one additional dice(2d6 base).   The acid glands within their bodies growing more intense, these Lamia can learn to hock Acid from their mouths in a deadly spit attack, melting the flesh and bone of their targets with a horrific sizzling.
Obliterating Constriction:   Prerequisites: Lamia Race, 'Crushing Constriction' Alternate Racial Trait, Character level 9th   Effects: Each time a grappled target takes constriction damage, they must succeed on a fortitude save (DC 10 + 1/2HD + STRMOD) or take one point of CON or STR damage. Undead take CHA damage instead of CON. If a creature is reduced to 0 CON or CHA this way, they explode into a shower of gore and cannot be revived barring a miracle or wish spell.   Special: At 13th level, the damage becomes 1d3. At 17th level, it becomes ability drain, not damage.   Breaking bone and shattering muscles as easily as breathing, these deadly Lamia have learned to utilize their massive, crushing tails to break the bodies of those they wrap them around, eventually compacting their bodies into meat paste given enough time.
Serpentine Grappler Goddess:   Prerequisites: Lamia Race, Lamia Twintail Alternate Racial, Improved Grapple, Character level 7th   Effects: Gain two more tails, both of which count as primary natural attacks. You may maintain all grapples vs all creatures grappled in your tails in a single grapple check to maintain, and creatures in your tails count as being being 'grappled in your mouth' for the purposes of swallow whole.   Sprouting two additional tails, these four-tailed Lamia are terrifying foes feared for their grappling potential - though they are often mistaken for misshapen land-squids or some other such sea creature their power cannot be denied. These tails are also commonly seen as a sign of very prominent High Lamia heritage, and often come paired with shining rainbow scales.
World Serpent's Grip:   Prerequisites: Lamia Race, 'Serpentine Grappler Goddess' Racial Feat, Character level 9th   Effects: Gain the Strangle Universal monster rule. Additionally, if you initiate a grapple check while a creature is non-hostile to you or is otherwise unaware of your presence, they must make a perception check opposed by your grapple roll or they cannot use immediate actions or similar actions of any kind in response to this grapple attempt. Once you have them grappled, all nearby creatures must make a perception check, opposed by a stealth or bluff roll from you, or fail to notice the creature's presence, that it is grappled, or anything is wrong.   In their never-ending quest for perfection, the Lamia who walk the path of the grappler learn the art of the unseen grapple, wrapping around their prey before they realize what's happening...once they strike, their thick tail(s) wrap around and smother their foe, silencing their cries for help and completely engulfing them in their thick tail coils so that their allies are completely unaware of their plight.
World Serpent's Infinite Grapple:   Prerequisites: Lamia Race, 'Serpentine Grappler Goddess' Alternate Racial Feat, 'Jormunganda's Grip' Racial Feat, Character level 17th   Effects: You may, once per day as a free action on your turn, make a grapple check against all enemy creatures within 60ft. Each enemy you successfully grapple is pulled to be adjacent to you(This does not provoke AoO), and must make a fortitude save equal (DC 10 + 1/2 HD + CHAMOD) or be dealt constriction damage as a coup de grace. On a successful save, they are deal constriction damage and are no longer grappled, though they remain adjacent to you.   The Ultimate technique for those Lamia who pursue the path of the grappler, the infinite grapple is a blessing given to the chosen of the Lamia God-Queen herself, and in other more barbaric lamia channeling the power of their ancestral folk deity, the world-serpent. Capable of summoning the infinite girth of The World-Serpent herself for the briefest of moments, these Lamia grapple their foes from afar and yank them in close, furiously folding their grappled enemies in half and compacting them until their corpses resemble broken, bloody meatballs and piles of blood, meat, and bone.
Hyperactive Digestion:   Prerequisites: Lamia Race, Character Level 12th, “Swallow Whole’ Universal Monster Rule, ‘Primal Digestion’ alternate racial trait   Effects: Change all Swallow Whole damage die to d12’s. You may choose to deal bludgeoning damage with your swallow whole ability, but at half damage as normal.   Some Lamia who count themselves among the lucky few capable of healing their wounds through the digestion of their prey, find that their stomachs suddenly supercharge their digestive power, becoming so powerful as to melt even stone and metal, to say nothing of normal flesh. These Lamias can swallow their prey and, barely before their prey has landed in their stomach, find that they have already been broken down into a fine slurry by their insanely powerful stomach acids. Feared even amongst their own kind occasionally for their unbridled power, these Lamias are the pinnacle of digestive power and consumption.
