The sunlight and magic-absorbent metal treasured by those afraid of the sun

Mechanical Benefits

HP/inch 30;   Hardness 20;   Special: Kollar cannot usually be purchased or found outside of The World Below. In other planes such as the Prime Material Plane, it is so incredibly rare it is never available for common purchase. In its ore form, it is both lighter and softer than rock and causes many cave-ins if a large vein is mined.   For Armor: As an armor, the metal will negate any creatures' innate sunlight sensitivity. If worn by a Duergar, the armor also enhances their innate magical resistance.   For Weapons: As a weapon, the metal can absorb spells (as well as poisons and illusions) if the user makes a successful save against the effect. The next time the weapon hits a creature, the stored effect is automatically inflicted upon its target.


Items made of Kollar are always masterwork. This is included in their prices, below.   Weapons: 5,000GP   Armor: 2,500GP


Material Characteristics

Kollar resembles normal steel, but with a pitch black coloration.

Physical & Chemical Properties

Kollar's unique properties come out when worn by a creature who is senstive to light - it can absorb nearby sunlight and protect its wearer from the harmful rays of the sun. It can also absorb magic directed at it or its wielder - which it can store then discharge later.

Geology & Geography

Kollar is found naturally exclusively in the World Below - better known as the Underdark. It is not naturally found on the Prime Material Plane.

Origin & Source

Kollar is mined from blacksteel ore, or Sinmetal Ore - an ore so soft it can nearly be dug out by hand.

History & Usage


Kollar was said to first be discovered by the Deep Dwarves - the evil ancestors of the Dwarves who dwell in the World Below.

Everyday use

Kollar is commonly used in the arms and armor of the Duergar, and other races who need protection from the rays of the sun.

Cultural Significance and Usage

Kollar is the ancestral metal of the Deep Dwarves, like Adamantine is to the Dwarves. It is highly prevalent in Deep Dwarven culture and is the main metal in their weapons and armor.


The refinement process of Kollar is unknown, and a closely guarded secret of the Deep Dwarves.


Trade & Market

Kollar is somewhat common in The World Below, AKA the Underdark - but outside of it it can only be rarely found in markets and merchant stalls.


Kollar needs no special storage.


Alternate Name(s)
Sinmetal, Blacksteel
Extremely Rare outside of The World Below.
Common State


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