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Kassau Busterblade

The titanic blades forged out of wrought iron wielded by the barbarians of Kassau

Only those savages could think up such a crude thing and call it a weapon - just as children grab things at hand and make believe with them, they've grabbed slabs of metal and pretend at swordplay. It's ridiculous! Who wields a blade heavier than a fully grown GuÄĞmogoa?! It's absurd - a fitting non-weapon for an entire civilization of dishonorable barbarians.
— Sir Raucelon Daubeg, Knight of Osneia



Kassau Busterblade

Damage (S) Damage (M) Type Critical Range
1d10 2d6 Bludgeoning, Exotic Two-Handed Melee, Hammers Weapon Category 19-20/x2

Special: For each +1 shield bonus, You must have 4 strength above 10(14 STR for +1, 18 STR for +2, 22 STR for +3, 26 STR for +4).
Cost: 50gp(Each +1 Shield Bonus adds 100gp to the cost)
Weight: 50lbs base, +50lbs per point of shield bonus.

An unfathomably enormous blade bigger and heavier than most can imagine, much wider and heavier of a blade than standard greatswords. Many argue they are far too big to even be called swords - too big, too heavy, and too rough, made out of solid wrought iron roughly pounded into shape to barely resemble a blade - only their creators, the vicious barbarian tribes of the Kassau Matriarchy, can wield them properly.   As an unexpected side benefit, the blade's titanic mass lends itself extremely well to being used for maneuvers and for shielding one's body, as the bigger versions of the Busterblade are wide enough to completely guard one's torso, head, neck, and legs with little issue - granting a shield bonus that varies in size depending on the mass and width of the Busterblade(See Cost and Special, above).   Wielding a Buster Blade grants a +2 bonus per +1 Shield Bonus the weapon proves on all bull rush and overrun(not trample) maneuvers and a +1 bonus per on reposition maneuvers, and while wielding a Busterblade you can ignore the Size prerequisite on the Awesome Blow Monster Feat(And gain a +2 bonus on on all awesome blow maneuver checks per +1 shield bonus the weapon grants).  

At the GM's Discretion, a +2 or greater Busterblade could feasibly give partial cover when planted or otherwise used as a dedicated cover item. Likewise, a +4 or greater Busterblade might give full cover when used identically - at GM's discretion.


Mechanics & Inner Workings

The Kassau Busterblades have no mechanics - they are simply enormous slabs of wrought iron attached to handles.

Manufacturing process

The manufacturing process is simple, but lengthy - each gigantic blade requires almost as much effort to create as a suit of fully-formed plate armor, typically requiring anywhere from a couple weeks to a month depending on the size of the blade in question.
Item type
Weapon, Melee
Current Holder
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
Extremely rare outside of the Kassau Matriarchy. Somewhat common within it.
Varies. The lightest Busterblades can weigh 50lbs, while the heaviest(Wielded by Naiara Zaragoza , is said to be in excess of 400lbs.
At least 4-5ft long, 1-2ft wide
Base Price
50gp, +100GP every 1pt of shield bonus
Raw materials & Components
Each Busterblade is said to be constructed out of dozens of pounds of wrought iron and various other metals to create an incredibly durable alloy capable of withstanding being swung around with such mass.
Technically the Busterblade is able to be made with naught but a forge, anvil, and a hammer, but the smiths of the Kassau Matriarchy are said to have special tools to make these massive weapons.


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