Thickscale Stomach:   Prerequisites: Lamia race, Lamia Alternate Racial 'Thick Scales', 'Swallow Whole' universal monster ability, Character level 7th   Effects: Your AC counts as 2 higher to creatures inside you for the purposes of cutting out of your stomach. This counts as a dodge bonus to your AC, and you may add your full natural armor bonus to your AC instead of 1/2 for the purposes of foes cutting out of your stomach.   Normal: Your AC for the 'Swallow Whole' Ability is (10 + 1/2 Natural armor bonuses), ignoring all size and dex bonuses or penalties.   Considered to be a highly desired and sought-after gift, the Thickscale Stomach is, to most lamia, a sign that they were born to consume their foes. While not all who receive such a gift seek to use it to wantonly gorge themselves, some instead preferring to use it to better devour their enemies instead of wanton cruelty, all see these thicker, more durable scales that line their stomachs and replace the normal scales Lamia possess as gifts and blessings, their durability meaning those they attempt to swallow and digest will have a much harder time cutting their way free of their bellies...and are more likely to dissolve into nothing within them.
Expanded Aura:   Prerequisites: Lamia Race, Any Racial Trait or Alternate Racial Trait that gives an aura, Character level 5th   Effects: All auras gained from the Lamia race increase in size by 10ft.   Special: You may take this feat up to 3 times.   Their bodies growing more powerful as they do, Lamia often find their auras increasing in size as they grow in power.
Ssarin Limbjack:   Prerequisites: Lamia Race, Character level 5th   Effects: Your arms become snakes and you gain an appropriate number of bite attacks that deal damage as if they were one size larger. You gain a +6 to your CMD vs all Disarm maneuvers, and gain a +2 to your CMB for the purposes of grapple maneuvers. By spending 10 minutes focusing, you can cloak your snake arms in the guise of arms appropriate for your race, and can shed such a guise as an immediate action - this is an extraordinary effect.   Their blood running thick with the damnable taint of the tyrant Cao Lu and his biological manipulations, these uncommon Lamia have arms that resemble long, slithering snakes and can use them to reach out and bite others with lethal accuracy.
Ssarin Immortal Honor Guard:   Prerequisites: Lamia Race, 'Ssarin Limbjack' Racial Feat, Character level 7th   Effects: You gain an extra 5ft of reach for the purposes of your 'Ssarin Limbjack' bite attacks as your arms extend and become larger, longer snakes. You may choose one of the following bonuses to augment these attacks:  
  • These bite attacks gain the grab and swallow whole universal monster rules, and can swallow creatures independently, acting as seperate stomachs. The hole created when a creature cuts its way out of these 'arm stomachs' instantly seal as soon as the escaping creature exits.
  • These arms gain Ssarin Venom on their bite attacks(Sting - injury; Save(Fortitude, DC 10 + 1/2HD + CONMOD OR WISMOD(Whichever is higher) Frequency 1/round for 6 rounds; Effect 1d4 Dexterity Damage; Cure 2 Consecutive Saves). They can also be used to deliver stored doses of poison as part of the bite attack made against a hostile creature.
For those lamia who find their blood burning with the taint of the ancient tyrant Cao Lu, many are able to hone this gift of blood until it reaches its true potential - able to lash out and swallow others whole with a single bite or even deliver potent venom, they are feared by their sisters but respected for their power...if not their beauty. They often become terrifying menaces that terrorize entire countrysides at the heads of entire Lamia tribes and warbands...and sometimes, at the heads of Alpha or Superpacks made up of many tribes as a High Chieftain.
Extradimensional Swallow:   Prerequisites: Lamia Race, 'Swallow Whole' Universal Monster Rule   Effects: As a full-round action, you can attempt a bite attack if you have one on a creature within your line of sight within 120ft + 10ft/HD. If you have no bite attack, make a CMB check instead. If the bite attack or CMB check hits or passes, the creature is transported into your mouth and is grappled. You may then attempt a CMB check as a swift action at the start of your next turn to swallow them as per Swallow Whole. Failure means they do not escape, but remain where they are.   Filled with overwhelming power, these Lamia are incredibly feared infiltrators and assassins of Lamia Tribes - more than one village has completely fallen overnight thanks to their lethal power which lets them snatch guards off the parapets of city walls and be rid of foes at a distance, silencing them and devouring them before they have a chance to alert others...and when the intrusion is realized, thanks to these deadly Lamia it is often far, far too late.
Aenorian Chessmaster:   Prerequisites: Lamia Race, 'Extradimensional Swallow' Racial Feat, Character level 13th   Effects: As a standard action, you can target one creature within line of sight within one mile. You then make a CMB check to grapple them(Substituting HD for BAB if doing so would benefit you) or force a reflex save on them. You must choose between one of these two methods when this feat is taken, and cannot change it after. If they fail the save or if the grapple check passes, you can move them to another unoccupied square within line of sight that is not, itself, harmful to them - though it may itself lead to harm for them(Not into lava, but above lava is fine). You can also teleport others into confined spaces they could fit into within this radius, such as backpacks, prison cells, or even the stomach of a creature big enough to accomodate them. If this new position would lead to harm for them, you must make another CMB check or they must make another save, as appropriate - if they succeed the save or you fail the check they do not take damage from this new location for 1 round.   Special: After using this ability, you can make either a slight of hand or a stealth check, opposed by the passive perception (10 + their total perception bonus) of all nearby creatures. Success means no one notices that the target was moved immediately.   A power tracing its roots back to the ancient High Lamia, this power is a mutation that allows a Lamia to warp the very fabric of space with her beauty and commanding power alone - bending space itself to suit their whims. With this power these Lamia become deadly chessmasters, moving others around the battlefield or even into their stomachs.
Empowered Pheremones:   Prerequisites: Lamia Race, 'Pheremone Aura' Racial Trait, Character level 9th   Effects: You gain three new options for your 'Pheremone Aura' racial trait, listed below. These must be active under the appropriate circumstances to recieve their effects.  
  • Any creature you interact with must pass a will save (DC 10 + 1/2HD + CHAMOD) once they finish interacting with you or be affected by a modify memory spell either erasing the memory of the encounter or tweaking the memory of it in whatever ways you desire(Player Choice).
  • A creature in your aura you concentrate on as a full-round action is coated in lingering pheremones, giving you a +20 bonus to track them for 24 hours and allowing you to sense their general distance and direction from you. Full and total immersion in running water for 3 rounds or more is enough to remove these Pheremones, but they are otherwise undetectable unless a creature with scent makes a DC 30 perception check.
  • All allied creatures within your pheremone aura gain either a +2 to all attack rolls or +2 to their CMB.
Increasing the power of their pheremones as they age and grow in power, these Lamia grow more and more feared for their ability to smother and lnflict strange effects on others that happen to wander within the range of their choking, cloying pheremones.
Big Alpha Energy:   Prerequisites: Lamia Race, Character level 5th   Effects: You may attempt an intimidate check to demoralize a creature as a move action instead of standard action. Once per creature per day, if you pass the DC to make the target shaken by 10 or more, you can affect them with a suggestion spell with no save.   It is little exaggeration to say that, while many creatures have heard of and comprehend the Alpha and Domineering nature of many lamia, few are truly prepared for such energy to be turned on them - whether it be romantically, platonically, or in hostility. Even the hardiest and most willful of creatures can be caught off guard by a Lamia's domineering nature, as they tend to be brutally direct and hold no punches in their words. In the especially weak willed, this can manifest in the instinctive response of jumping to please them, or to do as they say, swept up as they are in the Lamia's energy in the moment...meaning many creatures discover firsthand why they are notorious as killers of relationships, as they tend to be so blatantly direct about their feelings they often make others swoon at their romantic advances, sometimes even abandoning their current partners for them.
Lamia Packmaster:   Prerequisites: Lamia Race, ''Big Alpha Energy' Racial Feat, Character level 9th   Effects: As a standard action, you may unleash a fearsome roar, boasting taunt, furious glare, etc. All enemies that are shaken or frightened within 30ft of you must succeed at a Will Save (DC 10 + 1/2HD + CHAMOD) or have their fear level heightened to a maximum of panicked. This new state of fear lasts for 1d4+1 rounds. Once an enemy has attempted a save(Regardless of Pass/Fail) against this ability, they are immune to it for 24 hours.   The powerful leaders of Lamia social circles and tribes, these Packmasters have mastered the art of fearmongering and using their own immense beauty and power as a gigaton weight, throwing it around hard enough to break the minds of others and send them scurrying in terror.
Raoulish Fashionista:   Prerequisites: Lamia Race   Effects: When you kill a creature by reducing them below 0HP or by a successful Coup-de-grace(Not by death effects or effects that would disintigrate or otherwise destroy the body instantly), you can choose to turn that creature into an article of clothing of your choice, worth 100GP per HD they had in life. If they were sentient(INT 3+), you may forge them into a magical item whose crafting price is equal to or less than 1,000GP x their HD in life. Using this ability to produce magic items excessively may lead to fatigue, exhaustion, or ability damage(GM Discretion). You gain a +2 bonus on any Craft or Profession check related to clothing.   Special: At 9th Level, each magical item you create has a 5% chance of becoming intelligent, plus additional percentage equal to the creature's INT score in life. Once you create an intelligent item this way, you cannot do so for another week. You can suppress this chance for items you make and "turn it on" for those you hope to become sentient.   Long considered a dark secret of Raoulish Fashion, rumors of the origin of the highest Haute Couture clothing that comes out of the cultured nation of Raoulin have persisted in one form or another through the decades - though the truth is far less sinister. Originally invented as a way to preserve loved ones who were dying or too wounded to continue living in some small way so that those they left behind would have something to remember them by, enemies of Raoulin have spread nasty rumors about the power and stained its reputation in recent years, despite its wholesome origins.
Lamia Goliath:   Prerequisites: Lamia Race, 120 or more HD worth of creatures consumed with Swallow Whole, Character level 9th   Effects: Become a huge-sized creature.   Their bodies processing the vast amounts of digested creatures into many many pounds of slurry, Lamia inevitably grow in size as they add mass to their bodies through consumption, literally growing as they eat.
Practiced Devourer:   Prerequisites: Lamia Race, 'Swallow Whole' universal monster ability, Character level 7th   Effects: Gain the effect of the 'Fast Swallow' Universal monster rule.   With their Societal Emphasis on Strength and Beauty, it is no wonder some Lamia seek to perfect and master the art of devouring their enemies. These Lamia train their throats and swallowing power each day until they learn the ways of the Fast Swallow, granting them the ability to devour live prey as easy as breathing.
Forktongue Hunter:   Prerequisites: Lamia race, Character level 5th   Effects: Your scent range is increased by 30ft, and you can no longer be detected by the scent ability or scent-based perception if you do not wish it.   Special: This feat can be taken multiple times. Each time you take it after the first your scent range increases by 15 feet.   To those occasional Lamia born with the sense of smell of a true hunter, this is the pinnacle of their craft. Honed, Improved, and Perfected upon by just such Lamia who seek to master the art and way of the hunter, the Forktongue Hunter lamia are highly capable predators, living their lives as hunters and trappers and, occasionally, hunters of more live, sentient prey thanks to their even more sensitive senses of smell. Finally, no matter how easily they should or should not be detectable by smell, these Lamia have learned the ways and, through some lucky gifts and mutations/evolutions, learned how to disguise and mask their scents so none, not even their own kind, can suss them out by smell. In short, they are the perfect hunters.
Lamia Thoughteater:   Prerequisites: Lamia race, 'Swallow Whole' universal monster ability, Character Level 7th   Effects: Every time you successfully deal damage as per the 'Swallow Whole' ability to a creature inside your stomach, you may cast a Detect Thoughts effect on them with a DC for the will save of (10 + HD + CHAMOD) as if you had focused for three rounds.   Special: If that creature then expires within you as per the 'Swallow Whole' ability, you may then devour several of its most important memories, gaining some of its most treasured secrets and information.(GM Discretion).   Considered an odd, and even a feared mutation amongst Lamia kind, these ‘Thoughteater’ Lamia’s scales glow an eerie Iridescent purple and and dark indigos, ethereal energies wafting off their bodies like fumes from flame. The stuff of Lamia society hearsay, rumor, and persecution, the Thoughteater Lamia have the capability to suck the very memories, thoughts, and deepest secrets of the prey they digest within their stomachs, their otherworldly power worming and burrowing into their prey’s mind like a twisted psychic scalpel. Feared even by their own kind, they frequently prefer solitude and, rarely, the company of more tolerant races.
Horrific Gorging:   Prerequisites: Lamia Race, 'Swallow whole' Universal Monster Rule   Effects: As a full-round action, you can completely consume a dead, unconscious, paralyzed, or otherwise helpless humanoid creature that you could normally swallow with your swallow whole ability. When you do, you deal bite damage as a critical hit and swallow the humanoid as your swallow whole special ability. Allies of the swallowed creature within 30 feet that can see you indulge in this horrific feast must succeed at a Will save (DC = 10 + 1/2 your Hit Dice + your Charisma modifier) to avoid being shaken for 1d4 rounds. This part of the ability is a mind-affecting fear effect.   Terrifyingly Effective eaters, these Lamia have learned how to inspire terror in those nearby when they feast upon their foes. In the space of but a few horrific seconds, these Lamia can chew up and gulp down an entire humanoid body.
Consume Essence:   Prerequisites: Lamia Race, Evil Alignment, Swallow whole universal monster ability, Character level 11th   Effects: When you start your turn having swallowed at least one creature, each swallowed creature must succeed at a Fortitude save (DC = 10 + 1/2 your Hit Dice + your Charisma modifier) or gain a temporary negative level. Swallowed creatures that die from these negative levels are consumed as per disintegrate. This is a death effect.   Special: If you are of the undead type, each time a swallowed creature gains a temporary negative level from this ability, you add 5 temporary hit points to the number of hit points that swallowed creatures must deal to escape, up to a maximum of 15 temporary hit points. These temporary hit points last for 10 minutes.   Having perfected and honed their eating and swallowing habits and even gained complete, perfect control of their own stomachs and digestive systems, these Lamia have become apex predators to all foes who challenge their digestive power, instead weakening them with every gulp, swallow, and gurgle. Creatures that these Lamia swallow are quickly absorbed and soon utterly annihilated, wiped from existence entirely within their stomachs.
Reflective Skin:   Prerequisites: Lamia Race, Character level 5th   Effects: You gain a +4 deflection bonus to your touch AC against rays and firearm attacks. You can reroll the miss chance for averting your eyes vs gaze attacks twice and take the better result, and can deal sneak attack and precision damage to them even though they have concealment against you.   Their skin becoming glittering and shining, these Lamia can learn to use their skin like reflective mirrors...and while many become vain and egocentric, many simple cannot deny the utilitarian value of having such excellently mirrored skin.
Beauty worth preserving:   Prerequisites: Lamia Race   Effects: Enemies will never willingly target you if you are unconscious so long as there is another viable target, conscious or otherwise.   As a race renowned for their beauty, Lamia are well known for their looks(For good reason), though few can fathom the divine beauty of a Lamia until one sees them for themselves - the sight of one can make one weak in the knees, like the visage of a woman with every desirable trait one could desire. This beauty, when taken to the extreme, can make foes hesitate to finish them off when they are vulnerable.
Seductive Ohrwurm:   Prerequisites: Lamia Race, Character level 7th   Effects: Once per day as a standard action, you can whisper a magic-laced phrase or word to a creature within 10ft. The target must succeed at a Will Save(DC 10 + 1/2HD + CHAMOD) or have the lamia's words take root in its psyche. Each time the target rests from that point forward, you may make them wake and give them a simple suggestion as per the spell or a task for them to accomplish that they could feasibly perform in one night. The target has no memory of tasks performed that night so long as they are done within 8 hours, otherwise they wake after 8 hours have passed, confused and aware. This ability persists indefinitely, and is an extraordinary ability, only removable through Modify Memory, Miracle, or Wish. You may only have one target infected this way at a time, and can dismiss the Ohrwurm as a free action. You can maintain an additional target at 10, 15, and 20HD.   Masters of mental manipulation and seductive, rarely Lamia will emerge who master a strange, devilish technique to introduce a horrifically dangerous word of seductive power into the minds of others, planting a 'seed' that, once taken root, allows the Lamia to manipulate that target no matter the distance.
Hypnotic Dancer:   Prerequisites: Lamia Race, Character Level 5th   Effects: By spending a standard action each round to start and on subsequent rounds to maintain the effect, you begin dancing and undulating your body in hypnotic, rythmic motions designed to fascinate and hypnotize - when you start this dance, you can fascinate either ONE creature regardless of their HD as per Hypnotize or a number of creatures whose HD does not exceed 1d6+1 HD per 2 HD you possess(Chosen each time this ability is used). These creatures must succeed on a will save equal to (DC 10 + 1/2 HD + CHAMOD) or be fascinated as per the hypnotism spell for as long as you maintain the effect by spending standard actions. If a creature succeeds this save, they are not aware they were the target of an effect. This is an extraordinary ability. All creatures you affect must be able to see you clearly, be within 30ft of you, and be non-mindless. The standard action required to activate/maintain this effect each round is subtle enough that it does not appear inherently suspicious at first glance, though a DC 25 sense motive check reveals something is suspicious about the movements. When a creature is successfully fascinated by this ability, they gain a cumulative +5 on saves to resist future fascination attempts with this ability from that creature which lasts for 24 hours. You gain a racial +4 on Perform(Dance) skill checks and gain it as a class skill if you didn't have it already.   As adepts of the belly-dancing techniques invented by Ancient Lamia as one part cultural method of expression and one part battle technique, these hypnotic dances were invented by ancient Lamia to spread their pheremones around them with quick, hypnotic movements designed to catch the eyes of onlookers - movements carefully constructed to worm thier way into the minds of others while their pheremones gently dull their senses and lull them into compliance.
Universal Hypnotism:   Prerequisites: Lamia Race, 'Hypnotic Dancer' Racial Feat, Character level 7th   Effects: 'Hypnotic Dancer' can affect mindless creatures as well. Whenever your hypnotism effect on a given target is broken on a target, you may implant a suggestion as per the spell into them with no save.   Through careful training and study, these dancers and hypnotists can learn to alter their movements and pheremones enough that they can affect even the mindless - producing movements that can even sway the dull, mindless spirits of undead and golems and the like.
Master Hypnotist:   Prerequisites: Lamia Race, 'Hypnotic Dancer' Racial Feat, Character level 9th   Effects: The range of 'Hypnotic Dancer' becomes 60ft. If a target stays fascinated for 3 consecutive rounds, from the third round onwards if something would cause the fascination to end immediately, the end of the fascination is delayed for 1 round, allowing for 1 round of attacks, grapples, etc. before they return to normal. The HD limit of the 'Hypnotic Dancer' feat increases to 2d10 + 2 per 2 HD you possess or TWO creatures regardless of HD.   The masters of the ancient lamia hypnotism techniques, these deadly dancers are masters of fascination, their subtle body movements enthralling and captivating others with alarming regularity, their movements designed to hold the gaze of others while their pheremones are spread around in a thick cloud to completely numb the minds of those around them.
Omniacid Coating:   Prerequisites: Lamia race   Effects: Gain Acid Resistance 10. Acid damage you deal is now half-Omniacid, bypassing acid resistances and immunities. The other half is normal Acid Damage and can be resisted as normal.   Special: At 7th level, this becomes Acid Immunity.   Their skin gaining a barely noticable sheen to it, these Lamia become highly resistant and eventually outright immune to the effects of bubbling acid.
Snakesoul:   Prerequisites: Lamia Race, Character level 7th   Effects: You can use polymorph as a full-round action to take on the form of any Snake animal. You cannot take on the form of a creature with a CR higher than your HD.   Their bodies laced with ancient High Lamian runes, these Lamia have the useful ability to transform into snakes on command, from the deadly Emperor Cobra to the lowly garden snake.


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